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Example sentences for "gimlets"

Lexicographically close words:
gimcrack; gimcracks; gime; giment; gimlet; gimme; gimmick; gimp; gin; ginerally
  1. These gimlets and wedges were what he used for fixin' doors.

  2. He carried three or four gimlets for wedging doors, and he drove them all in to the handle, while I pulled at the stanchion and pushed with my feet.

  3. He peered sharply at a small bit and held it in his fingers, while he bent his face close to the pan, his eyes two gimlets boring into the contents.

  4. Ward's eyes bored like gimlets through the space that divided them.

  5. I shot the question at him and tried to imitate gimlets with my eyes.

  6. Yet--well, I resolved not to let the gimlets rust until Bedr el Gemály had been got rid of.

  7. Have you gimlets that bore as gimlets should?

  8. She let her gaze bore into his like gimlets burning for center.

  9. His little eyes were like steel, humorously glinting gimlets in the process of boring, the old face wrinkling up around them as pliantly as a dough eraser.

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