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Example sentences for "calve"

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  1. If it is to be luck, the bull may as well calve as the cow.

  2. CALVE more striking (hands down) in her jealous agony.

  3. Carvalho had already prepared the model of the scenery and the costumes for Cendrillon, when he learned that Emma Calve was in Paris and put on Sapho.

  4. The rehearsals with Emma Calve were a great honor for me and a great joy as well, which I was to renew later in the rehearsals for Sapho in Paris.

  5. I learned that the two who had taken my rooms were Emma Calve and one of her friends.

  6. I learned that her Majesty Queen Victoria summoned Emma Calve to Windsor to sing La Navarraise, and I was told that they improvised a stage setting in the queen's own drawing room, which was most picturesque but primitive.

  7. Emma Calve and Henri Cain who were waiting for us and talking together in the meantime.

  8. I asked if he had bled the cow, as she would calve immediately.

  9. Then to follow, CALVE in Calve-'lleria Rusticana admirably dramatic.

  10. But it is not always thus that he speaks, Joseph interposed, I have heard him myself say: it is as hard for a rich man to enter heaven as it would be for a cow to calve in a rook's nest.

  11. Sit down, Doctor, and take life easy--the cows will calve in the spring.

  12. As cowmen, there are two things that you want to remember--that it'll rain again, and that the cows will calve in the spring.

  13. The number of bergs which calve direct from a mountain glacier into the sea is probably not very great.

  14. But now we know that these bergs calve off from the Antarctic Barriers, the largest of which is known as the Great Ice Barrier, which forms the southern boundary of the Ross Sea.

  15. Fin whales calve and breed in winter, mostly in temperate waters.

  16. During winter, humpback whales migrate southward to the shallow borderlands of Bermuda, to the Bahamas, and to the West Indies to calve and mate.

  17. Preparations for the opera had been well under way for some time, Calve having been engaged for Amica.

  18. My mother decided that I must hear Calve sing "Carmen.

  19. There were tableaux and songs and recitations, all for charity, and then came the puppet show itself, in which I appeared as Calve in a "Carmen" costume.

  20. The assemblage was a brilliant one and Calve was at her best.

  21. It chanced to be Carmen, with Calve in the title role.

  22. The moment they get off the beaten path, they go to extremes like Calve and Farrar.

  23. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "calve" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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