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Example sentences for "clubbing"

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  1. But for some time the colored man felt little protection in the Department of Police, finding that he was liable to arrest and clubbing for a trivial offence.

  2. This, however, was before the administration of Mayor Gaynor, who has commanded humane treatment, and the brutal clubbing of the New York Negro has now ceased.

  3. There may also develop trophic changes such as blisters, superficial ulcers, and clubbing of the tips of the fingers.

  4. Dancing saw Bucks fall and, clubbing his way to his side, caught Bucks from the ground by the coat collar, and dragging him with his left hand, swung with his right hand his deadly club.

  5. Clubbing their heavy revolvers, the guards, any one of whom in close quarters could account for two ordinary men, threw themselves from the car step directly into the crowd and struck right and left.

  6. Then she came back to plead with the deputies, who were still clubbing the prostrate Strzelecki, not to kill him.

  7. Every clubbing of strikers was the heroic work of the law-abiding against reckless mobs.

  8. With my right hand clubbing my revolver, I reached my left out cautiously, and once again my fingers came in contact with the bare limb.

  9. I felt Holman's body on the other side, and then, clubbing the big Colt, I drove it down through the darkness at a point that my imagination suggested would be the most likely place to find the head of the stranger whose hand touched my thigh.

  10. The natives of these groups know nothing concerning them, and the Polynesian builder in that dark past was too busy clubbing and eating his neighbour to write histories.

  11. The clubbing of the unemployed and the judicial murder of their spokesman, has long been a favorite repression method of the authorities.

  12. It seems that without pausing for a reply they immediately charged, and began clubbing and mauling the few hundred persons present.

  13. Police down in Foley--Clubbing the Letts.

  14. So the police began clubbing the strangers.

  15. Instead of a brute clubbing a woman almost to death, we see the pleading lover, cautiously and earnestly wooing his bride.

  16. He hunted the woman of his choice as he would hunt a beast, capturing and clubbing her into submission.

  17. Ba-ck--" Then Rainey was clubbing his way through the race of water to where he glimpsed an upflung arm.

  18. He slumped down into his chair, his arms clubbing the table, his gun falling from his nerveless hand, his forehead striking the wood like the sound of an auctioneer's gavel.

  19. There are quite a number of bachelor households of this description in our large cities, the occupants being several in number and clubbing together.

  20. There are "valeting companies" organized in many large cities, which take entire charge of your wardrobe, and again there are valets who are hired by several men clubbing together, and who are very capable servants.

  21. They came on, a coppery swarm, clubbing their guns.

  22. Clubbing it, he smashed two others as fast as they dived in.

  23. Though unarmed, he makes various gestures as if spearing or clubbing an enemy, for which the girls cheer him.

  24. Over him, clubbing other emotions with its insistence, rode a demand for explanations which it was impossible for him to make.

  25. Clubbing with the rifle was the most popular means of compelling them to obey this, or to do that.

  26. The punishment is severe, the easiest being a spell of confinement upon a black bread and water diet, but generally and preferably clubbing into insensibility.

  27. As the party went on together, the path was continually lined with Indians, whose camps were on the open plains about the fort; and the clubbing and beating of the prisoners became incessant.

  28. Within the net are the foes of Lagash, and with the mace in his right hand Ningirsu is represented as clubbing the head of one of them which projects from between the meshes.

  29. Part of the Stele of the Vultures, sculptured with a scene representing Ningirsu clubbing the enemies of Lagash (Shirpurla), whom he has caught in his net.

  30. Part of the Stele of the Vultures representing Ningirsu clubbing the enemies of Lagash in his net 47.

  31. The representation of Ningirsu clubbing his enemies forms only a portion of a larger scheme which occupied the whole of the upper part of the Stele of the Vultures.

  32. The vigilantes were clubbing women right and left, and a young girl, about eight years of age, had her head cut open by one of Sheriff McRae's Commercial Club tools.

  33. Occasionally they are even called upon to help the "clubbing squad.

  34. Their treatment by the prison officials was not ordinarily severe; even a warden or a guard could feel that clubbing and dark-celling would be a kind of anticlimax for a man sentenced for life.

  35. You say he saw Dodwell clubbing you, and that when Dodwell saw him he ran away.

  36. Gain on the one hand--destruction on the other--have been the chief motives of clubbing in all time.

  37. This and the Kit-kat, the great Whig club, were chiefly reserved for politics; but the fashion of clubbing having once come in, it was soon followed by people of all fancies.

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