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Example sentences for "baked"

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  1. At least they should stop making their appeal mainly to the uninstructed foreign-born and to the apostles of half-baked learning, and lay their case before the hard-headed laborer, the business and the professional man.

  2. It is, in fact, intended to appeal to the half-baked type of mind which has only begun to think and has never progressed beyond the point of a consequent mental indigestion that would account for its Socialist nightmare.

  3. I approached a house at the outskirts of the town, for the flavor of newly baked pies had been wafted toward me by the evening breeze and I decided that a pie, a fresh blackberry-pie, was just what would suit my case.

  4. It can either be made in a mush with milk or water, or baked into corn bread cakes.

  5. Another method employed for producing a polish is to rub the surface of the baked vessel with the mucilaginous juice of tuthi (Abutilon indicum), and then fire the vessel again.

  6. The vessels are dried in the shade for about eight days, after which they are baked for two days, when they are ready for sale.

  7. With the exception of the people who have been baked in the tropics.

  8. They heated up the water in the saucepan, and made tea—of a kind—and baked the potatoes in the embers of the fire.

  9. Mrs. Wheeler baked pies and cakes and bread loaves as fast as the oven would hold them, and from morning till night the range was stoked like the fire-box of a locomotive.

  10. They walked jerkily, breaking through the sun-baked crust into the soft soil beneath.

  11. It was painted red and yellow, and he baked very nice leaf-cookies.

  12. The grains and yeast will amply pay for the labour and fuel employed in the brewing; seeing that there will be pigs to eat the grains, and bread to be baked with the yeast.

  13. But I have hitherto taken a view of the matter the least possibly advantageous to the home-baked bread.

  14. Air: “Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.

  15. Along the base of the low hill ran a red road of baked clay, blood red, and beaten with nameless and innumerable feet.

  16. The baked beans and the hash were sizzling hot and looked delicious, and the coffee commanded instant attention.

  17. These were all sent to the bake-house to be baked at one penny each, so that the kitchen contained no oven.

  18. It was indeed a Superior Comestible (that's magic), and he put it on stove because he was allowed to cook on the stove, and he baked it and he baked it till it was all done brown and smelt most sentimental.

  19. Us picked out de nuts wid horse-shoe nails an' baked de taters in ashes.

  20. Josiah, who wanted some lamb chops, baked potatoes and coffee, wuz mad as a hen.

  21. Harmony of soul is delightful, and perfect congeniality is sweet, and so is good yeast emtin' bread if it is made right, kneaded three times, riz in a cool place and baked to a turn.

  22. Philury had good tender lamb chops and baked potatoes and light muffins and a fragrant cup of coffee, and Josiah recovered his usual flow of sperits before we got half through.

  23. They consisted of baked pig and yams served on banana leaves, and soup in cocoa-nut shells.

  24. He found no quadrupeds among them, besides hogs and dogs, nor any earthen vessel, so that all their food is either baked or roasted.

  25. She swept the hearth clean and baked and brewed and spun and sewed.

  26. Sometimes the bread was baked in pans, sometimes it was baked in a great mass set on cabbage leaves or oak leaves.

  27. Beans were abundant, and were baked by the Indians in earthen pots just as we bake them to-day.

  28. Milk and hasty pudding, milk and stewed pumpkin, milk and baked apples, milk and berries, were variations.

  29. The cereal foods, which formed so large a part of English fare in the New World, were more frequently boiled in porridge than baked in loaves.

  30. Katherine Style, who baked the prison bread, brought out in answer a large tray, on which three loaves of bread were cut in thick slices, with a piece of cheese and a bunch of radishes laid on each.

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