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Example sentences for "hag"

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  1. She was impatient to continue her journey, yet she feared she could not safely adventure to do so while the old hag and her assistants were in the neighbourhood, without risking a repetition of their violence.

  2. A hag dwells in a wood called Janvid, the Iron Wood, the mother of many gigantic sons shaped like wolves; there is one of a race more fearful than all, named 'Managarm.

  3. When wilt thou be as wise as the hag thou despisest?

  4. One such night as the hag ye despise enjoys as her sport and her glee, would freeze your veins, and sear the life in your eyeballs, and leave your corpses to terror and wonder, like the carcase that lies at your feet!

  5. It would not surprise me, if from beneath our ship some hag arose.

  6. As the messengers were returning with the conviction that their mission had been quite successful, they found an old hag named Thaukt sitting in a cavern, and begged her to weep Baldur out of Hel.

  7. It was strongly suspected that this hag was no other than Loki himself who never ceased to work evil among the Æsir.

  8. The hag then throws her mantle over the guests, and they become four withered drooping-headed old men; on the mantle being removed they resume their first shape.

  9. A grey giant greets them; within are a hag with three heads on her thin neck, and a headless man with one eye protruding from his breast.

  10. The western world a blow must deal To let them know, and make them feel That much too long a plundering hag Has mortified all Europe's flag.

  11. The hag of superstition came, And seized your place, the world to ensnare, A bitter harvest doom'd to bear!

  12. When the old hag died outright, the Amadan rubbed some of the iocshlainte to his wounds with the feather, and at once he was as hale and as fresh as when the fight began.

  13. And the old hag said to him: "It was Destiny.

  14. Thereupon the old hag fell to daily visiting Ni'amah's house and frequented his slave-wife, Naomi.

  15. She traveled away and away before her, far farther than I could tell you, and twice as far as you could tell me, until she came into a strange country, and going up to a little house, she found an old Hag living in it.

  16. At that the old hag flew in such a rage that she burst on the spot, and the Princess with the long nose after her; and then the whole pack of trolls did the same.

  17. Then the old hag said again: "Come on with me to my third sister.

  18. She traveled away and away on before her, far farther than I could tell you, and twice as far as you could tell me, until she came into a strange country, and going up to a little house, she found an old Hag living in it.

  19. But he was not long dead, when an old Hag came begging to the house one day and stole the long leather bag filled with gold and silver, and went away out of the country with it, no one knew where.

  20. The hag beckoned the rector to follow her; and he found himself in a tolerably large room, decently furnished, and with an excellent fire burning in the grate.

  21. The hag contemplated her for some time in silence, and then exclaimed, "Your appearance has improved; you have a tinge of the carnation upon your cheeks; and your eyes have recovered their brightness.

  22. Thus saying, the old hag turned abruptly into her own den, the door of which she banged violently.

  23. And the old hag shook her head seriously, as if she had arrived at some great moral conclusion.

  24. Even after the door had opened and the visitor had entered the room, the old hag proceeded with her work for a few moments.

  25. The hag chuckled:--the sound was between a hollow laugh and a death-rattle; and it seemed horrible to the ears of Reginald Tracy.

  26. So she agreed to accompany the old hag to the house of the statuary in Leather Lane, Holborn.

  27. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon, when the young lady entered the apartment in which the old hag dwelt.

  28. As soon as the young lady had left that den, the old hag proceeded to serve up her stew, muttering to herself all the while, "One of my stray sheep come back to me again!

  29. Ellen thus lost her employment once more; and again did she repair to the den of the old hag who had recommended her to the statuary and the artist.

  30. He now began to think that the entire proceeding was somewhat extraordinary; and the singular manner in which the old hag had left him, inspired him with a feeling not entirely free from alarm.

  31. So then the old hag had likewise changed his person; and hence it was his mother did not know him, and people called him an ill-favoured dwarf.

  32. For sixteen years she had been sitting daily in the market, yet she had never observed this strange figure, and therefore involuntarily shuddered when she saw the old hag hobbling towards her and stopping before her baskets.

  33. Not yet; the one-eyed hag does not know whether you are a thief or not?

  34. The one-eyed hag and the little cripple went up the slippery steps.

  35. The hag hints, that the chastity of the Sabine women was only the result of their want of good breeding.

  36. Inasmuch as the crow pecked at her breast with her sharp beak; an old hag of a procuress [566] will tempt the affections of thy mistress.

  37. No enchanted herbs of a rival [215] have done you this injury; no treacherous hag has been washing you with Itæmonian water.

  38. Why, it was merrily done; when the old hag set her serpent at me, and Hecate stood by laughing from ear to ear--what could I do?

  39. She is in her dotage,' whispered Glaucus: as he said this, he caught the eye of the hag fixed upon him with a malignant and vivid glare.

  40. If the most hideous hag beneath the sun bestowed it, such is its asserted virtue that Glaucus would deem her beautiful, and none but her!

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