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Example sentences for "fishwife"

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  1. The costume of the fishwife is the same now as then--the short skirt, the turned-up sleeves, the pad for resting the creel.

  2. Let me mention here a controversy between a fishwife and a buyer called Thomson.

  3. And thus did the fishwife retaliate on her niggardly customer.

  4. The fishwife died among her fish, and Culpepper with his sword fell upon all that were near him in the market, till, his heel slipping upon a haddock, he fell, and was fallen upon by a great many men.

  5. The fishwife again and again urged her brother to hasten his work, so eager was she to reach the wreck.

  6. As the fishwife and her brother looked up, they saw two human beings still clinging to the remaining fragments of the ship; one was waving his hand as if to urge them to greater speed.

  7. As she spoke, the fishwife stretched forth her neck more eagerly over the ocean, and again and again she offered up a prayer for the safety of those on board the ship which struggled below her.

  8. On the boat came; now a vast sea threatened her with instant destruction, but the fishwife and her brother, rowing till the stout oars bent with their exertions, urged on their boat and escaped the danger.

  9. You have come to honour an old fishwife with a visit, ladies," she said; "you are welcome.

  10. You will not have the old fishwife as your mother; if I thought so, I would gladly take myself away where you would never see or hear of me more.

  11. The boy was placed at the helm, and the fishwife and her brother took the oars.

  12. In many ways the Koli fishwife is as fine and independent as her sister of Newhaven in Scotland.

  13. The other day, a bonnie fishwife was standing on the pavement with her creel on her back.

  14. So the fishwife brought salmon, the milkwife brought milk, the butcher brought steak, and the grocer whiskey galore; Tibbie with her best new mutch did the cooking, and they all sat down to eat and to drink and be merry.

  15. In another Moment, except Help come, the Fishwife will be no more.

  16. I could give you a drink of milk," the old fishwife went on.

  17. It was bad enough to have him touch Amy, and bad enough for the old fishwife to clasp Betty in her horrid arms, but Betty thought she surely would die if that man approached her.

  18. Leaning on a stick, an aged fishwife who had drawn near and overheard part of the dialogue between the thrifty rogue and the girl, now shook her withered head.

  19. I'll let you see his gills, and if ye are a reicht fishwife ye'll smell bluid.

  20. The young fishwife inquired if there were any more griefs.

  21. Suddenly a clamor was heard on the shore, and soon after a fishwife made her appearance, with rather a singular burden.

  22. But when I got to the other end of the bridge there was no other fishwife to be seen.

  23. A cobbler made a fourth, then two apprentices from a cloth-merchant attached themselves, then a fishwife and a tow-headed newsboy.

  24. With the aid of a fishwife she pulled away the corpse, discovering the shaken, limp form of the mountebank Cramoisin.

  25. The fishwife and the cobbler joined them; even the woman who had already started to retreat acceded to the common curiosity and returned, protesting: "It's too horrible!

  26. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fishwife" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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