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Example sentences for "harridan"

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  1. But the old harridan never spoke to me after the grooming I gave her that morning at Natchett.

  2. However the old harridan put it, you were asked to give me up; and, after all, everything turns on our answer to that.

  3. She handled her cigarette with mannish airs; unless it were some old harridan in a collier's cottage, he had never seen a woman smoke before, and certainly he had never guessed it could become her so well.

  4. Somehow he must get this harridan out of the way at once!

  5. And she pointed to several sheets of paper, written upon in a hand which showed that the harridan had been no contemptible pen-woman in her younger days.

  6. The wrinkled old harridan then hobbled out of the court as quickly as her rheumatic limbs would carry her.

  7. Spargo felt a sense of disgust almost amounting to nausea, but he was going to hear what the old harridan had to say and he tried not to look what he felt.

  8. This was an evil-faced harridan who said to her with cool insolence: "I see you claim the power of the goddess now, my dear.

  9. Charles listened dully as the curse was droned, nor was he surprised when the harridan fell, blasted by it.

  10. The harridan made signs with her fingers, glaring at her; there was a moan from the watchers; some turned aside and a half-grown girl fainted dead away.

  11. I tell you," he added excitedly, "she is in danger, and I mean to rescue her from the clutches of that old harridan before another day is over.

  12. This flashed into the sudden frown of a young harridan as her eyes travelled on to Valentine.

  13. Any one hearing her then must have put her down as utterly unredeemed and irredeemable, a harridan to bandy foul language with a cabman, or to outvie a street-urchin bumped against by a rival in the newspaper trade.

  14. And dye wouldn't stick on; so I've hired a harridan on two rupees a month to look after it under my own eye.

  15. However, since that old harridan has sent you back, you must manage in the best way you can," concluded Captain Paget with a discontented sigh.

  16. He cursed like a trooper under his breath-- swore he'd be even with the harridan yet--and I believed him.

  17. I'll wager that in the rapture and romance of your sweethearting you have not given a thought to petticoats and mantuas," she said, after she had embraced her sister, who was horrified at the sight of that painted harridan from London.

  18. I meet the harridan from Covent Garden on the stairs every morning.

  19. The harridan cast upon her pale and starving companion a look of mingled anger and surprise; but the poor creature saw it not--for she was intent only on her own despair.

  20. For it was with ulterior views that the designing harridan had introduced the poor girl to that career which, without being actually criminal, led step by step towards criminality.

  21. Mrs. Mortimer was rejoiced when she beheld the young lady in the garden--still more rejoiced when she observed that Agnes was approaching that part of the hedge behind which the harridan was concealed.

  22. How beautiful did she appear, even to the gaze of the old harridan who now surveyed her from behind the hedge!

  23. Perdita suffered her to weep without offering the least consolation: for the young woman was hurt and wounded on her side as well as the old harridan was hurt and wounded on the other.

  24. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "harridan" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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