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Example sentences for "gimlet"

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  1. Bronson, the portly local police chief, introduced Ed to a man named Carter Loman, a bullishly handsome character with a mouth like a trap, a smile to match, and a gimlet scrutiny.

  2. Size did not hide the bullish quality or the gimlet stare.

  3. The general's gimlet eyes seemed to bore through her.

  4. Two gimlet eyes surveyed the scene; a mouth all awry from a sabre-slash closed grimly as Captain West rose to attention.

  5. Pwllheli is a safe and good harbour, as we before observed, and well sheltered from all winds, but a Perch is much wanted at the extreme end of the Gimlet Rock.

  6. Amos Murgatroyd whirled around in his office chair and measured his caller with a pair of little, gimlet eyes.

  7. A fluted gimlet having no thread at its end, but a spiral flute so shaped as to pull the bit forward to its cut.

  8. The gimlet exactly fits the hole in the barrel.

  9. He bored a hole in the side of the barrel--here is the large gimlet he did it with.

  10. Defn: A kind of gimlet for making vents in casks; -- called also piercer.

  11. Coopering) Defn: A kind of clamp with gimlet points for holding a barrel head while the staves are being closed around it.

  12. Hold the cleats exactly in place at the cross-line a b and start holes in the board with a gimlet or bit a little smaller than the screws.

  13. The gimlet is useful, cheap, and good for boring where the hole does not come near the edge, but near the edge or in thin wood great care must be taken to prevent splitting.

  14. Now that screws are made with gimlet points they break their own paths.

  15. He stood for some time staring after them with what Billy Louise called his gimlet look.

  16. Ward spoke dully, evenly, and he still stared at the coffee-pot with that gimlet gaze of his that made Billy Louise want to scream.

  17. From the centre of this bed a gimlet hole pierces the board.

  18. A gimlet hole sufficiently large to admit of the passage of one wire should be made half an inch outwards from the centre of the site of each binding post.

  19. The carbons having now been fitted in their beds, the distal end (coil) of the head wire is placed beneath the carbon, and the wire itself continued up along the vertical groove to either one of the gimlet holes.

  20. The locker room had countless rows of narrow cells with iron gratings for doors; and the gimlet gaze of two stalwart young females pierced each newcomer.

  21. The gimlet eyes must note the outdoor clothing each girl wore on arrival, in order to be sure that she did not go forth at evening clad in the property of a comrade.

  22. Peter Rolls flashed a gimlet glance his way to see which.

  23. This plan being all agreed upon, Phonny climbed up upon the bench, with his gimlet in his hand, and taking his seat upon the box, was beginning to bore the holes.

  24. As soon as this operation was completed, he took a large gimlet and bored a hole through the center of the button.

  25. Stuyvesant got a small gimlet to bore holes for the nails.

  26. He greeted us with an impudent shout; in a few moments the door was open, and there stood Parrington, flushed and dishevelled, with a gimlet in one hand and a wedge in the other.

  27. And, as I leaned against the bedroom door, handle in hand, while Raffles stooped to unscrew the gimlet and withdraw the wedge, I hit upon the ideal port in the storm that was evidently about to burst on our devoted heads.

  28. But old Nichifor, like a careful man, got up into the carriage, and began rummaging about all over the place, and under the forage bags, and what should there be but the axe and a measure and a gimlet beneath the seat.

  29. A big gimlet could be heard boring its way through the dry bark of the old oak.

  30. Do you know that I have found the axe, and the rope and the gimlet and everything I want.

  31. In his burning brain the image of the gimlet took inconceivable dimensions.

  32. In a few moments, this same gimlet would cause the destruction of Leiba and his domestic hearth.

  33. So she had started alone from Gimlet Butte that morning in her machine, and had come almost in sight of the Lazy D ranch houses when the battle in the coulee invited her to take a hand.

  34. Y'u'll find us at the Gimlet Butte House if we're wanted for this," said Bannister.

  35. I'm delighted to be able to contribute to the entertainment of Gimlet Butte," she said, as she swept in.

  36. Well, ma'am, I happened to drift in to Gimlet Butte two or three days ago, and while I was up at the depot looking for some freight a train sashaid in and side tracked a flat car.

  37. They left Gimlet Butte early next morning and reached the Lazy D shortly after noon on the succeeding day.

  38. McWilliams ordered a team of young horse hitched, and presently set out on his two day; journey to Gimlet Butte.

  39. I reckon I got too much Fourth of July at Gimlet Butte, boys.

  40. You're going to Gimlet Butte with us, alive or dead.

  41. Yes; I want you to drive into Gimlet Butte and bring back a person whom you'll find at the Elk House waiting for you.

  42. When she reached Gimlet Butte, the nearest railroad point to the Lazy D, she found a group of curious, weatherbeaten individuals gathered round a machine foreign to their experience.

  43. Roque, with his hands deep in his pockets, a habit he had when stalking a suspect, walked around the foot of the table and stood directly in front of the pair, fixing on them that gimlet gaze he used to terrorize.

  44. There was a note of authority in that voice, gently tuned as it was, and behind those spectacles were a pair of eyes as keen as gimlet points.

  45. Bore a hole with a gimlet through the centre of the back wall of the stage five inches up from the inside floor, and your stage will be finished.

  46. Just for a moment he looked into the gimlet eyes of the other.

  47. Sunny was glowering sulkily; while Bill's fierce brows were drawn together in an angry frown, and his gimlet eyes seemed to bore their way into the speaker's face.

  48. As his head touched the pillow it almost seemed to rebound; and he found himself sitting up again glaring at the opposite wall with the desired inspiration in his gimlet eyes.

  49. When he had bored all the way through from one side, he had either broken the gimlet or the hole had come slantingways and the gimlet had come out, like a woodchuck in his burrow, where it had least been expected to appear.

  50. Tom had broken his gimlet and three extra ones which fortunately some one had brought.

  51. He had not calculated on the size of the gimlet and the dowels he carried would not fit the hole.

  52. The stranger found the gimlet and bored a hole in the professor's head, hastily seizing one of the vials, he poured the contents into the deeply made hole.

  53. I'll bore a gimlet hole through your pineal gland, and stuff it with brass-headed nails, if you reply to me.

  54. Spike gimlet (three-eighths of an | Rule and Pencil.

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