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Example sentences for "denizen"

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  1. To us, an old denizen of the country, a stately tree has ever been a companionable; in fact, a reverential object.

  2. Thus discoursed one day to us, in her blandest tones, a fair denizen of Sillery.

  3. The imprisoned lion in the showman's cage differs not more widely from the lord of the desert, than the beggarly frequenter of frontier garrisons and dramshops differs from the proud denizen of the woods.

  4. Week after week rolled on, and still did I find myself a denizen of George's Street.

  5. The nests were probably plundered at night, and doubtless by the little red screech-owl, which I know is a denizen of these old orchards, living in the deeper cavities of the trees.

  6. One season I was interested in the tree-frogs; especially the tiny piper that one hears about the woods and brushy fields--the hyla of the swamps become a denizen of the trees; I had never seen him in this new role.

  7. Chapman (1907): "The Calaveras Warbler is a characteristic denizen of the chaparral and is found on both slopes of the Sierra Nevadas about as far south as Mt.

  8. Incessantly repeated, apparently from the very crowns of the trees, comes the song of the Townsend warbler, denizen of upper foliage strata.

  9. In a few hours the faulty being whom you have rashly dared to love, may be no longer a denizen of earth.

  10. It looked not of earth, still less like a future denizen of heaven.

  11. I had rather be sold at auction in Alabama any day than to take my chance as a denizen of the slums of London, or as a worker in the coal mines.

  12. Generations of men have gone down to the grave since her time--a succession of kings have lodged within the castle but I am still a denizen of the forest.

  13. Drawing a knife from his girdle, the hunter threw himself on the ground, and, advancing on all fours towards the hart, could scarcely be distinguished himself from some denizen of the forest.

  14. It was strange indeed to meet a living denizen of a world that seemed to her impossible except in books.

  15. The species is a denizen of the woodlands, and is generally to be found in the more open parts of woods where its food plants are well established.

  16. The species is more especially a denizen of Ireland and Scotland, but it occurs in most of the northern counties of England, and has been recorded from Worcestershire and Herefordshire; also from Carmarthenshire in South Wales.

  17. I am not aware that it is found in the tropics, but is a denizen of the North Pacific.

  18. It is essentially a denizen of the hills; it has been obtained in Cachar and in Upper Assam.

  19. As I have said so much about the killer whale, I may digress a little to explain what it is, though it is not a denizen of the Indian seas.

  20. I have dwelt at some length on this animal, though not a denizen of India proper; but it will be a prize to any of our border sportsmen who come across it on the confines of Thibet, and therefore I have deemed it worthy of space.

  21. Jerdon says: "This very pretty little cat frequents grass in the dry beds of tanks, brushwood, and occasionally drains in the open country and near villages, and it is said not to be a denizen of the jungles.

  22. Now he was but another denizen of the deep, a strange monster in the ocean's depths.

  23. And, though he were a denizen of Hell, one could but think, 'True love deserves better.

  24. With such high vocation had I too, as denizen of the Universe, been called.

  25. Was she beloved by one of a higher order of beings, a denizen of the invisible world, who tracked her every footstep, and hovered about her unseen?

  26. A hue and cry was required to be raised and followed for anyone taking a cart of merchandise or slaying a merchant, denizen [resident alien] or alien, or the town would answer for the robbery and damage done.

  27. No alien nor denizen [foreigner allowed to reside in the nation with certain rights and privileges] may carry out of the nation any raw wool or any woolen cloth which has not been barbed, rowed, and shorn.

  28. However, a denizen may take a horse for his own use and not to sell.

  29. A native or denizen merchant in wholesale or retail goods who leaves the nation to defraud his creditors shall be declared a bankrupt.

  30. This denizen of the open country is no exception.

  31. However, the gray fox is a denizen of the desert and will not often be found at elevations preferred by the red fox.

  32. The denizen of the prairie never regards such an indication with indifference.

  33. Another European species, distinct from the English squirrel, is a denizen of the Pyrenees and the Alps of Dauphine.

  34. As a denizen of the west, but as a surveyor of the east and west you have brought to the country's interpretation a knowledge of its political and literary life as well as a proficiency in the history of other lands and other times.

  35. After a brief stay on the island I became a denizen of a lumber camp located a few miles from the rock which brought me to your acquaintance.

  36. No where is this solid denizen of the sea, found in better kelter than up here.

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