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  1. The modern Directories were not popular or common till late in the last century.

  2. The directories of these four departments refuse to cancel their illegal acts, alleging that "their armed National Guards pursue refractory priests.

  3. Powerlessness of the Directories and the ministers.

  4. Not one of the five municipalities surrounding Chantilly is disposed to assist in the execution of the laws, while the directories of the district and department respectively, sanction their inertia.

  5. Three-fifths of the electors have fled; one-third of the district and departmental administrators have been appointed in their absence, and the majority of the new directories is taken from the club of patriots.

  6. Although we are not dealing with Celtic names, a few words as to the Scottish, Irish, and Welsh surnames which we find in our directories may be useful.

  7. Even now, if we take the farmer class, our nomenclature is largely regional, and the directories even of our great manufacturing towns represent to a great extent the medieval population of the rural district around them.

  8. Among these, the directories of Coromandel, Surat, Bengal, and Persia are all of great importance, and the direction of them is attended with great profit.

  9. Account of the Directories of Coromandel, Surat, Bengal, and Persia, XII.

  10. The second and third directories are established at Hoogly on the Ganges, and at Surat on the western coast of India, both in the territories of the Great Mogul, and the two most important places of trade in all Asia.

  11. Account of the Directories of Coromandel, Surat, Bengal, and Persia.

  12. In the thirteen issues of medical directories of the United States that have been published during the past thirty years Dr.

  13. In the fourth place I deny that the Grand Central Directories of which I have given particulars, derived from Signor Margiotta, in my second chapter, are in any sense Palladian directories.

  14. General directories are not entered under a heading "Directories," but under the names of the places or classes with which they are concerned.

  15. But old Directories are still available, and in one of these I found that fifteen years ago there was a Long Street, and that Number 2 was then occupied by a person of the uncommon name I have mentioned.

  16. It is noticeable that none of the Louisville directories for this period mention any slave dealers.

  17. This would account to some extent for the failure to list traders in the local directories for it is noticeable that such men never called themselves slave dealers.

  18. If we look over the pages of the directories of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire, and strike out the surnames, we could imagine we were consulting anciently inscribed registers of Joppa or Jericho.

  19. In Yorkshire directories one may see such entries as John Berry, and immediately below, Young John Berry.

  20. Huggins in our directories is the memorial of this.

  21. I have mentioned the north because I have studied its Post-Office Directories carefully.

  22. One of these names, Farewell, is still used in the county, as the directories show.

  23. The large batch of names I have already quoted from modern directories is almost wholly from the earlier Testament.

  24. They found shelter in Wales, however, and our directories preserve in their list of surnames their memorial for ever.

  25. The latest edition of the city directory, directories of local towns, of the capitol of the state, and of the largest cities of the United States.

  26. An exchange of directories one year old with other public libraries has proved quite satisfactory.

  27. It increases your resources, and the fact that you ask for year-old directories from local business houses for the purpose of exchange is a good advertisement of the library's business side.

  28. Whether any of the most celebrated organs in the country have, or have not, been made here, is quite uncertain, though the Directories and papers of all dates tell us that makers thereof have never been wanting.

  29. In order to enable the reader to judge of the extent to which the compilers of early Portuguese maps were indebted to native sailing directories and charts, and of the judgment exercised by them in their use, I insert here a reduction of Dr.

  30. In these days of hydrographic offices and sailing directories we know how a sailing vessel desirous of proceeding from the Cape Verde Islands to the Cape would shape her course.

  31. Following the subject of voyages she gave me the four beautiful volumes of sailing directories for the Mediterranean, writing on the fly-leaf of the first, 'To Captain Slocum.

  32. The project now began to take on definite shape, and days were spent in poring over Findlay's directories of the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, and the South Seas.

  33. The best printed list from which to determine what directories and handbooks have been issued for certain industries is =2400 Business Books=, which has been previously noted.

  34. The important point for consideration in selecting directories for a business library is that they must be not only accurate but as nearly up-to-date as possible, to be of real value.

  35. The reference collection of a business library must be strong in books which will serve as directories of persons and industries, in order to answer questions on "who is who" and "where and what" are certain business organizations.

  36. He fell back a step, his brow seeming to grow blacker than it had been.

  37. It was but an accident that my father was an Englishman.

  38. In doubtful cases the Directories and other books of reference in the branch are consulted, and should it be found that there has been any oversight or neglect, the letter is immediately re-issued.

  39. George Green is listed in Philadelphia directories of the period as a "brass founder and gilder.

  40. Smith is listed in New York City directories of the Civil War period as a contractor for metal and leather supplies.

  41. Have you thought, for example, of the amount of material and labor that goes into producing the millions of thick telephone directories annually circulated among the subscribers?

  42. So it is with residence directories and many similar lists.

  43. Small enquiries at pawnbrokers', searching directories to verify addresses, running errands for his superiors, and doing all the small odd jobs are his immediate concern.

  44. The holidays at the India House, which are given in the London directories of Lamb's early time there, make a considerable list.

  45. The Directories of those days printed lists of the chief officials in some of the public offices, and it is possible to trace the careers of the clerks whom Lamb names.

  46. These works, though transcending in dreariness most directories of worship, are yet of great value for the light they throw on the history of Indian manners and ideas, as well as on that of mythology.

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