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Example sentences for "desirableness"

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desio; desipere; desir; desirability; desirable; desire; desireable; desired; desirer; desires
  1. In judging of the desirableness of compelling the return of a first swarm, we must be guided by circumstances.

  2. He did so, taking as his principal theme the desirableness of having with the expedition a naturalist especially charged with researches in anthropology.

  3. And inasmuch as the pleasures are unalloyed by pains and the pains by pleasures, the examination of them may show us whether all pleasure is to be desired, or whether this entire desirableness is not rather the attribute of another class.

  4. Desirableness of the public institutions being open in the evening (cp.

  5. Has your attention been turned to the desirableness of uniting sculpture with painting under the same roof?

  6. This excellence and desirableness of God's gifts is a subject again and again set before us in Holy Scripture.

  7. Much has been said within a few years, by writers on the subject of education in this country, on the desirableness of raising the business of teaching to the rank of a learned profession.

  8. The whole subject then must be fairly considered, especially in such an Address as the present, in which the object is to set forth the desirableness and rightfulness of using the version in the public services of the Church.

  9. There are many instances of the desirableness and the necessity of the transmarine steam post on important lines of foreign communication where we have a large trade, and yet no postal means of conducting it.

  10. Our experiences of the benefits of existing lines, limited as those lines are, present an unanswerable argument for the desirableness and necessity of a liberal steam postal system, and a large and judicious extension of the present service.

  11. She deliberately demonstrated that she was desirable to other men, as he involuntarily demonstrated his own desirableness to the women.

  12. And she was aware of pride in herself, in her woman's desirableness that had won for her so wonderful a lover.

  13. As far as our records of the debates can be trusted, Lord Chatham, ten years before, had given the first hint of the desirableness of some alteration of the existing system.

  14. Thus he served Adam; he put the desirableness of sight, and a plain transgression of God's law together, that by the loveliness of the one, they might the easier be brought to do the other.

  15. The desirableness of our having a national observatory of the same rank as those of other countries was pointed out from time to time by eminent statesmen from the first quarter of the century.

  16. He began to suggest the desirableness of my learning to do something to make a living.

  17. I write about him the warmer my feelings become--the more strongly I feel the sterling worth of such a young man and the desirableness of your growing in love with him again.

  18. Her own mature opinion of the desirableness of such an early habit of composition is given in the following words of a niece:-- As I grew older, my aunt would talk to me more seriously of my reading and my amusements.

  19. The moral condition of man, his seeing no desirableness in the object presented to him by the Gospel, Mr. Erskine shews, at great length, to be the grand obstacle to his enjoying it.

  20. This has again most practically shown me the desirableness of having the Orphans, as soon as possible, removed to a house built on purpose for them and my heart says, "Lord, how long?

  21. She had joined in the Declaration of Independence reluctantly, and from an honourable feeling of the desirableness of united action among the states.

  22. Mr. Crawford suggested the greater desirableness of some carriage which might convey more than two.

  23. Marie Antoinette, though fully aware of the desirableness of having a single man of ability and firmness at the head of the administration, was for a moment surprised out of her habitual courtesy.

  24. At the very outset of the Revolution he had established a newspaper to which he gave the name of The People's Friend, and the staple topic of which was the desirableness of bloodshed and massacre.

  25. As your Wakefield Farmers' Club has many wealthy members in it, allow me to hint the desirableness of your undertaking this analysis, which, if properly performed, will be worth a thousand times more than its cost.

  26. In the spring of 1870 the desirableness of a fresh revision of the English Bible was advocated--by Dr.

  27. For when the soul turns carnal or formal in the discharge of duties, duties have not that spiritual lustre which they had, and the soul becometh the sooner wearied of them, as seeing no such desirableness in them, nor advantage by them.

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