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Example sentences for "cumbersome"

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  1. It goes without saying that the beds of that period were huge, cumbersome affairs, and this adapted bed is really more suitable to modern needs in size and weight and line than an original one.

  2. Gas light is more difficult to manage than electricity, for there is always the cumbersome tube and the necessity for adding mechanical accessories before a good clear light is secured.

  3. Behring seems to have moved this "cumbersome machine" safely to Yakutsk, though it took the best part of two years.

  4. Bruce had started with his quadrant carried by four men, but the task of getting his cumbersome instruments up the steep sides of Taranta was intense.

  5. The air was full of cumbersome speeding creatures, winging their way across the danger zone in their unhappy quest of safety.

  6. At their base were arranged two parallel rows of cumbersome drums, standing at least fifteen feet in height, and formed from the hollow trunks of large trees.

  7. Dressed in clothing that appeared to us fantastic, and armed with cumbersome armor and old-fashioned guns, it was easy to jump to the conclusion that the people were essentially uncivilized.

  8. But no sooner will the cumbersome rate-sheet be completed, before some little road off in a distant corner of the country will send a printed announcement of some slight change in its passenger charges.

  9. It was rather an awkward and cumbersome arrangement, demanding the united strength of all hands to get it over the side, and it took us a full hour to get both parts fixed firmly and to Cunningham's satisfaction.

  10. But it would be rather a cumbersome contrivance to ship and unship, and I would not recommend it unless there is likely to be much of this sort of thing between here and our destination.

  11. With clang tinkle boomhammer tallyho hornblower blue green yellow flashes Toft's cumbersome turns with hobbyhorse riders from gilded snakes dangled, bowels fandango leaping spurn soil foot and fall again.

  12. The variety of sounds in Slavonic involved the addition of ten characters to Cyril's alphabet, and although that number was afterwards reduced, the Russian remains the most cumbersome and ungainly of alphabets.

  13. Brown, but is less easily broken and is not too cumbersome to carry around.

  14. Maurice, by this maneuver, gained sufficient time to rid himself of the cumbersome steel.

  15. So in this case, even so great an inventor as Watt failed to see the utility of doing away with the cumbersome structure which his own invention had made no longer a necessity, but rather a hindrance to the application of the steam engine.

  16. The Secretary saw there was a strong feeling here on some sore point, and he would have made a diversion from it, but for Bradley's holding to it in his cumbersome way.

  17. Removing this, she found she held a cumbersome old-fashioned iron key of curious design.

  18. The suit, which had been so heavy and cumbersome above the surface, now rested on him lightly as a feather.

  19. A line by which to lower and raise them was fastened around each diver's body and he was then assisted onto the ladder, for it was almost impossible for them to move in their cumbersome suits and lead shoes.

  20. We do not consider it necessary to argue in detail the fact that this system is artificial and cumbersome to a great degree.

  21. But it is far better to cultivate the "sight or sound" of a number, than to depend upon cumbersome associative methods based on artificial links and pegs.

  22. Her flight, ordinarily, is cumbersome and slow, and her demeanour pensive--almost prim.

  23. Your Flying machines are cumbersome and awkward, and they consume lots of fuel and make a deal of noise.

  24. Instead of cumbersome railroads consuming energy at a great loss, we use an almost perfect flying or floating ship.

  25. The system proved adequate, and was much less cumbersome than a more elaborate system of card indexing of separate papers could possibly have been.

  26. Just as in technique the apparatus often began in a complex, cumbersome way and then became steadily simplified, so it is with explanations.

  27. Their language is much more cumbersome than ours.

  28. They talk from the headquarters of one mind directly to the headquarters of another, instead of through a medium of cumbersome words which in our life are so often misunderstood.

  29. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cumbersome" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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