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  1. One thing worthy of remark is, that Clement found himself obliged on this occasion to recommend moderation to the collectors of the tenths, and forbade them to seize the chalices, the books, or the ornaments of the churches.

  2. All that had escaped the sword of the English, and the avidity of the collectors of the imposts, became the prey of these brigands, whose numbers increased in proportion with their impunity and their excesses.

  3. Secrecy on the part of the collector is in fact essential to reconcile people to it in England or Germany, where it is firmly established; but our collectors sell their lists to the newspapers in order to make the contributors pay up.

  4. No man likes to tell what his income is to every stranger, much less to a politician, which our collectors are sure to be.

  5. Now that the days are past when it was the custom for rich collectors to publish magnificently illustrated atlases of their possessions, this tendency to centralisation can only be welcomed both by artists and students.

  6. You could find plenty of other collectors who'd hold your coat while you were doing it," Rand told him.

  7. Rivers was a notorious swindler; he had that reputation among arms-collectors all over the country.

  8. A great many collectors do, and it would have helped me quite a bit.

  9. Surprising how many collectors think all Confederate revolvers had brass frames, because of the Griswold & Grier, and the Spiller & Burr.

  10. We were neighbors of his, and collectors are a gregarious lot.

  11. They are heating in summer, and in winter they are collectors of mud.

  12. The duties of the collectors of customs were to ensure payment on all wools and leather shipped from their port, to have the wool or leather weighed at the wool-beam and each bale tested and sealed with the Government stamp or "coket" seal.

  13. He seems to have had no fixed salary, but the collectors were empowered to pay the controller's salary out of the takings.

  14. In 1378 he was appointed one of the collectors of the tax of two-fifteenths.

  15. The collectors of the Port of London during Chaucer's service as controller were: 1374 John de Bernes and Nicholas Brembre.

  16. In 1347 he and John Herlyng--another esquire--were collectors of the petty customs in London.

  17. Solicitation by confessors and the avarice of clerical collectors of revenues were also frequently censured in the writings of the time.

  18. Complaints against these collectors were so insistent that at one time churchmen were substituted for them,--without diminishing the complaints, for the fault lay in the system.

  19. Seldom grown in nurseries, but readily obtainable from northern collectors of native plants.

  20. Occasionally grown by nurserymen, but more readily obtainable from northern collectors of native plants.

  21. Offered for sale by collectors and occasionally by nurserymen; easily transplanted; propagated from seed or from cuttings.

  22. Nurserymen and collectors offer it in quantity at a low price.

  23. It can be obtained only from collectors of native plants.

  24. Eliot on Autograph collectors Autolycus, his song Auvergne, pedestrianising in dialect of Aylmer, Admiral Lord Azeglio d'Massimo, anecdote of B.

  25. The old book-collectors were a taciturn race--the Bindleys, the Sykeses, the Hebers.

  26. Public libraries can never satisfy the longings of book-collectors any more than can the private libraries of other people.

  27. An exceedingly spiteful account of him, in which it is asserted that 'most of his rarest books are miserable copies' (how book-collectors can hate one another!

  28. The Jews and tax-collectors were attacked.

  29. In 1255, after the misfortunes of the crusade of St. Louis, alms given to their collectors were declared to entitle the donors to Holy Land indulgences.

  30. While Philippe was seizing his prey, Clement, at Poitiers, was occupied in the equally lucrative work of sending collectors throughout Germany to exact a tithe of all ecclesiastical revenues for the recovery of the Holy Land.

  31. The commercial morality of all collectors is supposed to be low.

  32. You tell me that commercial morality among collectors is not high, and that a plant like that would be a marketable commodity.

  33. What you mean to say is that an orchid of repute would be bought by some collectors well knowing that it had been obtained by questionable means?

  34. There are orchid collectors all over the world, you see.

  35. The scribes and the Pharisees, when they saw that he was eating with the sinners and tax collectors, said to his disciples, "Why is it that he eats and drinks with tax collectors and sinners?

  36. It happened, that he was reclining at the table in his house, and many tax collectors and sinners sat down with Jesus and his disciples, for there were many, and they followed him.

  37. Fleetwood and Farington were the royalist collectors for Leyland Hundred, and Holt one of those for Salford Hundred.

  38. Talbot was one of the royalist collectors for Blackburn Hundred and lived at Salesbury Hall near Ribchester.

  39. He was a member of the Commission of Array and one of the royalist collectors for Leyland Hundred.

  40. So keenly has the forger pursued his evil course in this particular domain, that, apart from that preserved in museums and in the cabinets of collectors whose personal judgment is sound on such matters, M.

  41. It was common at that time for one to compound for 1/4 copper, and the collectors paid nothing else.

  42. But the collectors of the King's customs very honestly refused to take them, and so did almost everybody else.

  43. The major sources of revenue are the sale of postage stamps to collectors and the sale of handicrafts to passing ships.

  44. The sale of postage stamps to foreign collectors is an important source of revenue.

  45. He may send them to a storekeeper in the city, but he is more likely to send them to some one who makes a business of receiving eggs from country collectors and selling them at wholesale wherever there is a demand for them.

  46. The small collectors are also likely to be careless in handling eggs, and to ship them to receivers in bad condition.

  47. The efforts of producers and country collectors to deal directly with consumers and retailers in the large cities often give them less profit than would be obtained by selling through the regular channels of the trade.

  48. The tax collectors and Majoraals are native officers appointed by the Company to demand and collect the poll tax, land rent, tithes, and the Officie and Adigary rates which I have treated of above.

  49. In the year 1690 a change was made in the appointment of the Collectors and Majoraals.

  50. The poor people do not pay in Pagodas, and the collectors might make a profit by changing the small coin for Pagodas, and this order will be a safeguard against loss both to the Company and its servants.

  51. Bannatyne, in the sixteenth century, and Allan Ramsay, in the early part of the eighteenth, were not collectors of popular poetry in the same sense as those who have since been so active in that field.

  52. Printed broadsides are peculiarly liable to accidents which shorten their existence, and we therefore owe much to the collectors who have saved some few of them from destruction.

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