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Example sentences for "funk"

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fungus; funguses; funicle; funicular; funiculus; funked; funking; funky; funnel; funneled
  1. To William Jennings Bryan and his publishers, Funk and Wagnalls Company, New York and London, for extracts from his address on "The Patriotism of Peace.

  2. It is given here by special permission of Mr. Bryan and his publishers--Funk and Wagnalls Company, New York and London.

  3. She was further off then, and I saw her speaking to the woman just in front of her, who looked round; I thought she had told, and in a funk left the hay-field.

  4. The girl was not at work in the fields, and my funk returned.

  5. I did, but in a funk for I saw on one of her stockings unmistakeable stains of spunk mixed with poorliness.

  6. Funk was on their faces, they seemed to struggle who should get inside the door first.

  7. This marked my need for a woman, I did not know what the exudation was, it made me in a funk at first.

  8. I wouldn't funk it if he asked me to go anywhere with him.

  9. You can guess I was in an awful funk when I found myself alone on the beastly old carpet, and I couldn't manage it at all.

  10. He was shaking with funk and could scarcely undo the buttons, so I played valet and helped him.

  11. They funk a family scandal even more than other folks, and they funk it most when they have episcopal aspirations like my precious brother.

  12. I have known him since we were boys together; I have never known him to shirk or to funk a difficult point.

  13. Look here, Weldon, you've no business to funk in this fashion.

  14. I own I rather funk Wastwater all alone at this time of year.

  15. Of course he was in a funk then; he knew he had put you into it.

  16. I'm in an awful funk at this very moment.

  17. I am no hand at a description of a charge, but it really was wonderful to watch those fellows; the sight of them sent every vestige of funk from me, and the men could hardly wait for their turn to come.

  18. There ain't no funk in me, but there was a look about mother this morning that I couldn't a-bear.

  19. Thanks are due to the Funk & Wagnalls Company for permission to cite freely from the “Standard Dictionary of the English Language” in the following pages.

  20. Sportsmen don't funk when it's a question of flying.

  21. And to think I'm here, and so easily, when Carl was in a funk all the while that I'd miss 'em!

  22. Hilda was in a pea-blue funk when it came to the moment and kept pulling at her left glove until she tore the button off.

  23. It must be said, in justice to Schomberg, that he concealed his funk very creditably.

  24. But as the funk which he experienced was merely a general sensation, he managed to put on his most severe Officer-of-the-Reserve manner, long before they had closed with him.

  25. He is also literary editor of Funk and Wagnalls Company, Publishers.

  26. I will not," said he; but I saw the blue funk rising in him.

  27. To say I was in a funk is not to tell the truth; funk does not fully describe my feelings.

  28. Those were the days when Bully Hayes, in his lovely brigantine, Leonora, swept the seas and established a funk in everyone not too strong or too poor to fear him.

  29. I knew what funk was; I had been in a funk before, plenty of times.

  30. Why now should I let these childish qualms assail me and funk shadows?

  31. Its usage is shown by the Funk & Wagnalls Company Style Card; New York, 1914.

  32. With his brother Joseph and his sisters, Mrs. Sarah Funk and Mrs. Emma Craig, he lived for years in the evening of his days on First street in Walla Walla.

  33. I suppose it's necessary for you to be in a funk of something," said Mr Soames Pryce.

  34. And although there's no need to get into blue funk about it, like Bassett, it may very easily be the last step too.

  35. I've a Malay crease in my room which fills most people with terror, though personally I should funk a woorali dart more than anything.

  36. It cost us over two lakhs, and I was in an awful funk about it, thinking we must be too late.

  37. Yes; Sergeant Funk wasn't in our outfit too long to know Oswald.

  38. Just a few people that didn't like him or he didn't like them, or he thought to be--he thought Funk to be too stupid to give him any kind of order.

  39. But it happened when Funk stepped out, Oswald the first one he seen.

  40. So it just happens, when Funk came out Oswald was the only one doing it.

  41. Did Oswald complain about Funk after that?

  42. All my people were in a funk that I'd be the worse for this ducking and continued in fear and trembling lest I should catch a chill.

  43. But that vixen Feng brags away the whole day long, as if she were a human being as valiant as any tyrant, and yet yesterday she got into such a funk that she presented a woeful sight!

  44. If you funk the exertion, go at once and let our venerable senior know, and she'll depute some one else and have done.

  45. Funk & Wagnall's informs me that "the diamond-back salt-water terrapin .

  46. Funk & Wagnalls, whose valuable volumes should forthwith be placed upon the State's index expurgatorius.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "funk" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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