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incarceration; incarnate; incarnated; incarnates; incarnating; incarnatione; incarnationis; incarnations; incarnatus; incase
  1. He is now regarded as an incarnation of Siva in his form Mallari.

  2. Under this tree Dattatreya, the incarnation of the Trinity, performed his ascetic austerities.

  3. The cult of the lizard is most prominent in the Pacific, where it appears as an incarnation of Tangaloa.

  4. More and more he brooded on sin and salvation, incarnation and crucifixion.

  5. Arabs crouched on these benches and smoked comfortably gurgling narghiles--the incarnation of quietude and silence.

  6. That is the reason why the legionnaire has come to look upon the Arab woman as the incarnation of the Devil.

  7. The Preparation of the Incarnation £0 7 6 The Nine Months.

  8. He stood there the incarnation of the modern knights sans fear and sans reproach.

  9. Guendolen is the incarnation of high-hearted feminine commonsense, of clear insight into the truth of things, born of the power of love in her.

  10. All the dreams of his youth centre in himself; Nature becomes the reflection of himself; all histories of great men he represents as in himself; finally, he becomes to himself Apollo, the incarnation of poetry.

  11. This is the temper and the time that Browning embodies in Cleon, who is the incarnation of a culture which is already feeling that life is going out of it.

  12. Anael, when she is in the preternatural world, loves Djabal as an incarnation of the divine, but in the natural world of her girlhood her heart goes out to the Knight of Malta who loves her.

  13. He was the incarnation of force; he performed the most brilliant exploits of our modern times.

  14. Woman, to the patient, is impurity, filth, the very incarnation of degradation and vice.

  15. The relation between Christ’s headship of the Universe by virtue of His Eternal Godhead and His headship of the Church by virtue of His Incarnation and Passion and Resurrection is somewhat similarly represented in Phil.

  16. As a climax to this attitude of conciliation Hinduism finally adopted the Buddha as the ninth incarnation of Vishnu.

  17. These two cults, while not mutually antagonistic, are nevertheless entirely separate—their devotees, respectively, being satisfied with their own god and his incarnation and manifestations.

  18. This belief directly antagonizes incarnation from the Christian standpoint, where it appears as God’s mighty instrument of grace to man.

  19. There is no finality of blessing supposed to be in any Hindu incarnation; and it would be sacrilege to compare the character of any one of them with the wonderful incarnation of Jesus.

  20. Hindus at present look forward to this new incarnation as their future deliverer, when the sorrows and the depravity of this present, shall be swallowed up in the glories and joys of the future, age.

  21. In a sense the all-pervasive pantheism of Brahmanism made a certain form of incarnation a necessity from the earliest days.

  22. Christ should be none the less, yea the more, welcome to that land because the most popular god of the Hindu pantheon (Krishna) is also the leading incarnation of Vishnu.

  23. There are not a few who believe that the tenth—that is, the coming—incarnation of Vishnu (Kalki avatar) refers to Christ.

  24. Strange, if such a re-incarnation were a fact, that none has ever been assured of it by any other agent than the philosopher in his search after truth.

  25. Add to all this the singular fact that he had declared his name to be "Brother Man," and that he spoke with a calmness that was the very incarnation of peace, and Philip's wonder reached its limit.

  26. To deny the power and worth of that incarnation was, to his mind, not humility, but treason.

  27. Purse three descended from her father, and was an incarnation of business--made of chamois leather with a steel clasp that closed with a click, having three compartments within, one of which had its own clasp and was reserved for gold.

  28. And he would show that even hard sinners could often be brought to a good life more surely, and be enabled more certainly to persevere, by forcibly emphasizing the Incarnation and its benefits than by any other method.

  29. He never spoke of the Incarnation and the Eucharist without deep emotion and a contagious love.

  30. Whereas in every new incarnation it clothes itself in a perfectly different personality, a temporary and short-lived one.

  31. The object of a cycle of incarnation is to free him from these illusions, so that when he is surrounded by and working in gross matter he may retain clear vision and not be blinded by illusion.

  32. It has already been related that the Ismailian sect of the Muhammedans had introduced the doctrine of a coming Messiah, or Mahdi, who was to be the last of the imans, and the incarnation of the universal soul.

  33. The Egyptian religion seemed intelligently and systematically rounded off when each god was held to be the incarnation of some power of nature.

  34. A certain people known as the Nusayris held to the belief for a long period that woman was the incarnation of the evil spirit, or Satan, and that man alone was the manifestation of God, the Merciful.

  35. According to one belief the soul goes and then returns in certain reincarnations; therefore, they say that a sick person is sick because of actions in a previous incarnation and that this is retribution.

  36. To the world and to himself he represented the incarnation of British impeccability, faultless from the little pink crown of his head to the tips of his toes correctly pedicured and unstained by purples of retributive gout.

  37. VIII The child was born, a boy, strong and lusty--to Jeremy the incarnation of miraculous wonder.

  38. Only Millar, spirit of evil, incarnation of the devil, remained.

  39. He was the incarnation of optimism, and the calculations he made about this performance went far beyond those of the inkstand inventor.

  40. In truth, this man was the incarnation of charlatanism, and he spared nothing to pique public curiosity.

  41. The Fox, as incarnation of cunning, holds in the primitive belief of the Japanese almost the same position as the Serpent in the nations that have worshipped, until bold enough to curse it.

  42. The great serpent of Vishnu held its hood over this new incarnation of its Lord.

  43. That little vision may report more than many more famous ones the consistency with which the first christians had developed the doctrine that nature is the incarnation of the Evil Spirit.

  44. Theology has pronounced Incarnation a mystery, but nothing is simpler.

  45. It was the process of incarnation in the Gilghit legend (i.

  46. But it is also to be remembered that the third incarnation of Vishnu was as a Wild Boar; and as the fearless exterminator of snakes the pig merited this association with the Preserver.

  47. Hence you find many maintaining the fatal error that incarnation is the ground of our relationship with the First-born.

  48. Now why all this if incarnation was the basis of our union or association?

  49. But further: those who speak of union in incarnation are most manifestly the enemies of the cross of Christ; for what need was there of the cross, the death or the blood of Christ, if sinners could be united to Him in incarnation?

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