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Example sentences for "gin"

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  1. Ez de tale wer gun to me des dat away I gin it unter you.

  2. And as I don’t like to stand in anybody’s way, I gin him plenty sea-room.

  3. You’ll gin in now, I reckon, Mike, case thar’s no help for you!

  4. So I gin a yell louder than a locomotive whistle, and it warn’t long before I seed the Deacon’s two dogs a comin’ down like as if they war seein’ which could get thar fust.

  5. Two or three months ago little Sally Rogers gin her one of the leetlest dogs I reckon you ever did see.

  6. Chunkey,’ says I, ‘let’s gin it to another!

  7. When I ris up my face was a little red, and I would gin a five dollar bill jest to tramp that infernal dog out of his hide.

  8. I'll des whirl in en gin it out right now 'fo' ole man Jack come wobblin' in.

  9. Des whirl in en gin us de upshot er w'at you got in yo' min'.

  10. Whitehouse, at a suggestion from Marr, had offered ten plugs of tobacco and two square faces of trade gin for the first blow reported.

  11. He found several empty gin cases from which the square faces had been removed; a dark corner of the lazaret was piled with small, strong boxes.

  12. One hurled a gin bottle into the face of a Russian who stood half in and half out of the door.

  13. An hour passed with the invaders combing the ship for more gin and stores.

  14. He staggered slightly from the effects of the gin he had drunk, and he turned a weak chin aloft and sneered.

  15. Twould hearten strangers gin they saw Across some caller loanin' A wavin' sign whaur crook an' a' Hung auld St. Ronan.

  16. His mattit beard was lang an' roch 's Gin it had ne'er been shorn; His kilt could barely fend his houghs Fae stobs, it was sae torn.

  17. Sae gin ye judge my fau't sae sair That grace ye daurna gie, Tear me to bits, fient haet I care, And sink me in the sea.

  18. But gin that I had got the words, I think that I might mak the air.

  19. And gin I lighted on your land, As light fu' weel I may, O am I free to feast wi' you, And free to come and gae?

  20. The rest of her possessions were jammed into an empty gin case and cast to her.

  21. Oh, Paul, I'd a gin the world to have boo-hood right out as loud as I wanted to.

  22. It's only gin, and very good gin at that.

  23. Bill shook 'ands with him, and when Joe called for another pint and put some more gin in it he said that 'e was the noblest-'arted man that ever lived.

  24. So they hain't gin you nuthin' better than their talk, hev they?

  25. He's jest gin me orders to tell ye to clar out.

  26. Although Dutch gin customarily was shipped in bottles of this shape, indications are that the square bottles may have been used for other purposes than holding gin.

  27. A little gin goes a long way with the Swazis.

  28. Whereas, you, with your royal daintiness and delicacy, drink your gin like a queen!

  29. The same gin ritual had to be followed, and we found the old queen quite happy and a trifle under the influence of the liquor.

  30. I thought he might have something of importance to communicate, but all he asked was that I stop giving gin to his mother!

  31. Tuys was amused at the old queen's keenness and told me I had committed treason by making the Queen of England drink gin to placate a Swazi potentate.

  32. To-morrow I shall take her the gin and she'll have to be satisfied with that.

  33. They were drinking gin and whiskey, and I remember marveling at their wonderful clothes.

  34. It is against the law to bring gin into Swaziland, although the authorities did not object to a few bottles being brought to the old queen.

  35. The gin bottle was an unusual shape; that is, it was long and tall, instead of being squat and square.

  36. There was only a small celebration that night, although Tuys spent the evening with the king and much gin was drunk.

  37. The great wagon was heavily loaded with all the dunnage and impedimenta needed for our expedition, among which were gin and a number of mysterious cases I had personally seen packed in New York.

  38. It is the only gin worthy of you, Nkosikaas!

  39. Mzaan Bakoor, you will have to give much gin and money, and also cows.

  40. It is the gin that the queen of the English drinks.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gin" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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