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Example sentences for "funguses"

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fungicide; fungicides; fungoid; fungous; fungus; funicle; funicular; funiculus; funk; funked
  1. There is no reason why we should eschew frogs and relish turtle; still less is there for our eating one or two of the numerous edible funguses which our island produces, and condemning all the rest.

  2. Were this law in force amongst the Abipones, fewer of them would profess themselves followers of Galen; they would shun the dangerous profession of medicine, and physicians would cease to grow like funguses in a night.

  3. The fact of its appearance at this early season, and growing so freely in rings, when so very few other funguses are to be found, is almost enough to distinguish it.

  4. As edible funguses they should certainly be kept distinct.

  5. Neither of these funguses should be gathered after rain, as they are then insipid and soon spoil.

  6. Here and there, through last year's brown leaves, grow tall grasses; funguses stand apart under their wide-brimmed hats.

  7. I know some circles of many yards diameter of this kind near Foremark in Derbyshire which annually produce large white funguses and stronger grass, and have done so, I am informed, above thirty years.

  8. This earth after having been so calcined becomes a richer soil, and either funguses or a bluer grass for many years mark the place.

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