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  1. They become unclean, like the hogs in the Bible.

  2. Anybody here feels free to borrow the mower and break it, or turn their hogs in on me.

  3. Am I to let any old woman's hogs root up my wheat?

  4. Another summer he lost his hogs from cholera, and a valuable stallion died from a rattlesnake bite.

  5. Put a fence around it, and turn the hogs in.

  6. I tell you, sister, the hogs of this country are put upon!

  7. I wouldn't sell in the spring, when everybody advised me to, and now so many people are losing their hogs that I am frightened.

  8. It was not until the eighteenth century that the jackass was introduced; cattle, sheep, horses, and hogs long preceded them.

  9. Just as at Paris, they quit making handsome furniture and fine clothes, in order to plant trees, and raise hogs and cows.

  10. I declare to you that if the poor dealers in cattle and hogs are deprived of their livelihood, if they are sacrificed to theories, I will not be answerable for public order.

  11. The writer has seen it over and over again, the income from the hogs thus fed being one of the principal assets of the establishment.

  12. They threw clubs at the hanging apples till the ground was littered with them, and the hogs came afield to gorge; they slew the hogs and divided the fresh pork among themselves.

  13. Where hogs are not much in use, and especially by the seaside, the coarser animal-oils will come very cheap.

  14. She vows and declares that she feeds her chickens and hogs better food twice a day than people fed her in New York.

  15. Look at some of the hogs and cattle that we see shipped from here to city markets.

  16. Dogs and hogs are the only domestic animals visible.

  17. Kansas farmers fed their wheat to hogs because it did not pay to ship it.

  18. Hogs especially soil the fruit and make the land rough and difficult to drive over.

  19. When plenty of outside food can be given and when the orchard is not overstocked--the animals should never be hungry--hogs and sheep may be used to advantage in pasturing orchards.

  20. The best known remedy is to destroy the fruit which drops to the ground and for this purpose hogs in the orchard are very effective.

  21. A good deal of manure is added to the soil, especially when the hogs are fed outside the orchard.

  22. Results in orchards where pasturage has been thoroughly tried out show that it is never advisable to pasture an orchard with horses or cattle, but that fairly good results may be expected where sheep or hogs are used.

  23. Hogs do considerable rooting which prevents the formation of a stiff sod and itself may often amount almost to cultivation in well stocked orchards.

  24. Hogs also destroy many insects by eating the wormy fruit.

  25. There is much evidence on both sides of the Atlantic to the effect that acorns fatten hogs if the supply is good.

  26. After the wheat harvest the hogs fatten on the acorns.

  27. On the other hand, a specialist in hogs is likely to keep scrub cows.

  28. In some markets, the commission on hogs is 2% of the gross returns.

  29. Tuberculosis in cattle, cholera in hogs and liver rot in sheep are striking examples of diseases that have caused the farmers of this country untold losses.

  30. The man who raises tobacco, hogs or beef cattle does not suffer any great economic disadvantage by living ten miles from a shipping station, but a man does who produces milk, peaches, potatoes or hay.

  31. Usually steers cannot be fattened profitably unless there is an increase of at least three-quarters of a cent per pound in the value of the animals and then, as previously explained, only in connection with the hogs which follow them.

  32. Since hogs are so largely produced from maize, the price of maize and the price of pork are very closely related.

  33. The hogs should be well fattened on corn, and fed with it about eight weeks, allowing ten bushels to each hog.

  34. Hogs make the best pork when from two and a half to four years old.

  35. If Eastern people who have a prejudice against Western pork could see what the hogs are fed upon they would have good reason to change their opinions.

  36. This man was standing in clotted blood ankle deep, and the squealing, kicking row of hogs threw blood all over him, which he frequently washed off at a barrel of water near.

  37. The hogs eat a great deal of grass and are not confined to any muddy, filthy pen as they are in the East, but roam around the woods and fields as do the cows and sheep.

  38. This wheel was wide enough to hold three hogs at a time, and they were turned over several times in order to scrape all sides of them.

  39. When this country was first settled the hogs were probably brought from the East, and were white.

  40. I have spoken of the hogs and pigs that are seen all along the roadside through Ohio and Indiana.

  41. The scalded hogs were taken out and placed upon a revolving wheel, covered with scrapers, which took all the hair off excepting around the head and legs.

  42. The hogs were simply drowned in hot water.

  43. After screening, great quantities of the coal, smaller than chestnut size, are sold to farmers, who feed it out to their hogs with beneficial results.

  44. A thousand hogs couldn't have made it rougher.

  45. During the same two months the price of hogs dropped from 7 to 4-1/2 cents, so that the hogs were worth no more after eating the corn crop than they were before.

