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Example sentences for "incumbents"

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inculcation; inculpate; inculpated; incumbency; incumbent; incumbered; incumbrance; incumbrances; incunabula; incur
  1. Fearing removal, incumbents become parasites, with chameleon facility adapting the complexion of their politics to the color of the appointing power.

  2. The right to remove incumbents is now a conceded Presidential prerogative, acquiesced in by all parties.

  3. Bishops and beneficed incumbents (cures) must be regularly tried; and where the Church is established the canonical courts are recognized.

  4. Rare cases of personal or special tithes, offerings or pensions claimed by incumbents of benefices.

  5. President Cleveland was pursuing a conservative policy, removals from office were made slowly, and incumbents were allowed to serve out their time.

  6. A glance at the lists of incumbents of benefices in any good county history will reveal the fact that rectors of parishes were often only deacons, sub-deacons, or acolytes.

  7. In England the number of Italian incumbents exceeded that of the English-born; and in a few years the Pope managed to draw from the Church and State an amount equal to fifteen millions of our present coin.

  8. On the other hand the incumbents of ecclesiastical offices are nominated in accordance with the wishes of patrons among the landowners; in the administration of justice the influence of this same class makes itself felt more and more.

  9. Permanent amphitheaters were established for dissection, and chairs of anatomy created, their incumbents being paid out of the public treasury.

  10. The presentation of the chapel is vested in the incumbents of Claines.

  11. A glance at the lists of incumbents of parishes in any good county history will reveal the fact that rectors of parishes were often only deacons, sub-deacons, or acolytes.

  12. In the present day these chapters are usually attended not only by the incumbents but also by all the licensed unbeneficed clergy of the deanery.

  13. The incumbents of certain ancient benefices above the yearly value of L50 are liable to the payment to Queen Anne's Bounty of first fruits in the first year of their incumbency and tenths in succeeding years.

  14. The legal position of the unbeneficed clergy as regards status and property is so different from that of incumbents that it will be convenient to treat of them separately.

  15. Neither incumbents nor rectors impropriate are liable in respect of the church and churchyard to rates, nor to contributions towards the expense of making and paving new streets.

  16. The few cases in which two or more incumbents have had the cure of souls within the same parish, have been dealt with by recent legislation.

  17. I prefer the former; but if any of the clergy prefer the latter, it is at all events a remedy which incumbents can afford better than curates.

  18. No sensible Indian desires that the present incumbents should be interfered with, except where it is possible to retire them under the terms of their service.

  19. In fact, both of them have been given distinctly to understand that as soon as the war conditions are over, permanent incumbents for these posts will be recruited at "home.

  20. All incumbents are ordered, under pain of suspension, to require the Beguines to lay aside their vestments within fifteen days and to conform to the usages of the Church.

  21. Apparently the Bohemians had not taken the proper means to obtain the sanction of the curia for such infraction of the canons, so Clement ordered Arnest to dispossess the incumbents in all such cases, and to impose due penance on them.

  22. It was increased to nine, and a new election was made, the incumbents holding their offices for life.

  23. By this simple, and exquisite republican process, was the principle of the sway of majorities vindicated, a new fundamental law for the colony provided, and all the old incumbents turned out of office.

  24. Nor had the present incumbents of office been placed in power by a vote of a majority, the original colonists having saved those who came later to the island all trouble in the premises.

  25. A thoroughly useful and practical work, and just the one which ought to be in the hands both of Incumbents and Churchwardens.

  26. Perfect confidence and a generous trust should be the rule of all dealings between Incumbents and Churchwardens.

  27. Incumbents are thankful when the Churchwardens help them with their advice as to what objects shall be brought before the congregation.

  28. I can not think that anything more is required to secure worthy incumbents in public office than a careful and independent discharge of our respective duties within their well-defined limits.

  29. Even a certain number of the monastic establishments came in this way into the possession of the feudal landowners, who nominated abbots and abbesses as they appointed the incumbents of their churches.

  30. In reporting upon nominations, therefore, Senate committees adopted the practice of noting that there were no charges of misconduct against the previous incumbents and that the suspension was on account of "political reasons.

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