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Example sentences for "incur"

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incumbents; incumbered; incumbrance; incumbrances; incunabula; incurability; incurable; incurables; incurably; incurious
  1. Who, though there were danger in repealing our grants, yet what danger would I not rather incur for your good than I would suffer them still to continue?

  2. Aiders and buyers who know the item was stolen shall incur the same penalties.

  3. Two ladies only, Madam Catherine and Madam Mary, had declined, and the pains and penalties were pointed out to him which they might incur if they persisted.

  4. By the wilfully suffering a thing of such high importance to be unreformed to the doing whereof Almighty God worked so openly he would incur God's displeasure and peril his soul.

  5. It might seem that the end had now come, and that in a month the King, and the subjects who continued loyal to him, would incur all the consequences of the Papal censures.

  6. Thou also shouldest act, and not incur censure by abandoning action.

  7. But if they follow thy behests, their (the soldier's) powerful sons shall not incur by this dreadful curse.

  8. They incur no fault in consequence of teaching, of officiating at sacrifices, and of accepting gifts from others.

  9. And sons having slain their sires, and sires having slain their sons will incur no opprobrium.

  10. Having left my brothers behind me in the forest, and without avenging myself on the foe, shall I incur the opprobrium for all ages of all the world.

  11. To say more would be indiscreet, as a disclosure of a refusal beforehand might incur the application of the fable in which the fox is represented as undervaluing the grapes he could not reach.

  12. They are not criminals, and as the prison authorities incur the expense of postage, they might throw in a cheap envelope without ruining the nation.

  13. Surely it is scandalous that unconvicted prisoners, some of whom are eventually acquitted, should suffer this unnecessary hardship and incur this unnecessary risk.

  14. We mean to incur their hatred more and more.

  15. I must have taken it for granted that General Thomas would make some frank and candid explanation of all those matters in his own report, and I could not have imagined that I might incur his displeasure by telling the simple truth.

  16. That massacre is only an example of what Grierson, John Morgan, and many others might have repeatedly done on their respective raids, had they chosen to incur the personal hazard and possessed the fiendish hearts to do it.

  17. The author has said more than enough to incur the suspicion of Lutheranism.

  18. He, however, appropriated to himself the character of Horace’s poetry too naturally ever to incur the danger of servile imitation.

  19. I should incur no risk of being numbered among the saved.

  20. He did not seek to incur the experience, but the amiable doctor was so effusive and interested that he saw no way of avoiding it gracefully.

  21. To incur his resentment will be a dread ordeal.

  22. It would be better to accept the blame for having his room in disorder, rather than incur the displeasure of his comrades by being the means of informing on Glen.

  23. Yes, Sophy; but I believe it is better to incur the sin of breaking a promise, than to go on when the fulfilment involves not only suffering, but mischief.

  24. After all that has passed, you would incur much deserved censure if you put an end to the affair; but even that would be better, far better, than entering into an engagement with a man without sound principle.

  25. The power to incur parliamentary costs, however, is subject to several important restrictions.

  26. The fourth time the convict was to be branded with a letter R on the left shoulder, and after that, if incorrigible, to incur the death penalty.

  27. Why should he incur the risk of meeting her, and perhaps unsettling her studied attempts at unmixed devotion to him whose name she bore?

  28. She would never incur debt, but paid off that incurred by her predecessors, Edward and Mary.

  29. The resulting combats compel the latter either to abandon his ships, or to incur a general action, which, from the fact of his flight, it is evident he has reason to avoid.

  30. Whatever ridicule he might incur in this matter, he would incur at once.

  31. Don't let your son be run away with by this, or advise your client to incur the terrible expense of a new trial, without knowing what you are about.

  32. He deviseth a lie about God, or there is a djinn in him," but they who believe not in the next life, shall incur the chastisement, and be lost in the mazes of estrangement from God.

  33. Whoso shall turn his back to them on that day, unless he turn aside to fight, or to rally to some other troop, shall incur wrath from God: Hell shall be his abode and wretched the journey thither!

  34. That massacre is only an example of what Grierson, John Morgan, and many others might have repeatedly done on their respective raids, had they chosen to incur the personal hazard, and possessed the fiendish hearts to do it.

  35. The United States Government lot in Springfield can be used for a soldiers' home, with the understanding that the Government does not incur any expense in the case.

  36. Believe me, you will incur a very grave responsibility if you don't let them do their duty now that I have pointed out how extremely important it is that they should.

  37. If no safe conveyance occurs from Madrid to Lisbon, and your matter should be of importance sufficient to justify the expense, a courier must be sent; but do not incur the expense, unless it be to answer some good end.

  38. They will indeed incur a heavy responsibility for allowing God to be thus mocked when they could prevent it.

  39. I had the misfortune to incur the displeasure of a celebrated frog who was famous for his courage, and who possessed an ungovernable temper.

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