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Example sentences for "fright"

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friezes; frigat; frigate; frigates; frigging; frighted; frighten; frightened; frightening; frightens
  1. Now the blaze of the beauteous discipline, fright away this evill from our house!

  2. His apprehension had now turned to actual fright which bordered close on panic, and he heard the boy's voice as though it came from a great distance.

  3. Her voice broke, husky with fright and pity.

  4. For ten minutes I experienced such horrible fright that ever since then a sort of constant terror has remained with me.

  5. After the first surprise and fright were over they laughed at him again.

  6. However, it is said that some of them were caught in former times, but that they died of fright in a few hours.

  7. He remained there until next day, in the fright that one can imagine, but hoping in God our Lord that He would continue his rescue by conveying him to a place of safety.

  8. The flowers here were more abundant and sweeter with honey, and the bees soon forgot their fright of the toad they had not seen--and that Beffa had not, either.

  9. Nuova, disheveled and still trembling from the fright caused by the attack of the bees on her, crept down to the floor at the side of the hive just under the wax-makers, who had paid no attention to all the hubbub.

  10. He was the first man that brought ships to contemn castles on shore, which had ever been thought very formidable, but were discovered by him to make a noise only, and to fright those who could rarely be hurt by them.

  11. Before Nekhludoff had time to answer, an expression of fright and joy appeared on her face.

  12. With a yell of fright he caught at a branch, pulled himself out, and staggered back.

  13. In accordance with the rules of the road, Matt slowed down to make sure the horse did not take fright at the automobile.

  14. In a fright at the look of exhaustion on his white face, Mrs. Vance darted from the room, soon returning with a glass of cordial.

  15. If she be dead, it is sheer fright that has killed her," said she.

  16. At the houses to which he has been carried, you have taken care not to show him a woman that is not a fright or in the nursery; and I think the boy is too proud to fall in love with a dairymaid, Will.

  17. At the same time jealous of and in love with his wife, who cannot subdue the disgust and fright which he excited in her on their nuptials,--what a lot is his!

  18. In spite of her fatigue and fright the girl laughed brightly as Eric's feet touched bottom and he stood up.

  19. I was willing, however, previously to know whether my little children chose to lie in a place which seemed to fright them upon entrance.

  20. Speak, Mr. Honeywood; is there anything more foolish than my husband's fright upon this occasion?

  21. Finally the white lids fluttered open for a second and gave him a glimpse of great dark eyes in which was still mirrored the horror and fright of the night.

  22. I feel as if I should die with fright if I have to hear them again.

  23. A fortnight ago I had a great fright respecting Miss Martineau, which still continues.

  24. It is said that Shelley, the first time he heard the poem of 'Christabel' recited, at a certain magnificent and terrible passage, took fright and suddenly fainted.

  25. The salmon at first did not attempt to repeat its earlier mad rushes, but in fright began to circle the pool, scattering all the other fish into a series of silver splashes as they spread this way and that.

  26. Dolly and May were very sorry for him, and their mother did not scold him as she meant to do, because, she said, "the fright had been punishment enough.

  27. Faces bright make sunlight All the merry day; Frowns they fright out of sight-- So we'll laugh and play.

  28. His Majesty about that time labouring to effect his constant promises of Indulgence to his people, the Author therefore walking with his own shadow in the evening, took a great fright lest all were agoe.

  29. Besides the force it has to fright The spirits of the shady night, The same arts that did gain A power, must it maintain.

  30. My head burns; fright and wet feet must have brought on an attack of fever.

  31. Yesterday's fright is still telling upon my nerves, but my self-control and firm will stand me in stead.

  32. Flora uttered a low cry--whether from fright or vexation was doubtful--as the tall white figure appeared upon the threshold and in a low voice begged for quiet for her sleeping sister.

  33. I enjoyed my dinner amazingly, the fright I had been in having, perhaps, stimulated my appetite.

  34. Towards him rushes the greater part of the garrison, their first fright trebled.

  35. Imbono's men had gained the bank, but the chief himself, overcome more by his fright than his exertions, seemed unable to swim any farther.

  36. The girls believed that this emotion was called forth by the idea of parting with them; they did not know that it was in reality a mixture of fright and horror as to how he was to make that terrible announcement to Miss Brown.

  37. The relief was so great to hear her father come upstairs, and to know that he was safe in his room, that her previous fright seemed folly.

  38. I know this fright and this pain, I know that the satisfaction of walking on solid ground must be purchased at this cost, and therefore I am not deterred by a pity that would be false from discussing with you.

  39. Poor woman, what a fright she had the other night!

  40. Trembling with fright she drew a questioning hieroglyphic in the air with her finger.

  41. She must have had rather a time of it, I fancy--what with the fright about you and all.

  42. It was not part of Jack's plan to apprise Muller of the identity of Mr. Johnson.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fright" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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