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Example sentences for "decently"

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decency; decennial; decennium; decent; decenter; decentralisation; decentralization; decentralized; decentralizing; deception
  1. I might have passed you in the street perhaps and you might have passed me, and how was I to tell that, put to the test, you would have behaved as decently as you have behaved.

  2. He was beginning dimly to understand that Esther, even if the bills were to be paid, proposed to do nothing herself about getting decently free.

  3. Miss Amabel, too, was pleased, in her wistful way that always seemed to be thanking you for making things come out decently well.

  4. In that older time she had decently covered discomfiting facts, asserted that she believed revealed religion, and blessed God, in an ingenuous candour, for setting her feet in paths where she could walk decorously.

  5. Bell sate down, and threw her apron over her poor worn face, as if decently to shield the signs of her misery from a stranger's gaze.

  6. Never liked the man, but he has behaved decently as your trustee, and I want to be fair to him.

  7. They are hale and stout, neatly and decently cloathed, and on the whole look better than the pensioners of Chelsea.

  8. And if he purchases victory for that holy cause with his blood, I submit that we cannot decently allow the Foreign Office to hang up his martyr's palm over the War Office Mantelpiece.

  9. But whatever he might have fancied she would play, he was all unprepared for Rachmaninoff's sheerly masculine Prelude, which he had heard only men play when decently played.

  10. He must find money somehow; the parish will not keep him on out-relief if he has no work; the rate-collector calls at his door; his children must go to school decently clad with pennies in each little hand.

  11. Whose business is it but ours that we want to get married decently and live together quietly?

  12. Once he was in, he could not decently abandon his Kedzie, though he had to prove his devotion by denying it and threatening to shoot anybody who implied that his interest in Mrs. Dyckman was anything more than formal.

  13. Whatever Braddock's faults and foibles, he accomplished a great feat in leading a comparatively powerful army across the Alleghenies, and had he been decently supported by the colonies, there would have been no doubt of his success.

  14. I think I should prefer to be comfortably and decently poisoned myself in such a case.

  15. I began to see exactly how the land lay, and told Suddhoo that I also understood a little jadoo in the Western line, and would go to his house to see that everything was done decently and in order.

  16. Shall I die in my bed decently and as an English gentleman should die; or, in one last walk on the Mall, will my soul be wrenched from me to take its place forever and ever by the side of that ghastly phantasm?

  17. Death was a new and horrible thing to the sons of mechanics who were used to die decently of zymotic disease; and their careful conservation in barracks had done nothing to make them look upon it with less dread.

  18. The exceptions are decently shoveled out of sight, only to be referred to in the freshet of unguarded talk that occasionally swamps a Mess-table at midnight.

  19. I often burst out into these thoughts, and will certainly steal away as soon as I decently can.

  20. The messenger, in whose custody he was to be placed, was then called, and very decently asked by Coningsby, "if his house was secured by bars and bolts?

  21. So, as soon as I decently could, I pretended Mr. John had really dictated replies to his five letters, and that I had recorded his words in indelible shorthand.

  22. When he could decently slip away from them he went to his office and peremptorily called for his advertising manager.

  23. She thought he looked lonely, and she wished she could decently end her waltz and get back to him.

  24. No Inmate shall make any Pun, or attempt at the same, until the Blessing has been asked and the company are decently seated.

  25. Afterwards, when all was prepared and the room decently arranged, they returned, and alternately through the long night kept their vigil beside the corpse.

  26. Just below the confluence on a fallen tree was seated a man decently dressed; his eyes were fixed on the rushing stream.

  27. He was a middle-aged man plainly but decently dressed, and had something of the appearance of a farmer.

  28. I am so great a friend to decency of apparel, that I even like to see you deny your appetites that you may be able to come decently dressed to the house of God.

  29. But Mr. Gladstone has forgotten an excellent rule of controversy; say what is true, of course, but mind that it is decently probable.

  30. There is an English service here very decently and nicely performed by Mr. de Coetlogon, a man in Scotch orders, and the chapel is a modest but respectable room.

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