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Example sentences for "hogging"

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  1. And this brings me to the subject of hogging horses' manes.

  2. Having done this to their satisfaction they untied the hogging ropes and allowed the steers to gain their feet.

  3. Now, a series of hogging and sagging strains alternately compresses and opens every resisting join in every {85} timber, with the inevitable result of loosening the whole.

  4. But when a vessel is large, and more especially when she is long, the strains known as hogging and sagging are apt to rack her timbers apart.

  5. In order to prevent the vessel from hogging under the influence of the weights of the unsupported ends, a truss was employed, similar in principle and object to those used to this day in American river steamers.

  6. As there was no filling between the ribs, the latter tended alternately to come closer together, or recede further apart, according as they experienced the influence of hogging or sagging stresses.

  7. The strains set up in this way are called hogging strains.

  8. Amongst the greatest defects was the absence of longitudinal strength to enable a ship to resist the effects of hogging and sagging strains in a sea-way.

  9. It is yet worth noticing that whilst a very large trade was done some 30 years ago in shot belts, shot and cap pouches, and powder flasks, this trade has now become practically obsolete, since the breechloader has superseded the muzzleloader.

  10. The proposal was made to the laity generally, and to some of the Clergy, several of whom became members when the Library had become a success.

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