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Example sentences for "crone"

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  1. The old crone at the fireside, who had been leaning forward with a hand cupped at her ear, caught the significance of the gesture and solemnly imitated them.

  2. A girl and a woman sat by the table knitting, and an old crone sat in a large chair by the fireplace, in which some embers still glowed.

  3. For us, let us secure a quiet life, and some old crone to spit on us for luck, and so keep all unlovely things away.

  4. Was there a wizard to whom I did not seek, or a crone to whose house I did not resort, of them that have art magical?

  5. One of the brothers in the bazaar had himself talked with an old crone whose sister's child was employed in the general's kitchen, and the fourth-hand story had lost nothing on the route.

  6. There were three other rooms, but I left them vacant, except one which was given over to the old crone who kept house for me.

  7. So Tsuna let her in and carefully locking the door behind her, helped the old crone into the room, where she sat down on the mats in front of the box and very close to it.

  8. One day while the man was out on the mountain cutting brush, his old crone took her shallow tub and clothes down to the brook to wash.

  9. After tea, Rose narrated to Mrs. Bond the visit of the old crone to her attic, and expressed her firm belief that she was Dolly's mother.

  10. She had rashly dared fate to cheat her out of this long-anticipated greeting, and the grim, grinning crone had accepted the challenge, and now triumphantly snapped her withered fingers in the face of the vanquished.

  11. Moreover, how do I know that Destiny is indeed the hideous, vindictive crone that luckless wretches have painted her, instead of an amiable, good soul, who is quite as willing to scatter blessings as curses?

  12. No one answers; the very moanings of the old crone in the chimney-corner are hushed as the clear young voice rings through the house, and then stops abruptly, as though its owner is overcome with emotion.

  13. An old crone is sitting over a turf fire that glows and burns dimly in its subdued fashion.

  14. This good old crone was troubled so with wind, Her coats did dance to th' music of her belly.

  15. As for the black cat, nobody ever saw him again, but it was whispered that he was really a Prince whom the wicked old crone had captured years before, and given the shape of a cat by enchantment.

  16. Then the nutshell turned into a little boat, into which the old crone pulled herself, and, paddling with her broom, made shift to cross the river.

  17. Who was that horrid crone I saw shouldering herself through the crowd that collected around the gate yesterday?

  18. He had leaned forward to watch the girl's retreating form, but, finding his view intercepted by the wrinkled profile of an old crone who had leaned forward too, had drawn impatiently back.

  19. But the deaf old crone had read the words from her lips, and while gazing intently at the wine, went on impatiently: "If the picture would only grow more distinct!

  20. The freedman began to relate what brought him to the Owl's Nest, and the gray-haired crone listened eagerly until he said that Ledscha lived unhappily with her husband, and therefore had left him.

  21. As a man went to draw water from the stream, close by, an ancient crone stepped out of the bush, and the man dropped his water-pot and seized her.

  22. The crone called it "Taba;" in Ibwiri it was called Tabo.

  23. A lamp burned on the table in Aage's chamber, and an aged, withered crone sat by his bed, muttering constantly to herself with toothless gums and shaking head.

  24. The dark vaulted chamber in his imagination was a subterranean prophet's cave, and the old mumbling crone a dead prophetess, on whose tongue Runic letters had been laid to cause her to prophesy.

  25. A window on the playground was raised with a sharp snap, and the head-mistress appeared, shouting alternately at the children and the parents; but she was neither heard nor understood, and a Polish crone shook an answering fist.

  26. All of that, mother," returned Brian, wondering if the old crone was out of her senses.

  27. The latter drew rein, seeing that the creature under the pine-boughs was some old crone whose grief seemed more bitter still than his own.

  28. That do I,” muttered the crone between her teeth, as she made her salam and left the room.

  29. Follow your conductor,” whispered the crone to Hassan; “my task is done.

  30. I will be there,” answered Hassan; and the crone left him to make report of her success to her employer.

  31. The old crone in the corner was just where we had left her; I don't suppose she had moved since.

  32. The old crone was a favoured person; a bone was occasionally thrown to her by the host while we dined, which she seized in her skeleton hands, and sucked greedily with her toothless chaps.

  33. An old crone with bent back and a huge stick in her hand went from one to another of the miners gesticulating and talking.

  34. Among them stood the old crone who had walked beside the horses and shouted at the soldiers.

  35. As the angry Duke rides away to the hunt, he meets an old gypsy, and, to punish the Duchess, instructs this old crone to give his wife a fright, promising her money for the service.

  36. The old gypsy crone sidles up to the Duke as he is riding off to the hunt.

  37. The old crone came in, lighted her pipe, and took away Tuesday!

  38. Mollie, as they lost sight of the old crone around the rushes and dunes.

  39. A scream came to her lips, but it was choked off by the sudden forward rush of the old crone who roughly placed her withered hand over Betty's mouth.

  40. Then, in an instant the old crone slipped out, and the door was locked again, leaving Betty and Amy alone in the cabin.

  41. She was strong and wiry, but the old crone was more than a match for the Little Captain.

  42. She managed to pull from her mouth the horrible, fishy-smelling hand of the old woman, and then Betty screamed as she endeavored to loosen the grip the old crone had on her arms.

  43. But it was not the wind, for, a moment later, the wrinkled face of the aged crone of the fisherman's cabin peered at the girls from over the rushes that grew in the sand hill.

  44. Explanations made, men from the revenue vessel boarded the sailing craft and made her captain and crew prisoners, the old crone being among those captured.

  45. The men will have to attend to that," the crone said.

  46. What object had the old fisherman and, too, why had the old crone been so eager to get them to her hut?

  47. The huntsman had a sweetheart at the castle named Jacynth, who conducted the crone to the lady's chamber while he waited without.

  48. The outpouring of the old woman's sympathy on this friendless girl sufficed to transfigure the crone till she became to the huntsman a young and a beautiful queen herself.

  49. The old crone who is sent by the Duke to frighten the Duchess, and who rescues her from her unhappy life.

  50. The time came for the old crone to die, so she summoned her daughter and gave her these instructions: "Mind, daughter!

  51. The crone presented it to the king, who ordered it to be made into shirts.

  52. The pope got under weigh with all his retinue, and buried the old crone in proper style.

  53. The old crone recognized no treachery in her heart.

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