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  1. The civic clubs of the Chicago public schools, which have already been described, are aiming at the same thing: the better equipment of pupils for their life in the community with the hope of improving the community itself.

  2. In many states, particularly where the grange is not well established, farmers' clubs have been organized.

  3. In Wisconsin and Minnesota family clubs have been most successful.

  4. In some cases such clubs are open to farmers only; in others they include the whole family; while in recent years many farm women's clubs have been organized.

  5. They are of particular value for securing collections of books on special topics for the use of granges, churches, and study clubs of all sorts.

  6. Whether such clubs should be for the whole family, or for men or women only, is largely a local question depending upon the social usages and homogeneity of the population.

  7. Farm and Home Bureau Boys' and Girls' Clubs Public Library and Museum Community Fairs 4.

  8. General Report addressed to the Conseil d'Etat of Neuchâtel on the secret German propaganda, and on the clubs of Young Germany in Switzerland, by Lardy, Doctor of law.

  9. The inquiries of the police issued in the discovery of twenty-seven clubs bound together by secret correspondence.

  10. The small number of clubs taking part in the game in the early days becomes of interest when compared with the magnitude of the game in the 20th century.

  11. This Union was an association of some clubs and schools which joined together and appointed a committee and officials to draw up a code of rules of the game.

  12. Two representatives from each of the four national associations constitute the board, whose laws are accepted and observed not only by the clubs and players of the United Kingdom but in all countries where the Association game is played.

  13. But, almost from the first, clubs were formed to play football according to Rugby rules--that is, according to the rules of the game as played at Rugby school.

  14. In the first year fifteen clubs entered, all of which were from the south of England.

  15. No clubs or code of rules had been formed, and the sole aim seems to have been to drive the ball through the opposing side's goal by fair means or foul.

  16. Amateur athletic clubs as well as public and private schools have also taken up the game.

  17. There are golf, tennis and yachting clubs in or near the city; and unlimited opportunities for the enjoyment of sailing, yachting, boating and canoeing are found on different nearby waters suited to each preferred form of aquatic recreation.

  18. In any place frequented by summer visitors the Tennis Clubs make provision for summer membership of visitors on payment of a small fee.

  19. Particulars of these in detail may be obtained from the road maps published in New York; and the Automobile Clubs of Quebec, St. John and Halifax, etc.

  20. Men who belong to decent clubs and frequent 'at homes' never need be in want of a good hat.

  21. Many men would sacrifice their lives who would not give up smoking or their too frequent visits to their clubs for their wives.

  22. How can spurious drinking clubs be prevented or controlled?

  23. These topics suggest an interesting and instructive year's study for clubs of women, mothers, or teachers, or for advanced pupils.

  24. Where clubs and social gatherings are held in school buildings, it is not unusual for a thousand mothers, recent immigrants, to meet together in one hall to hear talks on the care of children.

  25. Here they are subject to neither intrusion nor importunity; no clubs or classes are held here; visitors are treated as guests, not as beneficiaries.

  26. In our clubs the respectable members arrive early, and leave at a reasonable hour; in Rook Clubs, it would appear, this principle is reversed.

  27. There is a difference between Rook Clubs and ours.

  28. You will take care to let your friends of the clubs know that he has supplanted you in the affections of the woman you loved, and that you and he are no longer on speaking terms.

  29. The dandy of the clubs had become a perambulating mass of rags.

  30. My friends at the clubs have begun to grow suspicious of this house, and I don't think there's a chance of my ever winning another sovereign in these rooms.

  31. He dared not show his face at any of the clubs where he had once been so distinguished a member; for he knew that the voice of society was against him.

  32. In spite of the law against riotous assemblies, these clubs of despair increased to a frightful extent, and many citizens repaired every day to the spot through bravado, and because it was the fashion.

  33. There was nothing easier if he only got himself recommended to the patriots of the Aube by one of the clubs of the capital.

  34. He rose to leave, and the voice of the Iberian pursued him: "Y todos los Españoles descarien ver alli reunidas las disputaciónes de los clubs y de la milicia nacional.

  35. The Wigwam is one of the best known literary clubs in London, and as they rattled to it in a hansom, the driver of which was the broken son of a peer, Rob remarked that its fame had even travelled to his saw-mill.

  36. But suddenly a mountain sprang up at their feet, and they ascended it over the spears and clubs which had given them their mortal wounds.

  37. They were followed by another party with clubs and spears, who battered and wounded themselves in the usual fashion, and also disfigured their faces with coco-nut husks, which they had fastened to the knuckles of both hands.

  38. Some people in their frenzy knocked out their eyes with clubs and stones and cut as well as burned their flesh.

  39. Many struck their heads such violent blows with their clubs that the sound could be heard thirty or forty yards off, and they repeated them till the blood ran down in streams.

  40. At one of these annual festivals held in the month of June, the exercise with clubs assumed a serious and indeed sanguinary form.

  41. But Hughie and the master changed all that, forced the men to play in their positions, training them never to drive wildly forward, but to pass to a man, and to keep their clubs down and their mouths shut.

  42. With a simultaneous yell the whole ten men came roaring down the ice, waving their clubs and flinging aside their lightweight opponents.

  43. But I'm telling her it's pretty hard when a fellow clubs you on the shins when you're away from the ball.

  44. Meanwhile the Press and the clubs are working furiously.

  45. The wirepullers of the Berlin clubs are agitating against the form of election by two stages and are organising a great popular demonstration to offer a petition in favour of direct election, to the castle and the Ministry.

  46. The Ministry absolutely required a law from the Chambers concerning the Press and the clubs if it was to govern, and therefore urged the King to take the oath to the Constitution, as otherwise he could expect nothing from the Chambers.

  47. I do not believe in professional clubs and cliques.

  48. I read my St. Louis masque before assemblies of ministers, in negro high schools, before clubs of advertising-men, at I.

  49. You're the cat's-paw, with your clubs and your benefits.

  50. All working clubs to be successful must take in constantly virile, live members.

  51. The latter was originally, in every sense of the word, a newspaper, but the Spectator from the first indulged his humour at the expense of the clubs of Quidnuncs.

  52. Clubs and pick-handles were swinging, revolvers were exploding, and cobblestones were flung with crushing effect at arm's distance.

  53. Some of these clubs now rest from their labours, the literary strata in which they were employed having been in fact worked out.

  54. The beginning of the book clubs is marked by a like distinctness, both in date and circumstance.

  55. And so we find our way back to the proposition, that the book clubs have been judiciously restricted to the promulgation of the works of dead authors.

  56. No one probably did more to raise the condition of the book clubs than Sir Walter Scott.

  57. On the other hand, the clubs will not avail for ushering into the world the books of fresh ambitious authors.

  58. None of these, however, went so distinctly into the groove afterwards followed by the book clubs as Sir Alexander Boswell's Auchinleck Press.

  59. There has been an addition, by no means contemptible, to the influence exercised by these institutions on the course of events, in the Book Clubs, or Printing Clubs as they are otherwise termed, of the present day.

  60. One of the clubs has lately deviated from the printing of letterpress, which is the established function of clubs, into pictorial art.

  61. Hence the value of the services of the book clubs in immensely widening the arena of his immediate materials.

  62. Their spears and clubs also showed much taste in their construction and ornamentation.

  63. The clubs were of various shapes, some with rounded heads, and others bent and pointed like a pick.

  64. These popular clubs for the manufacture of homespun poetry and street farces out of the raw material of public sentiment, occupied the place which has been more effectively filled in succeeding ages, and in free countries by the daily press.

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