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Example sentences for "coward"

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covey; coveys; covies; coving; cow; cowardice; cowardise; cowardize; cowardliness; cowardly
  1. I had no idea he would accept my challenge, but I stopped his pretense at bravery and showed him to be exactly the coward that he was.

  2. We, as American boys and girls, pledge ourselves never to play the coward nor to disgrace our country.

  3. I 'd be a darned coward about leaving my Popsey.

  4. But big and strong and smart as he is, he is a coward because he is a sneak, and all sneaks are cowards.

  5. Then he said softly: "I'm little and timid, but I'd rather be that way than to be big like Puma but a coward and a sneak.

  6. And there's one Sarlaboys to, as arrant a blood-sucker and as notable a coward as ever drew weapon in a bawdy house, he carryes my marke about him.

  7. Thou art a coward and thou dar'st not fight.

  8. I was always a coward in a carriage, if I was n't on the box and the reins in my hands; and the same at sea.

  9. But you are right: I am a coward and a bungler, because I can create no life.

  10. You have been a coward in your own fight, and Garibaldi does not--nor does Italy--want a coward in his ranks.

  11. Fearless as he was before bright bayonets, he was an utter coward before bright ideas.

  12. Truly, thou art a fit tool for this coward Sheriff of Nottingham.

  13. Lion or no lion," quoth the valorous Cook, "come thou straight forth, else thou art a coward heart as well as a knavish thief.

  14. I would fain let him know who it was who won the golden arrow from out his hand, and also that I am no coward such as he takes me to be.

  15. But now some coward hand from behind threw a sharp jagged stone that smote the stranger on the crown, so that he staggered back, and the red blood gushed from the cut and ran down his face and over his jerkin.

  16. I trow thou drawest better bow than that same coward knave Robin Hood, that dared not show his face here this day.

  17. Though Conan was a coward and rarely adventured himself in battle with the Fianna, it is told that once a good man fell by his hand.

  18. I swear to God what the great tribes of Ulster swear: he is a coward who goes out of a fight alive having left his lord with his foes in death.

  19. It will not cook the food of a coward or one forsworn.

  20. And all men kill the thing they love, By all let this be heard, Some do it with a bitter look, Some with a flattering word: The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword.

  21. A brave man may save his life in situations where a coward would lose it and a fool would risk it.

  22. Gladys's face was crimson with shame when she told how she had tried to make Sahwah take her out in the sponson during rest hour, and had called her a coward because she refused.

  23. This Sahwah whom she had twitted as being a coward and a baby because she would not break her word, was made of the stuff that heroes are made of, and had probably given her brave life to save her worthless one.

  24. The reason is, perhaps, that the coward on the offensive is more afraid than the coward on the defensive, and thus a man usually cowardly is transformed for the moment into a man of courage.

  25. He listened attentively to the count, who told us we were going to our destruction, and like the coward that he was, he began to plan how to escape from the dangerous journey.

  26. The thought that the woman who had loved and trusted him, his young wife--his young wife of a few months only--had died believing him a coward and an ingrate was too bitter!

  27. It is possible that what you say is true and that you are not the coward I have thought you.

  28. The poor coward screamed as he heard the words, and, flinging himself on the ground, he embraced Barbaroux's knees in a paroxysm of terror.

  29. Shall I ever be a coward and a weakling, or am I still but young and cannot trust my arm to right me with the man who wrongs me first?

  30. Base deceiver of women, beautiful in appearance and favor, but coward at heart!

  31. And Achilles said, "I were a slave and a coward if I owned thee as my lord.

  32. Shouldst thou steal away like a very coward I would be bold to follow thee--aye even into battle itself--so fly not John.

  33. Will shuddered, and tried to keep all these coward fancies out of his mind; but they would come as he stood listening and holding the rope just tight enough to feel the action of his friend.

  34. I was too great a coward to tell you before.

  35. I didn't say you were a coward for beginning it," said Dick sharply.

  36. Then you are a greater coward than I thought.

  37. If I were a coward I would accept the offer of your associates and pay willingly to be placed beyond the possibility of arrest.

  38. You intend to escape by self-destruction, miserable coward that you are!

  39. Capture I knew meant death, and as I turned in struggling with my latest assailants, I saw my companion struck a coward blow by a scimitar from behind.

  40. Mukhtar, rushing forward, trembling, cringing coward that he was.

  41. Life is so short, one is a coward indeed to fret over it.

  42. The man was going to give his arm to a young lady, on which I said that he was a cook, and the man called me a coward and challenged me to fight.

  43. I've been thinking of the time, about five months ago, when you stood in my office and called me a coward and a few other nice things, and said you were going to put Foley out of business.

  44. It is only natural he should boast when he knows what a coward he has been.

  45. He was a coward and the thought of bloodshed filled him with a cold, deadly terror.

  46. As the doctor had said, they were suffering for lack of help, so Zaidos could not afford to let the coward run away.

  47. Jesus had a disciple named Peter, who, having much Christian faith, was a great coward and denied his leader in his hour of need.

  48. The coward fear of Jacob to meet his brother is well delineated.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "coward" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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