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Example sentences for "fruits"

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  1. All of the vegetables and fruits are rich in mineral salts, which are as important to the work of the body as the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

  2. It is readily seen in the table just given that meat and eggs show a marked excess of acid-forming elements, whereas vegetables and fruits yield an excess of base-forming elements.

  3. And adults should have fresh fruit several times a week, the remainder of the time dried fruits may be used.

  4. The fruits likewise show a predominance of base-forming elements over acid-forming elements and for this reason may be used to balance the diet.

  5. Canned fruits while good are not so valuable as fresh fruits and are more expensive than the dried fruit.

  6. Both fruits and vegetables should be free from blemishes.

  7. Excellent fruits still at times hang on the boughs, but they are tied on by threads and hairs.

  8. But to walk in, I know, would take off all the blossom and fresh fruits of my spirits.

  9. In short there is no longer any root in the paper, out of which all the various branches and fruits and even fluttering leaves are seen or believed to grow.

  10. They march'd away in long procession To take the fruits of their transgression:-- Staffmen did at their head appear, And watchmen lighted up the rear.

  11. This also is the time when the orchards abound with fruits of the kind, and consequently the properest time to make cider.

  12. It was full of beggars hovering near venders of unhealthy, dusty, highly colored sweets, or hawking hard green fruits about.

  13. I imagine she is "letting herself go," as large boxes of chocolates and candied fruits are always by her side, which she presses on Elim every time he appears.

  14. If the temperature were higher than that, the fruits would ferment and decay.

  15. The houses in which fresh fruits of the summer are preserved for winter use are kept always at a temperature of thirty-three degrees.

  16. So they keep the fruit houses always at that temperature, and they keep fresh strawberries and peaches and all the rest of the fruits all winter in nearly as good condition as when they were picked.

  17. If they were powerless to repel an enemy, there are a thousand lazy depredators, man not excepted, who would prey upon the fruits of their industry, leaving them to starve.

  18. How little does the epicure heed, when feasting on the fruits of their industry, that each morsel tasted must destroy the most perfect specimens of workmanship!

  19. Mackintosh, says Lamb, was on the eve of departing to India to reap the fruits of his apostasy--referring to his acceptance of the post of Recordership of Bombay offered to him by Addington.

  20. First-Fruits of Australian Poetry, reviewed by Lamb.

  21. The first fruits of his secularization was an engagement upon the boards of Old Drury, at which theatre he commenced, as I have been told, with adopting the manner of Parsons in old men's characters.

  22. And yet they are equally the fruits of His coming.

  23. Fruits of Culture=--A comedy in four acts.

  24. Very different is 'Fruits of Culture,' a play brimful of laughter and merriment.

  25. No vengeance burns in the sunshine which mellows its fruits and paints its grass; no threatenings flash from the starry eyes that watch over it by night.

  26. Ye call the world yours, yet ye will not stoop to gather from the earth the fruits of the earth.

  27. The fruits are used for flavouring gin (a name derived from juniper, through Fr.

  28. The fruits are large and edible: they are known in the East by the name habhel.

  29. As seen in commerce jujube fruits are about the size of a small filbert, having a reddish-brown, shining, somewhat wrinkled exterior, and a yellow or gingerbread coloured pulp enclosing a hard elongated stone.

  30. The fruits of Zizyphus do not enter into the composition of the lozenges now known as jujubes which are usually made of gum-arabic, gelatin, &c.

  31. Under this name the fruits of at least two species of Zizyphus are usually described, namely, Z.

  32. The lover is then introduced by a young companion: he enters, bringing the fruits of his industry and constancy, which he deposits at the feet of his new mother, whose affection he solicits.

  33. Presently we came back to the table, and found it spread with fruits and sweets innumerable.

  34. We were soon on shore, and within the shelter of a tolerable hotel, where fresh fruits and black coffee restored our sea-worn spirits.

  35. The quail and pheasant, the fruits and wine remained untouched.

  36. This treaty is concluded by both parties, in the hope of its being everlasting, and that it may be productive of the most beautiful fruits of friendship between the two most serene Kings.

  37. He began life as a street hawker of cakes, fruits and vegetables.

  38. Marshall is situated in a region growing cotton and Indian corn, vegetables, small fruits and sugar-cane; in the surrounding country there are valuable forests of pine, oak and gum.

  39. Beside the stream trees tall and trim Bear living fruits that none doth prune; Twelve times a year bends low each limb, Renewed with fruitage every moon.

  40. We are of those who see something of the fruits of sin, and to whom it is no matter for the chastened lights of the literary drawing-room.

  41. But these, after all, are only the fruits--some of the fruits of sin.

  42. Even to those who have not tasted the fruits of human fickleness in the great affairs of Christ's Kingdom, there has generally come some share of it into the more private relationships of life.

  43. Tendencies to cunning and falsehood, the fruits of which are only too apparent in the world at large, they watch and harass and pinch.

  44. During the day they slept at wayside inns, and in return for little services rendered by Ahmed to the muleteers, they would give him a handful of rice or bread, or a few dried fruits which kept them from starvation.

  45. Could I but blot out the years that have intervened--not so many--but what Dead-Sea fruits have I not tasted during their stormy course?

  46. Here clustering grapes appear to shed Their luscious juices on the head, And cheat the longing eye; So round the Phrygian monarch hung Fair fruits that from his parched tongue For ever seem'd to fly.

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