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Example sentences for "brooded"

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  1. The wing of the storm-god brooded above it, dark and lowering with night and tempest and war.

  2. The trees were dark with leaves and brooded close above them; old water-fences and milldams cast inky shadows on the still, shallow ponds clasped in wooded hills.

  3. So John sat glowing with sentiment and resolution, and Margery pondered the happiness of life, and Stephen brooded darkly in the window, and they were all silent.

  4. Whilst she still brooded over the difficulty there came a letter for her from Everard Barfoot.

  5. Deliberately he had brooded over a tragic close to the wretchedness of his existence; he would kill himself, and Monica should perish with him.

  6. Now it had fallen wretchedly into decay, and over it brooded the depression of hopes and dreams long dead.

  7. So Private Grant brooded deeply and his thoughts were not pretty.

  8. She brooded until she shivered, and then she lit her fire.

  9. The opening of the nest was just about the size of a quarter of a dollar, and it did not seem possible that two little birds could later be brooded and fed and reared in such a tiny cradle.

  10. Cunningly hidden in the crotch of a sugar maple, just over the heads of hundreds of unseeing passers-by, a robin had brooded day by day over four eggs whose heavenly blue made a jewel-casket of her mud nest.

  11. The mysterious silence of noon brooded over the whole landscape; only a faint hum of life came up from the seaport.

  12. The wind had parted the clouds here and there over the eastern horizon, and a few stars shone fitfully through the rifts, but this made the darkness, which brooded over the whole creation, all the more sensible.

  13. Yet no shadow of the sense of sin seems to have brooded over that bright and clear Greek life, the elements of which, except in the regions which our morality condemns, seem so intensely desirable and ennobling.

  14. Now that he was effectually put down, he brooded sulkily, meditating revenge.

  15. Outside, quiet brooded over the valley that fine August morning.

  16. Always there brooded over her that spectre "The Censor," who possibly read every letter that was addressed to a man at the Front.

  17. A] In the black midnight which brooded over that miserable land, the cry of tortured slaves alone was heard.

  18. It quietly sets to work to measure those profound mysteries of Christianity over which centuries have brooded and disputed with its draper's ell, and thinks itself wondrous wise withal.

  19. Darkness came on rapidly, but still he was suffered to remain alone, and silence brooded over the whole place, unbroken even by a passing footfall.

  20. The Mexicans themselves mingled with the crowd, and a deadly silence brooded over the hacienda, in which, however, more than six thousand persons were assembled at this moment.

  21. Profound silence brooded over the pueblo and the surrounding plains, and the Indians seemed to have disappeared as if by enchantment.

  22. In the distance could be heard the snapping bark of the coyotes, and at times the melancholy hoot of the owl arose in the dark, and broke the mournful silence which brooded over nature.

  23. And as he brooded on it, hatred of Winky, who had so fooled him, crept into his heart.

  24. So he hung about the room where they were; he brooded over it; he filled it with the spirit of the Headache.

  25. A solemn blue haze brooded soft over the land.

  26. For twenty-one days those victorious microbes had brooded in silence in his poisoned arteries.

  27. She had been active always; she had never brooded among the romantic ruins of the past.

  28. October brooded with golden wings over the distance.

  29. As Caroline brooded over this, her face cleared until the light and animation returned.

  30. No work can be great without their manifestation; unless they have brooded with their silvery wings over its progress to perfection; and in exact proportion to their manifestation will be its greatness.

  31. Zophiel read at intervals weird passages from the Book of Life; Jemschid touched, now and then, the face of the Madonna, and some unwonted spirit of sorrow brooded over the harp of Angelo.

  32. Alone there, with no witnesses, she brooded over it, crooned to it, caressed it with an insatiable hunger of tenderness.

  33. And over it all brooded the restfulness of the Sabbath, and the gladness of a fair and equal light.

  34. She brooded over it, increasingly convinced that it might be a masterpiece.

  35. Over all brooded an opaque, gray-brown sky, sullen and impenetrable.

  36. She brooded and scorned, raged inwardly, and took to herself dishonour, until evidently she was wasting.

  37. Mr. Peregrine Palmer brooded more and more upon what he counted the contempt of the chief.

  38. He brooded earnestly over his speculations, quietly ignoring inconvenient facts and never shrinking from absurd conclusions.

  39. He habitually thought in images, and he brooded so long over his conceptions that his descriptions are almost as definite in outline and as vivid in colour as things actually seen.

  40. It is the outpouring of a morbid imagination that has long brooded on the fearful and the terrific.

  41. Some that are single-brooded there are doubled-brooded here.

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