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Example sentences for "disclosure"

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disclaims; disclose; disclosed; discloses; disclosing; disclosures; discoid; discoidal; discolor; discoloration
  1. In neither of these have any antecedents to be stated; neither turns upon any disclosure of bygone events or emotions.

  2. We have already noted such a case in The Wild Duck: Ibsen knew that what we really required to witness was not the actual process of Gregers's disclosure to Hialmar, but its effects.

  3. Whether the actual disclosure was made by the mother or by the daughter, there ought to have been a great scene between the two, in which the mother should have insisted that, by one or other, the truth must be told.

  4. I had by that time come to care for Madeleine, and I saw the effect any disclosure must have on her.

  5. Hilliard answered quietly, but he felt excitement arising in him as he thought of the disclosure he was about to make.

  6. Its disclosure was viewed as a sufficing answer to the German Chancellor's plaint that the United States had "brusquely" broken off relations without giving "authentic" reasons for its action.

  7. It is extraordinary that Mr. Todd, well read in our literary history, admits this imperfect disclosure of Pegge into the "Dictionary of the English Language.

  8. He solicits an interview which he promises shall end in the disclosure of something momentous to my happiness.

  9. He hasted to the city, and extorted from Mrs. Baynton a full disclosure of late disasters.

  10. The disclosure had been made in the same spot.

  11. This disclosure was accompanied with solemn injunctions of secrecy, and these injunctions were, for a long time, faithfully observed.

  12. He intimated, that disclosure would pull upon my head, the same destruction.

  13. Mrs. Maxwell had been prompted to this disclosure by a knowledge of her husband's practices, with which his own impetuosity had made her acquainted.

  14. Every day might add to the catalogue of horrors of which this was the source, and a seasonable disclosure of the truth might prevent numberless ills.

  15. The Coroner: "The extraordinary turn this inquiry has taken renders it imperatively necessary that a full disclosure be made of all that has passed between Lady Wharton and Mr. Samuel Boyd.

  16. Mr. Coroner, I am aware that in this disclosure I have touched upon matters which do not come strictly within the scope of your inquiry.

  17. Reginald recalled that conversation, and warned me to prepare for a disclosure that might cause me to shrink from him.

  18. But we enter a strong protest to any unnecessary delay in the disclosure of the evidence we have to combat.

  19. The shrewd old lady learned little more by this disclosure than she knew already.

  20. The talking brokeress, of course, was far from giving him a true disclosure of her blabbing; she merely told him that Mother Brigitta had given up her flax-trade.

  21. With much contemporary popularity, he had no permanent influence; and he seems to have been completely broken-hearted over Jacobi's disclosure of the final pantheism of Lessing, for whom he had a great affection.

  22. Elizabeth's pretensions were constantly brought before the public; and Mary might well be alarmed by the disclosure of conspiracy after conspiracy, the object of which, it was rumored, was to seat her sister on the throne.

  23. We have finally the disclosure and disappearance of the Lord.

  24. The fact of the birth, which could be verified by sight, would confirm the message in its outward aspect, and thereby lead to belief in the angel's disclosure of its inward character.

  25. The ingenuous disclosure of their bewilderment appealed to their Companion's heart, as it ever does.

  26. He even wondered whether the disclosure would kill him, but he made no comment.

  27. It was impossible to guess whether Emmet were surprised or disappointed at this disclosure of the comparative futility of his visit.

  28. Your anonymity has been splendidly preserved up till now, but I feel compelled to warn you that a disclosure is imminent.

  29. The disclosure of his identity, although it aroused immense interest, was scarcely an unmixed joy to the majority of them.

  30. Whenever the time shall arrive, as I would fain persuade myself it must, in which the public shall feel such concern in the affairs of Quodlibet as to demand of me a full disclosure of the treasures of my MSS.

  31. Between this devil and this deep sea--the pain of a dreaded disclosure and the grief of losing his wife for two months--he secretly hoped for the devil; yet if she wished for the deep sea he must put up with it.

  32. His nervousness about this disclosure irritated him profoundly; she had no business to make him feel like that--a wife and a husband being one person.

  33. It is true, he stated the purport of his disclosure to him as a contingency that might or might not happen; thus, as he imagined, keeping himself on the safe side.

  34. Some time ago we would have rewarded you liberally, had you made any available disclosure to us; but now it is too late.

  35. An Unpleasant Disclosure to Dunroe --Anthony Corbet gives Important Documents to the Stranger--Norton catches a Tartar.

  36. Anthony Corbet gives Important Documents to the Stranger--An Unpleasant Disclosure to Dunroe --Norton catches a Tartar XXXIX.

  37. Freeling, the secretary, in a minute to the postmaster general, professed his inability to understand whether this unreserved disclosure of Sutherland's proceeded merely from indiscretion or from some other motive.

  38. He had accepted this terrifically startling disclosure unquestioningly.

  39. Her hands moved with the briskness which generally accompanies an eager disclosure of important tidings.

  40. With what art he had prepared the way for the final disclosure of his effrontery!

  41. The disclosure threw her into a quite unusual agitation.

  42. This disclosure being followed by an offer of marriage, Cranstoun was referred to Mr. Blandy, and he obtained an easy acquiescence on his part in the wishes expressed by the young lady.

  43. Directors false and prevaricating accounts of them, they were never able to obtain a full disclosure from him.

  44. Now, this vision of Jacob's is a very blessed disclosure of divine grace to Israel.

  45. He was the full disclosure to man of what God was.

  46. There is the disclosure of self in all its moral deformity; but we fail to get hold practically of what God is, though he has come so very close to us, and blessed us, too, in connection with the discovery of ourselves.

  47. There is no disclosure of the name of him who, nevertheless, had brought out the real name and condition of Jacob.

  48. This little matter of her veiling herself against his wish acted upon him like a disclosure of some great disaster.

  49. In the light of this disclosure the facts of the last five years of his life stood clearly revealed in their full meaning.

  50. Babalatchi's fatalism gave him only an insignificant relief in his suspense, because no fatalism can kill the thought of the future, the desire of success, the pain of waiting for the disclosure of the immutable decrees of Heaven.

  51. After his conviction, as a last chance, he tried a disclosure of all the circumstances of the unsuspected death of the Frenchwoman.

  52. I think my father had intended making some disclosure to me on reaching this room.

  53. For a moment I fancied this was a theatric preparation to give point to the disclosure of Dudley's real whereabouts.

  54. It was the partial disclosure of your secrets,' replied Mr. Brownlow.

  55. This mystery must be investigated, or how will its disclosure to me, benefit Oliver, whom you are anxious to serve?

  56. The disclosure of to-night,'--Harry began.

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