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Example sentences for "brooches"

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  1. All their stock of brooches and wampum was employed in the decoration of her person.

  2. Presently, as they drew nearer, their paint and feathers and brooches became visible.

  3. They tore the rings and brooches off the dead," said a young officiai to me.

  4. Brooches and clasps and rings of gold and silver studded with jewels were quite common and other jewelry was worn.

  5. It was open at the top on either side for the arms to go through and fastened on both shoulders with clasps or brooches (fibulae), which often were quite costly articles.

  6. In the Anglo-Saxon dress of the earlier period, the mantle is a simple square with a border on the outer side, the two upper corners being gathered together at the shoulders and fastened with brooches connected by a chain.

  7. Belt-buckle and two Brooches in beaten Silver and Wire B.

  8. Bindesböll, whose characteristic style is so easily recognised, has some good clasps and brooches to his credit.

  9. Brooches and a Cross in Gold, set with Stones ANNIE McLEISH B.

  10. I'm goin' to sell ten brooches now for two dollars each, an' give back four dollars wit' every brooch.

  11. Consequently, when I now see fair ladies gaily bedecked with a superfluity of handsome lustrous trinkets I think of the gilt jewellery trade, and brooches at 15s.

  12. Of these the most interesting are the brooches which were worn by both sexes and of which large numbers have been found in heathen cemeteries.

  13. In later times we hear of brooches worth as much as six mancusas, i.

  14. These brooches are usually of bronze or silver, chased or engraved with intricate designs of interlaced or dragonesque work in the style of the illuminated Celtic manuscripts of the 7th, 8th and 9th centuries.

  15. Silver brooches of immense size, some having pins 15 in.

  16. The dress of the upper classes must have been of a somewhat gorgeous character, especially when account is taken of the brooches and other ornaments which they wore.

  17. Viking hoards of this period, consisting of bullion, brooches and Cufic and Anglo-Saxon coins buried on Scottish soil.

  18. The Scandinavian brooches of the Viking period (A.

  19. Brooches of the safety-pin type (fibulae) were extensively used in antiquity, but only within definite limits of time and place.

  20. In the Roman provinces the circular brooches are very numerous, and are frequently decorated with inlaid stone, paste or enamel.

  21. The nature of the imports during the heathen period may be learned chiefly from the graves, which contain many brooches and other ornaments of continental origin, and also a certain number of silver, bronze and glass vessels.

  22. The geographical distribution of these peculiar brooches indicates the extent of the conquests of the Northmen.

  23. Valuable brooches and other ornaments are often found.

  24. The Highland brooches were commonly of this form, but the disk was broader, and the central opening smaller in proportion to the size of the brooch.

  25. Where it needed fastening at the throat, golden brooches were used, beautifully made, with safety pins.

  26. Many such brooches have been found in the graves in Greece).

  27. The huge brooches on their breasts of gold and silver or gold-like bronze, were like resplendent wheels.

  28. Their round brooches and mantle-pins of gold, or silver, or golden bronze, their drinking vessels and instruments of festivity, flashed and glittered in the light.

  29. Silver brooches may be bought wholesale for one shilling each which would not disgrace any wearer of the most refined taste.

  30. You find there rings and brooches set with all sorts of stones, of every period in the world's history, which makes it the resort of the wealthy collectors of the ancient and curious.

  31. These brooches were like modern safety pins, and were used to fasten the chlamys at the shoulder.

  32. In many ornaments we find remnants of religious ideas; for instance, all brooches showing a crescent pattern or bearing the design of a hand are connected with the old phallic worship.

  33. Occasionally gold safety-pins of a plain and even ornamental character were made and used as brooches by ladies for fastening lace, or by men for securing their ties in the place of the straight scarf-pins.

  34. Similar pin-ring brooches were used in Ireland until quite recently and are known from early times.

  35. Roman brooches of gold are very rarely met with.

  36. I will make you brooches and toys for your delight XII.

  37. XI I will make you brooches and toys for your delight Of bird-song at morning and star-shine at night.

  38. It was their things I was looking at--combs and brooches and hairpins, and things to cut their nails with.

  39. The first was a row of brooches of gold and silver, with their pins fixed in the wall and their heads outwards; the second a row of torques of gold and silver; and the third a row of great swords, with hilts of gold and silver.

  40. Mrs. Tipping's reply was interrupted by the entrance of a young man from the jeweller's with four brooches for Flower to present to the bridesmaids.

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