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flagella; flagellant; flagellate; flagellated; flagellates; flagellum; flageolet; flageolets; flagge; flagged
  1. It seems evident that there must be special circumstances, and perhaps a congenital predisposition, to bring out definitely the relationship of flagellation to the sexual impulse.

  2. Flagellation as a penance, whether inflicted by the penitent himself or by another person, was also extremely common in medieval and later days.

  3. An elaborate history of flagellation generally is now being written by Georg Collas, Geschichte des Flagellantismus, vol.

  4. Flagellation has, however, now become a passion with him, though he declares that the practice was unknown to him before he met S.

  5. The love of flagellation temporarily died out, however, and gave place to masturbation and later to a normal attraction to women.

  6. There is, by no means, any necessary connection between flagellation and the sexual emotions.

  7. This fact was, indeed, recognized by the classic physicians, and Galen regarded flagellation as a tonic.

  8. He has, moreover, searched public libraries for references to flagellation, inserted queries in the Intermédiare des Chercheurs et des Curieux, and thus obtained a complete bibliography of flagellation which is of considerable value.

  9. In the preceding case we see a tendency to erotic self-flagellation which in a minor degree is not uncommon.

  10. The Christs in the two chapels are strikingly alike, and the general effect is that of a residuary impression left in the mind of one who had known the Varallo Flagellation exceedingly well.

  11. Examples of his work may perhaps be seen in the nearest villain with a big hat in the Flagellation chapel, and in two cherubs in the Assumption of the Virgin.

  12. Flagellation was a cruel and humiliating punishment, largely used under degrading conditions and with various kinds of instruments.

  13. He ranked Domenichino next to Raffaelle for this quality, and not long after his arrival at Rome, he set about copying the Flagellation of St. Andrew, painted by that master in the church of S.

  14. As morning prayer, and flagellation end:' it is between eleven and twelve in the morning, after church service, that the criminals are whipped in Bridewell.

  15. This was accompanied by a message that general flagellation for thirty-three and a half days would cause him to lay aside his wrath.

  16. The sect still existed, and its crude theories as to the efficacy of flagellation had gradually been developed into an antisacerdotal heresy of the most uncompromising character.

  17. We shall see hereafter with what persistent obstinacy the outbreak of flagellation recurred from time to time, and how it was regarded as heresy, pure and simple, by the Church.

  18. The custom of collective flagellation was introduced into the monastic houses, the ceremony taking place every Friday after confession.

  19. Gradually, however, voluntary flagellation appeared in the libri poenitentiales as a very efficacious means of penance.

  20. Schmidt gave himself out as the incarnation of Enoch, and prophesied the approaching fall of the Church of Rome, the overthrow of the ancient sacraments, and the triumph of flagellation as the only road to salvation.

  21. For an account of flagellation in antiquity see S.

  22. In the Christian church flagellation was originally a punishment, and was practised not only by parents and schoolmasters, but also by bishops, who thus corrected offending priests and monks (St Augustine, Ep.

  23. And when any Israelite took the Nazarite vow and violated it, he subjected himself to the penalty of flagellation if he drank a certain measure (1/4 log) of wine.

  24. Persons who having been twice duly condemned to and punished with flagellation for as many transgressions of one and the same negative precept, committed it a third time.

  25. Now, it often happened that two crimes were committed by the same person in one day; the penalty for one of which being flagellation and the other death.

  26. Mendelsohn gives the following classification: Flagellation is the penalty of three classes of offenses: (1) The violation of a negative precept, deadly in the sight of heaven.

  27. The question would at once arise: Which penalty should be assessed, death for idolatry, or flagellation for killing the ewe and her young both on the same day?

  28. If the prisoner had been told that flagellation would be the punishment, then stripes were administered.

  29. The cupola is covered with frescoes by Lanfranco, those of the four Evangelists at the angles being by Domenichino, who also painted the flagellation and glorification of St. Andrew in the tribune.

  30. An oil copy of the fresco of the Flagellation of St. Andrew by Domenichino, at S.

  31. They often indulged in the lowest humour or furious passion: they applied torture to extract confessions, and repeated flagellation until it became dangerous to life.

  32. The assumption of magisterial powers was not compatible with the office of the governor; but to authorise the flagellation of free men without trial, for a perhaps innocent trespass, was both dangerous and unjust.

  33. One may perhaps conclude that the severity of the flagellation depended very much upon the intention of the inquisitors and the strength of arm of the ministering priest.

  34. Flagellation by itself was regarded as one of the lightest of penances.

  35. Catherine" and the fresco of Christ after the Flagellation are two masterpieces, wherein the depths of pathos have been sounded, and not a single note of discord is struck.

  36. Stimulation of the nates is a potent adjuvant to the production of self-excitement, and self-flagellation with rods, etc.

  37. The case has been recorded of a Russian who had the spontaneous impulse to self-flagellation on the nates with a rod, for the sake of sexual excitement, from the age of 6.

  38. In the English erotic literature, it is remarkable how often and how fully the flagellation of children is described.

  39. How, too, can this site for the Flagellation be reconciled with the position of the 'Scala sancta' or of the Praetorium?

  40. On the east of the Chapel of the Flagellation is an ancient chapel, called Deir Addas by the Mohammedans, and by the Christians, the Chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin.

  41. Wentworth would have whipped Hampden like poor Prynne, but not all the black rods, white rods, and rods in pickle the Court could muster, would have been sufficient for the flagellation of so great a character.

  42. The flagellation of a priest in the midst of a large village was a fact too worthy of note to fail to excite the curiosity of a child.

  43. Without my telling you by whom it was done, you may be assured that Mr. Beaubien’s flagellation of last night will never be forgotten by him!

  44. In the monastic orders of both sexes, flagellation became a refined art.

  45. Elidaeus Paduanus recommends flagellation or urtication when the eruption of exanthematic diseases is slow in its development.

  46. Flagellation was therefore the most grateful punishment that could be inflicted to propitiate the beatified; and we have several well-authenticated facts which prove that the Virgin was frequently appeased by this practice.

  47. Medical men were frequently consulted as to the adoption of the upper or lower discipline, as flagellation on the shoulders was said to injure the eyesight.

  48. Flagellation draws the circulation from the centre of our system to its periphery.

  49. This effect of flagellation may be easily referred to the powerful sympathy that exists between the nerves of the lower part of the spinal marrow and other organs.

  50. Ubi stimulus ibi affluxus, has been a physiological axiom since the days of Hippocrates; and flagellation thus employed is only a modification of blistering, or exciting the skin by any other irritating method.

  51. Amongst the various moral and physical remedies introduced by the priesthood and physicians for the benefit of society, flagellation once held a most distinguished rank.

  52. Flagellation was of two species, the upper and the lower; the upper inflicted upon the shoulders, the lower chiefly resorted to when females were to be fustigated.

  53. No doubt but flagellation determines a greater influx of blood to the surface, and may thus tend to increase the circulation, and give tone to parts which would otherwise be languid.

  54. For reasons best known to himself, Mr Barber determined that his victim's flagellation should be moral rather than physical.

  55. After all, moral flagellation does not always answer, and when one of the victims yawns and the other asks a matter-of-fact questions it is disconcerting even to an accomplished operator.

  56. Both styles are united in a little picture at Urbino, which we shall presently describe, the Flagellation being in the earlier, the three portraits in the larger manner.

  57. On one side is the Flagellation of Christ before Pilate, in an open court enriched with a beautiful perspective of colonnades and architectural ornament.

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