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  1. By cultivating the various moulds on the surface of damp bread in a current of air we have obtained an abundance of ammonia, derived from the decomposition of the albuminoids effected by the fungoid life.

  2. Jules Raulin has published a well-known and remarkable work on the discovery of the mineral medium best adapted by its composition to the life of certain fungoid growth; he has given a formula for the composition of such a medium.

  3. Bechamp, who from 1855 had made no observation on the action of fungoid growths on sugar, although he had remarked their presence, modified his former conclusions.

  4. When the production of fungoid growths is prevented by means of an antiseptic, the inversion of sugar does not take place.

  5. In this manner we may increase or prolong the fructification of fungoid growths, or the life of the aerobian ferments in our flasks.

  6. Under these conditions the fermentation of sugar is extremely languid: the ratio obtained is very nearly the same that ordinary fungoid growths would give.

  7. Has a most decided nitrous odor and also fungoid flavor.

  8. Yields a good fungoid flavor to the water in which it is boiled.

  9. To make two quarts of a distinctly fungoid soup take one quart of any edible toadstools, carefully cleaned.

  10. The plant when fresh has the peculiar fungoid flavor suggestive of that of chestnut blossoms.

  11. Gretna, I found, growing from the ground gregariously, a singular fungoid growth from 2–5 in.

  12. Of all fungoid growth this is the most showy.

  13. This commensal life may be compared with that of the lichens, in which an organism with vegetable metastasis (the Algoid gonidia) and an organism with animal metastasis (the Fungoid hyphae) are intimately united for mutual benefit.

  14. The sides of the wound become covered with granulation tissue which may fill the wound and sometimes overlap the lips, forming a fungoid growth called proud flesh.

  15. The surface of the resulting ulcers or abscess cavities soon fills up with exuberant granulations which protrude beyond the surface of the skin, giving it a fungoid appearance.

  16. A fungoid ulcer is one in which the bottom of the ulcer projects beyond the edge of the skin.

  17. It were needless to multiply instances of other endemic and epidemic diseases of vegetables; they are well known by practical observers to be very numerous, and I believe, in most instances, depending upon fungoid growths.

  18. When the caudal fin gets coated with a fungoid growth, I have at once cut it off by means of a pair of scissors, and it has usually grown again in a few weeks.

  19. It is less hardy than the Prussian carp, and a little subject to fungoid growths.

  20. Fungoid organisms may be killed by heat or by chemicals; or their development may be arrested by cold, removal of water, or by the presence of agents inhibiting their growth though not destroying their life.

  21. At or below the freezing-point of water fungoid organisms are incapable of growth and multiplication.

  22. The rectum becomes blocked with fungoid growths: both these and the cancer proper are very vascular, and frequent hemorrhages occur, and an offensive muco-purulent discharge constantly oozes from the bowel.

  23. Later, these may become fungoid and ulceration ensue.

  24. There was found a fungoid tumor the size of a hen's egg projecting into the cavity of the stomach near the pylorus.

  25. In Gotha the plant is valued for curing chronic skin diseases, particularly of a fungoid character, such as ringworm; also for diseases of cattle.

  26. Canker, on the other hand, is slowly progressive, and soon shows the characteristic fungoid excresences, which growths are in thrush never seen.

  27. Once the pressure is removed, however, this quickly comes about, and the characteristic fungoid growths rapidly make their appearance.

  28. There were some that had no appreciable scent beyond a vague fungoid flavour, more or less common to all.

  29. Is he warned of the contents of the subsoil by a general emanation, by that fungoid effluvium common to all the species?

  30. Now these points, where my eyes divined the cryptogam pushing back the soil with its button-like heads, these points, where the ordinary fungoid odour was certainly very pronounced, were never selected by the dog.

  31. I hit a huge fungoid bulk that burst all about me, scattering a mass of orange spores in every direction, and covering me with orange powder.

  32. At times the cleft narrowed so much that we could scarce squeeze up it; at others it expanded into great drusy cavities, studded with prickly crystals or thickly beset with dull, shining fungoid pimples.

  33. The light came from a tumultuous growth of livid fungoid shapes--some indeed singularly like our terrestrial mushrooms, but standing as high or higher than a man.

  34. It seemed impossible, when he remembered that only forty years had passed since Djamboula's suicide raid had finally defeated the fungoid creatures of the planet and since the survivors' vows to repay all Earthmen for their defeat.

  35. Beside him, a fungoid creature from Clovis was busy practicing silently on its speaking machine, but nobody else seeemed to notice.

  36. Later came difficulties; after successive dry summers the asparagus was attacked by a fungoid complaint, called by the growers "rust.

  37. On the whole the experiments of Maddox show that in his locality (near Southampton) it is incorrect to speak of the air being loaded with fungoid spores; they can be found, but are not very numerous.

  38. Hallet, with a singularly exultant look upon his face, ventured out of the airlock and moved across the fungoid world.

  39. He'd tumbled from the cliff-edge as fungoid soil gave way under him.

  40. By thousands and millions, myriads of them advanced across the fungoid soil.

  41. It was no more than a leech, the size of his palm, sharing in the enlargement nearly all the insect and fungoid world had undergone, but Burl did not know that.

  42. He stared in an agony of horror at something that had stepped from behind a misshapen fungoid object fifty yards from Burl, but less than ten yards from him.

  43. Other than fungoid growths, the solitary vegetables were the sports of unstable varieties of the plants left behind by the Ludred.

  44. There was an empty cricket-shell partly overwhelmed by the fungoid soil.

  45. A rare form of disease, heretofore looked upon as sarcomatous, but now generally recognized as granuloma, and formerly described under the names mycosis fungoides, inflammatory fungoid neoplasm, and several others.

  46. I looked down and saw a dozen of the giant crabs lumbering up out of the fungoid jungle from the direction of the great lake.

  47. Walking was still exquisitely painful to me as we slipped out through the arched door and into the fungoid forest beyond the three blue cylinders.

  48. The most prominent symptom was the appearance of a white fungoid growth in patches upon the exterior of the fish.

  49. The salmon placed therein were after a day or two attacked by a parasitic fungoid growth on the skin, and in a few days died.

  50. The processes of the pupa of Eueides suggest such fungoid growths, although I certainly cannot assert that to our eyes in broad daylight the resemblance is very striking.

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