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Example sentences for "baker"

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  1. He stopped on the way to Baker Street to make sure.

  2. Atlas omnibus in Baker Street, he espied a placard with “Collapse of Middlesex” in appalling capitals.

  3. We want no gold in the form of dust or crystal; but we seek for it coined because in that form it will pay baker and butcher.

  4. If a schoolboy goes out in the morning with five shillings in his pocket, and comes home at night penniless, having spent his all in tarts; principal and interest are gone, and fruiterer and baker are enriched.

  5. This patient only received some little relief when the whole of his chest was pummelled or kneaded by a strong man, as a baker kneads dough.

  6. The three gallons of water were divided among man and beast, and then Baker started back to Coyote Holes to get the two pieces of scantling with which to mend our broken wagon.

  7. Baker spent five weeks in a hospital after reaching civilization, and we all were unfitted for hard work for a long time.

  8. While he was gone the young Easterner and myself threw the freight from the wagon to make ready for the work of trussing up the rig when Baker returned with the scantlings.

  9. Before we had covered half the distance to Garlic Springs Baker went mad.

  10. I had with me two companions, one Samuel Baker and a young man from the East.

  11. The operator kneeling grasps the upper millstone with both hands and works it backwards and forwards in the hollow of the lower millstone, in the same way that a baker works his dough.

  12. Many a highly civilized baker has kept his accounts by making notches in sticks and so has many a modern dairyman, as he has delivered milk from door to door.

  13. All honor to that God-loving, God-fearing woman, Mary Baker G.

  14. Science and Health With Key to The Scriptures by MARY BAKER EDDY YE shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

  15. The head was only skinned, put in the baker and roasted whole for about six hours, the great advantage of the baker being that the heat can be regulated by the distance it is kept from the fire.

  16. One pair of Hudson Bay blankets made into a sleeping bag, a pillow, the usual cooking tins in nests, and the folding baker completed my outfit.

  17. In 1852 the local baker was driving a good business in good bread.

  18. In 1838 there was not a baker within ten miles.

  19. But the flame flickers once more in the huge oven, the baker scrapes incessantly with his shovel, the water simmers in the kettle, and the flicker of the fire on the wall dances as before in silent mockery.

  20. Our baker asked him politely to shut the door.

  21. The soldier was offended, he went up to our baker and roared: "No, tell me do-who?

  22. Our baker did not answer, working rapidly away with the shovel at the oven; flinging into it the half-cooked kringels, taking out those that were done, and noisily throwing them on the floor to the boys who were stringing them on bast.

  23. And one day we learned that their chief baker had been drunk, the master had sacked him and had already taken on another, and that this other was a soldier, wore a satin waistcoat and a watch and gold chain.

  24. The baker took from his oven a shovel of the best and the brownest kringels, and threw them deftly into Tanya's apron.

  25. The baker took his shovel and said, calmly turning away toward the oven: "Well, that settles it!

  26. Adams being so well qualified to detect it from his observations in Madeira, and Mr. Baker from his expertness in microscopical researches.

  27. His figures, however, which are copied by Baker in his work on the microscope, are far from accurate[128].

  28. Mount Baker was a lovely sight, just like one solid piece of ice.

  29. The same peculiarity was noticed here that Baker mentions of the natives of Fatiko--the women go naked, while the men are partly covered with skins.

  30. He was at last on the lake that Baker hoped to reach with his steam vessels, and here he expected to meet Gordon, his successor, but he evidently had not yet arrived, for the natives told him that no boats had been seen on the water.

  31. It seems impossible that Baker and Stanley should reach through the same tribe two large and entirely separate lakes.

  32. Baker hoped to launch steamers upon it, but he failed even to reach it, though he saw its waters, twenty miles distant.

  33. Again, Baker says that Abba Rega fled to the Albert Nyanza, and yet Stanley found him on Lake Muta Nzienge.

  34. Ascending an eminence, he discovered that this whole portion of the river was a lake, large tracts of which were covered with papyrus, or that vegetation which we have seen Baker had to contend with in ascending the Nile.

  35. This lake was the source of the White Nile, up which Baker was forcing his way, the very year Stanley started on his expedition.

  36. I hear Baker is about starting for Upper Egypt.

  37. On the 5th of January they entered Abba Rega's territory, whom, two years before, Baker had driven from his throne, and who naturally felt peculiarly hostile to all white men.

  38. We have seen how suddenly Mr. Stanley was called from Spain, to take charge of an expedition in search of Livingstone, how he was sent to see Baker who was about to enter Africa from the north, and how he was first sent east.

  39. Illustration] The Gingerbread Man The baker awoke at three o'clock, and soon afterward came downstairs yawning and rubbing his eyes in his accustomed manner.

  40. So he tended the oven with nervous care, and finally, at exactly the right moment, the baker threw open the oven door and drew out the sheet of iron upon which the great and grand gingerbread man rested.

  41. The baker had made two little coat tails at the back of his waist, and as John felt for them he found that the thieving macaw had eaten both of these coat tails entirely off, while he had sat upon the log thinking.

  42. Between the lips of the man our baker pressed two rows of small white candies, and it was wonderful to remark the pleasant smile that now lent its charm to the face.

  43. Then the baker came back to his gingerbread man, which he first placed gently upon a great iron slab, and then slid it all into the open door of a perfectly heated oven.

  44. With a sigh of satisfaction in the result of his work, the baker at last declared his gingerbread man ready for the oven.

  45. Somehow, the work progressed very swiftly this morning, and after a time the baker found he had a good hour to spare before the ovens would be ready.

  46. The baker had made him light and the Elixir had made him strong and vigorous.

  47. But, after all, it was upon the face that the baker exercised his best skill.

  48. The buttons on the man's coat were white lozenges, and to represent shoes the baker mixed his dough with licorice, until the shoes seemed as black and shiny as if freshly polished.

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