  46. Every farmer can and should keep some cattle, sheep, and hogs on his place.

  47. We sold our main lot of hogs for $654, and have another lot to go later.

  48. Percy says that hogs belong more properly in the corn belt, than in the wheat and fruit belt.

  49. They sent in fat hogs to the Missinaba County Agricultural Exposition and the World's Fair every autumn, and Bagshaw himself stood beside the pig pens with the judges, and wore a pair of corduroy breeches and chewed a straw all afternoon.

  50. I figure it, Billy, that every one of them hogs eats about a dollar's worth a grub for every twenty-five cents they pay on it.

  51. Some of these are so delicious that whoever tastes them will despise the insipid, watery taste of those we have in England; and yet such is the plenty of them that they are given to the hogs in great quantities.

  52. But the fruit is chiefly for the use of hogs and can be applied to no better purpose.

  53. Seeing that these plants would not succeed, all that remained was to fatten my own hogs with them.

  54. After the year 1800 we read less about peaches as food for hogs and less about peach-products for assuaging the thirst for strong drink.

  55. The wild elephants came and browzed in it; the jungle hogs rooted it up, and munched it at their leisure; the jackals gnawed the stalks into squash; and the wild deer ate the tops of the young plants.

  56. Pigs, hogs and peccaries form the next family with which we have to deal.

  57. Hogs have been known to hunt rabbits and poultry and attack lambs when temporarily free from restraint, and instances have been recorded in which the hog has attacked and killed its keeper.

  58. The wild hogs came and inspected the trench and the palisades beyond.

  59. This field of death, enlivened by numbers of hogs grunting and squealing over their hideous meal, was one of the most repulsive sights I ever saw.

  60. It was awful to hear the screams of the cattle and hogs as they were chased and bayoneted, and the scatter and terror of the sheep was terrible to see.

  61. The hogs which roamed at large over the country were soon attracted to the spot and tore many of the bodies to pieces, feeding upon them.

  62. These hogs had once had recognized owners, but since that section of country had been deserted, had run wild, and lived in the swamp.

  63. You should see him tackle three hundred pound hogs out here on the farm and throw 'em.

  64. I've ridden everythin' from hogs to bulls but I don't know about this here donkey bizness.

  65. Fowls had to be carefully tended, protected from foxes, hawks and other enemies; the fierce half-wild hogs could take care of themselves.

  66. He also warned them that Moses knew what he was about when he forbade pork to his people, and that the pigs that ran in the streets of an African town were very different eating from the beech-fed hogs of Kent.

  67. But the herd of wild hogs had evidently been living on the high ground in the middle, and not come out until this drought gave them foothold.

  68. If wild hogs were rooting about the place it would be well to know it.

  69. When Ben Westerveld decided to concentrate on hogs and wheat he didn't dream that a world would be clamoring for hogs and wheat for four long years.

  70. But wheat and hogs and markets became negligible things on the day that Dike, with seven other farm boys from the district, left for the nearest training camp that was to fit them for France and war.

  71. The following rules for the selection of the best stock of hogs will apply to all breeds: Fertility.

  72. Keep sows with young by themselves; store-hogs by themselves; and bacon-hogs and porkers by themselves.

  73. This is one of the most common diseases to which hogs are liable.

  74. This quality is particularly prominent in the Chinese breed; but among our ordinary varieties, hogs are often met with better adapted for this purpose than for producing large quantities of bacon and lard.

  75. Hogs of the pure original breed have been known to weigh from eight hundred to nine hundred and fifty pounds.

  76. If, however, hogs are to be sold at all seasons to the butchers, the animals must attain their full growth and be ready for killing before they are a year old.

  77. Hogs in forest land may, therefore, be regarded as eminently beneficial; and it is only the abuse which is to be feared.

  78. If fattened early in the season, hogs will consume less food to make an equal amount of flesh than in colder weather; they will require less attention; and, generally, early pork will command the highest price in market.

  79. It is not advisable to keep the store-hogs too high in flesh, since high feeding is calculated to retard development of form and bulk.

  80. Look, for a moment, at a drove of hogs coming along the street, the animals all fat and ready for the knife.

  81. This malady is attributable to dirt, combined with the giving of steamed food or wash to hogs at too high a temperature.

  82. Good one-year bacon-hogs being in great demand, they may be known by their long bodies, low bellies, and short legs.

  83. Bacon-hogs may be singed, by enveloping the body in straw, and setting the straw on fire, and then scraping it all over.

  84. He would flay the fox, say the ape's paternoster, return to his sheep, and turn the hogs to the hay.

  85. In a few minutes the guns began to roar as bad as if the whole army had been in an Indian battle, and the hogs to squeal as bad as the pig did when the devil turned barber.

  86. The next morning we marched on to a Cherokee town and gave the inhabitants an order on Uncle Sam for the cow and the hogs we had killed.

  87. I shouldered my hog and went on to camp, and when I got there I found they had killed a good many hogs and a fine fat cow into the bargain.

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