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Example sentences for "fungicides"

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funereal; funeris; fungal; fungi; fungicide; fungoid; fungous; fungus; funguses; funicle
  1. Csapodi (1894) put forward the earlier results of Gosio and noted that the so-called arsenical fungicides do not only fail to kill the mould fungi but actually favour their development.

  2. Effect of fungicides upon the assimilation of carbon dioxide by green leaves.

  3. The fungicides usually contain copper or sulfur, or both.

  4. Since the advent of the practice of spraying with fungicides to prevent mildew, the culture of the Gooseberry has increased.

  5. It is therefore very important that Spraying with fungicides be done very early in order to prevent the fungus from getting a hold.

  6. When the fungus once gets inside the plant tissue, it is very difficult to destroy it, inasmuch as fungicides act on these deep-seated fungi very largely by preventing their fruiting and their further spread on the surface of the leaf.

  7. The use of fungicides will do much to lessen the injury from this disease.

  8. Since the advent of the practice of spraying with fungicides to prevent mildew, the culture of the gooseberry has increased.

  9. Therein lies the difficulty of applying insecticides and fungicides together.

  10. Fungicides are mixtures of chemical compounds made up for the purpose of controlling plant diseases caused by a class of plant weeds known as fungi.

  11. Insecticides should usually be applied with force in a comparatively coarse driving spray, but fungicides should be applied in a fine mist or fog so that they will settle on every part of the tree.

  12. Again, the mycelia of fungi are much more easily killed by toxic agents used as fungicides than are the spores of the same fungi.

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