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Example sentences for "inconvenient"

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inconvenienced; inconveniences; inconveniencies; inconveniencing; inconveniency; inconveniently; inconvertible; incoordination; incorporate; incorporated
  1. The Company's Botanic Garden being on the other side of the river and at an inconvenient distance from the city cannot be much resorted to by any one whose time is precious.

  2. A path for one person only is inconvenient and has a mean look.

  3. The deliberation with which trees grow," wrote Horace Walpole, in a letter to a friend, "is extremely inconvenient to my natural impatience.

  4. Mark you, I have had some experience of your kind before, and I do not propose to pay down a lump sum for services which you may subsequently find it inconvenient to render.

  5. This was a subject over which Willy did not fall asleep, and his mother congratulated herself secretly upon this splendid daughter-in-law, who showed no inconvenient sensitiveness.

  6. Hartmut did not fear this meeting, even if it were inconvenient and uncomfortable to him.

  7. Even if the state governments had not become inconvenient for other reasons, they were rendered superfluous by the prodigious simplification in the task of government since your day.

  8. But why did you put up with such a shockingly inconvenient arrangement when you saw its faults so plainly?

  9. This was the cloister of an old Hindu temple which stood by itself in an unfrequented part of the plain, and which, either by some act of desecration, or because of its inconvenient situation, had been long neglected.

  10. If he preceded it, he could travel unnoticed, otherwise it would be impossible to move at all in its rear, or to pass it without making a considerable and inconvenient detour.

  11. The chief objection to this harbour is the difficulty of getting out with the common tradewind, the entrance being on the east side, not more than one hundred yards wide and the depth without inconvenient for warping.

  12. Argyll's clemency consisted in refusing to press matters to an extremity which he foresaw might prove more inconvenient to his friends than to his enemies.

  13. A man cursed with such an inconvenient memory could not safely be suffered to go at large, and the unfortunate creature had already been for days under close ward in the Castle.

  14. Blockade is very inconvenient to the blockaded, which was the rĂ´le played by France.

  15. The defendant fleet, further, must be able to put to sea at a moment inconvenient to the enemy; must have the bridge or ford Napoleon required for his army.

  16. Be it so; for the same money we would rather have the positive advantages of the one, en societe, than the tasteless and inconvenient isolation of the other.

  17. These strips were kept on rolls which were very unwieldy to wind to and fro and read, and very inconvenient for reference.

  18. It would be a little inconvenient at present.

  19. She abhorred male servants, but it was very often inconvenient to send her maids on errands.

  20. A silent, preoccupied host, bent on something else now, and perhaps teased by the inconvenient thought that after all a draw is not as good as a win!

  21. Mankind has never been sufficiently grateful to its charwomen, like these insect equivalents, who do their tidying up at supremely inconvenient times.

  22. At the best, it would only live out its remaining term, and then go off the moment that term was up, and most likely kill the souls it had been sheltering with by bolting at an inconvenient moment.

  23. These ants are sometimes also called "visiting ants," from their habit of calling in quantities at inconvenient hours on humanity.

  24. A sentimental but inconvenient desire that the living human cannot give in to perpetually, though big men will accede to their ancestor's desire for society by killing off people who may serve or cheer him.

  25. In 1634 the colony had become so populous that it was found inconvenient for all the freemen to assemble in one place to transact business.

  26. It was inconvenient for Allen to pay, and the note was put in suit.

  27. Nothing could be more provoking and inconvenient than this arrangement.

  28. But I wonder vastly you would not marry him, for all that, for you might have done exactly what you pleased with him, which, altogether, would have been no inconvenient circumstance.

  29. This observation would not have prevented her from trying to talk to the latter, had they not been seated at an inconvenient distance; but she was not sorry to be spared the necessity of saying much.

  30. This must be a most inconvenient sitting room for the evening, in summer; the windows are full west.

  31. It was very strange that he should come to Longbourn instead of to Lucas Lodge; it was also very inconvenient and exceedingly troublesome.

  32. It was this bay that Captain Cook first examined for a place to repair his ship after his escape from the reef; but he found it much too inconvenient and exposed for his purpose; and it was after this that Endeavour River was discovered.

  33. But some have given the bar, lately, a surreptitious squeeze in the middle, and flattened it a little into something obliquely resembling an inconvenient seat.

  34. It was a contrivance to make an enormously high and dangerous seat for two persons, inconvenient to drive from, and at the same time to consume as much material and mix as many unsightly and inharmonious lines as possible.

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