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Example sentences for "calumny"

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calumniating; calumniator; calumniators; calumnies; calumnious; calvaries; calve; calved; calves; calving
  1. He had only to face calumny courageously, and it would vanish.

  2. That this was a foul calumny no person who has examined the evidence can doubt.

  3. Devonshire and Dorset became from that day more zealous than ever in the cause of the master who, in spite of calumny for which their own indiscretion had perhaps furnished some ground, had continued to repose confidence in their loyalty.

  4. But a long conflict, in which satire and calumny had not been spared, had heated the minds of men.

  5. Was it not probable, then, that calumny might have deprived him of his master's favour in January?

  6. His epileptic fits, an absurd calumny of the Greeks, would be an object of pity rather than abhorrence; [149] but he seriously believed that he was poisoned at Chaibar by the revenge of a Jewish female.

  7. The base and plebeian origin of Mahomet is an unskilful calumny of the Christians, [63] who exalt instead of degrading the merit of their adversary.

  8. How thoroughly he disposes of this calumny his memoirs attest.

  9. I had my share in running that calumny to cover.

  10. Yes your own betrothed," repeated the American highly excited, the wife of your affection and your choice, who has been held up to calumny and scorn.

  11. But Cato, being connected with Lucullus by Lucullus having married Cato's sister Servilia, and also thinking it a scandalous affair, resisted Memmius and exposed himself to much calumny and many imputations.

  12. Crassus taking his sons and his money secretly got away from Rome, whether it was that he really was afraid, or, what is more probable, he wished to give credibility to the calumny and to strengthen the odium against Pompeius.

  13. It led him to conceive a long train of ruin as having befallen Marion in consequence of his calumny against her, and this dreadful thought haunted him to the end of his life.

  14. My lord, you have publicly insulted me: you are now convicted of heaping calumny upon me.

  15. But neither calumny nor the raids of the Paulistas, nor yet the jealousy of the Spanish settlers in Paraguay, deterred the Jesuits from the prosecution of their task.

  16. No other names of equal authority can be quoted on the other side; but yet the fact remains that the Jesuits in Paraguay were exposed to constant calumny from the first day they went there till the last member of the Order left the land.

  17. Then, remembering that calumny was a most serviceable weapon, he put about the town a report that the Indians from the missions had pillaged Yaguaron, and that they even then were marching on the place.

  18. Lord French has said: "He got nothing but calumny and abuse; but the reward to such a man does not come in the ordinary way.

  19. No statesman is safe from the calumny of newspapers, and no statesman violently and persistently attacked in a crisis can depend upon the loyalty of his colleagues.

  20. Notwithstanding all this, the word Vaterland was always an inspiration to Hölderlin, and it is especially gratifying to note that the calumny which he heaps upon the devoted heads of the Germans is not his last word on the subject.

  21. But the demon of calumny could not refrain from his malice; it vexed his tools that the marriage was not accompanied by eating and drinking and wild doings, after the manner of the world.

  22. If both the others fail, calumny must be resorted to, to relieve subjects from the burden of some thousand gulden according to their means.

  23. Jesus Christ in our purity, there would be more of us who would deserve the calumny which is praise--'the friend of sinners.

  24. Jesus Christ very seldom took any notice of the mists of calumny that drifted round Him.

  25. When the Attorney-Generalship was tendered to Randolph, he wrote to Madison bitterly resenting "the load of calumny which would be poured upon" him if he should accept.

  26. I give you my Word and Honour, that there are fine young Ladies here, born to charm our Sex, whom Calumny itself is obliged to respect; and I don't see what more can be desired.

  27. Florentin has Reason to be pleas'd with the Choice he has made: For his Lady is not only very charming, but has noble Sentiments, and a Virtue which Calumny itself durst not asperse.

  28. The result is that I cannot deal with this calumny as I should deal with it if I were free; and I believe that I have not got to the worst of it yet.

  29. This particular calumny was well watered and manured with all these by-products of human life, and it grew to full size and height with a rapidity that could not have been attained under less favourable conditions.

  30. The time "when" is in your own knowledge, but no way material to me, as the calumny has now first been disclosed so as to become the subject of my notice, and as the effect is present and palpable.

  31. If it has not produced that effect, any further attempt to refute the calumny will only serve to confirm it.

  32. Calvin was decided, and men have piled calumny upon calumny in their attempt to crush him.

  33. What I mean by being proof against calumny is being able to point to the fact as a contradiction.

  34. Mr. Lydgate would understand that if his friends hear a calumny about him their first wish must be to justify him.

  35. Calumny and all the agitations about her did not disturb Louise in her prayers.

  36. We have an instance of this in the altar erected to Calumny at Athens.

  37. Calumny is beautiful in form and feature, but has a malignant countenance, and flashing eyes.

  38. A man sits in a listening attitude, beckoning Calumny to approach.

  39. Such are the plain facts of the case, out of which it must, doubtless, to the healthy, charitable mind appear impossible that calumny could spring.

  40. But slander (except the calumny be of the most atrocious and aggravated kind) is not, generally speaking, such as comes before the eye of the law.

  41. Blessed Francis was once asked if we ought not to oppose calumny with the weapons of truth, and if it was not as much our duty to keep, for God's sake, our good name, as our bodily strength.

  42. O God of truth, redeem me from the calumny of men!

  43. An author himself, he could appreciate the vast debt which the world owes to authors, and pays but by calumny in life and barren laurels after death.

  44. Obscure, beloved, protected as she had been, she could not escape the calumny from which he had hoped everlastingly to shield her.

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