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Example sentences for "incumbent"

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  1. Twill be incumbent on those who affirm that memory produces entirely our personal identity, to give a reason why we can thus extend our identity beyond our memory.

  2. I know how much this action, made incumbent upon him by policy and by the great interests in view, has troubled his heart; but we, the one and the other, are proud of the sacrifice which we offer to the welfare of our country.

  3. Napoleon could not and dared not require or accept any help from his mother, on whom and on his brother Joseph it became incumbent to educate and support the young family.

  4. The incumbent was, I should think, the Lowest Churchman who ever lived.

  5. Our clerical staff consisted of the incumbent (who became a "Vicar" by Act of Parliament in 1868) and a curate.

  6. And in order to have an entirely Protestant "plantation," it became incumbent on the new owners so to frame the legislation as to deprive the Irish Catholics of any possibility of recovering their former possessions.

  7. Our country wrongs itself by permitting such a system of unsuitable appointments, and, still more, of removals for no cause, just when the incumbent might be beginning to ripen into usefulness.

  8. John Rush when he died in 1855, as Incumbent of the Old Church.

  9. Mr. Blunt became the Incumbent (the parish at that time was not as at present divided into ecclesiastical divisions).

  10. Incumbent of the Church, and was much esteemed.

  11. Hence it is incumbent on the churches to make every effort to obscure the meaning of the Sermon on the Mount and to endeavor to draw the people toward them.

  12. I feel it incumbent upon me to state to their lordships the great merits of Captain Brenton of the C├Žsar, whose cool judgment and intrepid conduct, I will venture to pronounce, were never surpassed.

  13. I accuse the Earl of indifference to the comfort of those whom it is incumbent on him to attend to.

  14. She is the daughter of my dead father's dearest friend; she is living here under the protection of my mother, and it is incumbent upon me to put a stop to these scenes, so far as she is concerned.

  15. He feels supremely indifferent to their agonies when they are writhing beneath him, and therefore he will never consider it incumbent on him to adjust his conduct with the least reference to the pain he gives.

  16. When he saw the outrageous consequences of his mild act of independence, Mordecai must have felt it doubly incumbent upon him to strain every nerve to save his people.

  17. The period had now arrived when it was incumbent on me to consider, whether the prospect of our attaining the object of the voyage was sufficiently encouraging to warrant the exposure of the party to daily increasing risk, by continuing on.

  18. It is incumbent on the philosopher to free them from the contradictions of reason, and nothing more; and who will deny, that to do this is a purpose worthy of the ablest philosopher and the most devoted Christian?

  19. It was indeed incumbent on me, before inviting the attention of the religious community to the Work, to consider its relation to existing opinions, and its probable influence on the progress of truth.

  20. I do not think it incumbent on me to give any precise decided opinion upon this question, as to which I believe more than some, and less than others.

  21. I think it incumbent on me to make some observation on this strong satirical sally on my classical companion, Mr. Wilkes.

  22. It is only incumbent on me to ascertain what Dr.

  23. That at present would have been doubly disagreeable, as it was incumbent upon him to stand well with the Dean, just at this time.

  24. And now he was once more seated close to her, and it was incumbent on him to speak to her.

  25. But he thought it incumbent on him to go yet once again.

  26. There were duties incumbent on her which would be very heavy, for which she felt that she could hardly be fit,--and the first of these duties was to abstain from pride as to her own station in life.

  27. She had induced him even to talk quite openly about this Italian boy, to express his suspicions, and to allude to most distressing duties which might be incumbent on him.

  28. For the satisfaction here concerns only the destination of our faculty which discloses itself in such a case, so far as the tendency to this destination lies in our nature, whilst its development and exercise remain incumbent and obligatory.

  29. There is now incumbent on us a great duty, that of labouring effectually in behalf of men and Nats, and procuring to them the invaluable blessing of the deliverance.

  30. The young Pounha, not unlike the young man mentioned in the gospel, had, by the preachings of Gaudama, become acquainted with all the laws and practices relating to the general duties and obligations incumbent on men in general.

  31. The second part inculcates the necessity of regulating one's mind and intention for a regular discharge of the duties incumbent on each man in his separate station.

  32. If the States will not do it, then it is incumbent on Congress to do it.

  33. Casts of rain-prints on a portion of the same slab (Figure 444), seen to project on the under side of an incumbent layer of arenaceous shale.

  34. The incumbent till or boulder clay is about 40 feet thick, but it often attains much greater thickness in the same part of Scotland.

  35. Although the granite is incumbent in the section (Figure 619), we can not assume that it overflowed the strata, for the disturbances of the rocks are so great in this part of the Alps that their original position is often inverted.

  36. Another, more attentive to the interest of a beloved wife, or darling daughter whom he wanted to settle in the world, thought it incumbent on him to secure their rights and increase their advantages.

  37. It was the last chance she would have of discharging the duty which was incumbent on her.

  38. The husband of an erring wife must kill her by cutting off her head, and it is incumbent on her brother to take the head of the husband.

  39. There is no remedy for this either; the incumbent leaves and makes a new home.

  40. When a death occurs many duties are incumbent on the surviving relatives, one of the first being to make the kapatong, the soul of which waits on and guards the soul of the departed one.

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