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Example sentences for "inculcation"

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  1. Nothing is better adapted to ensure personal happiness and a high moral standard, than the inculcation of idealism, which must on no account be confused with aloofness from the everyday affairs of the world.

  2. The inculcation of true ideas of morality, and of a sense of honour not confined to externals but one by which the entire being is permeated--these will be the safest essentials of a good sexual and general education.

  3. When folk tired of Religion on the Stage they took to the inculcation of morality and prudence; and when this bored them they set up Fun.

  4. It is a love story in which romance is subordinated to the inculcation of ideas of high living and thinking, and the demands of an involved style.

  5. People, therefore, did not wait until they were tired of religion upon the stage, before taking to the inculcation of morality; nor could they have hoped to escape religion by any such substitute.

  6. Thus with the positive inculcation of all evil, under cover of their own example, was united the negative absence of all moral teaching.

  7. In the inculcation of his practical precepts his aim is even more to exalt the dignity and to exhibit the delight of rural labour, than to explain its methods or inculcate its utility.

  8. If it be not necessary to trace its contempt of the world to Stoicism, or its inculcation of the wise enjoyment of the passing moment directly to Epicureanism, at least an indirect influence can hardly be denied.

  9. There can be no good plea for the deliberate and formal inculcation upon the young of a number of propositions which you believe to be false.

  10. In the cultivation of the mind, far more importance is attached to the formation of virtuous habits, and even of those social qualities which go by the name of "good breeding," than to the mere inculcation of knowledge.

  11. The whole of this passage, very brilliantly written, condenses the speculations of Athenian philosophers upon the origin of civilization, and brings them to the point which the poet had in view--the inculcation of the sanctity of sepulture.

  12. By curtailing the function of the Chorus, Euripides separated from the action of the drama that element which in AEschylus had been chiefly useful for the inculcation of the moral of the play.

  13. This is the provision that externalism makes for the practical inculcation of truthfulness,--a virtue which its religion and its ethics profess to honour above all others.

  14. Now there is no place for moral teaching on the time-table of the school: and I can say without hesitation that the direct inculcation of morality is wholly foreign to Egeria's conception of education.

  15. What we greatly need in this country is the inculcation of soberer views of life.

  16. All this will gradually lead the way to a fuller social sympathy in such parents and to the inculcation of more wholesome social ideals in the minds of their offspring.

  17. He found his love of pomp and splendor gratified by the ceremonies of a religion which knew how to make many of the fair features of earthly life accessory to the inculcation of spiritual truth.

  18. The inculcation of a dry utilitarian morality and the cultivation of a dogmatic pedantry had taken the place of the joyous freedom of the Gospel.

  19. The inculcation of military habits and thoughts is the only means by which these forces may be made to work together toward more perfect ends, so that control can be exercised promptly.

  20. Something good in the way of inculcation may be educed from this rather biting sonnet.

  21. The moral of the play is homely and primitive, and seems confined to the inculcation of hospitality to strangers, and the inviolable sanctity of the shrine.

  22. With the subsequent progress of civilisation, we find the successive inculcation of three forms of veracity, which may be termed respectively industrial, political, and philosophical.

  23. He therein made the following statement: "The religions of the West have for their object the inculcation of virtue, and, though our people become converted, they continue to be Chinese subjects.

  24. Channing taught that no real good can come through violence, injustice, greed, and the inculcation of hatred and enmities, or of suspicions and contempts.

  25. The inculcation of the brutal and blatant jingoism of Von Treitschke at the universities by professors eager for approval in high places has already been sufficiently animadverted upon in more than one work on modern Germany.

  26. The methods by which clerical influence is wielded in the inculcation of chastity may be criticised from exactly the same standpoint as that from which I have found it necessary to deal with the question of temperance.

  27. The great ideas of a statesman like Hamilton, earnestly bent on the discovery and inculcation of truth, do not pass away.

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