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flaccid; flaccidity; flag; flagella; flagellant; flagellated; flagellates; flagellation; flagellum; flageolet
  1. An aberrant flagellate bearing a single flagellum and a silicious skeleton resembling those of the Radiolaria.

  2. Proterospongia Haeckeli, Saville Kent (Choanoflagellata); A social colony of about forty flagellate zooids.

  3. In some families of Flagellata full-grown individuals become amoeboid, fuse, encyst, and then break up into flagellate spores which develop simply to the parental form (Fig.

  4. The cells of this group have the morphology of the flagellate cells (choanocytes) of sponges.

  5. Monad cluster of the same in optical section, showing the relation of the individual monads or flagellate zooids to the stem d.

  6. It has been considered as belonging to the flagellate Infusoria, but is now referred to the vegetable kingdom, and each globule is considered a colony of many individuals.

  7. A genus of minute flagellate Infusoria of which there are many species, both free and attached.

  8. A genus of marine flagellate Infusoria, remarkable for their unusually large size and complex structure, as well as for their phosphorescence.

  9. Defn: A genus of marine flagellate Infusoria, remarkable for their unusually large size and complex structure, as well as for their phosphorescence.

  10. Defn: One of the minute flagellate germs produced by the sporulation of a protozoan; -- called also zoƶspore.

  11. Defn: A genus of minute flagellate Infusoria of which there are many species, both free and attached.

  12. On two occasions, one in January and the other at the beginning of February, I have seen a minute colourless flagellate on the tentacles of the Calcutta polyp.

  13. In Victorella bengalensis it consists largely of diatoms, while the species of Hislopia and Arachnoidea possess an alimentary canal modified for the purpose of retaining flagellate organisms until they become encysted.

  14. Possibly this flagellate was a parasite rather than a commensal, as the individual on which it swarmed was unusually emaciated and colourless, and bore neither gonads nor buds.

  15. During these several days the spermatozoa are exerting no small amount of energy in their vigorous flagellate movement.

  16. The fate of the flagellate zoospores which emerge from the mature central capsule of the Radiolaria has not hitherto been decided by actual observation; all attempts to rear the swarming zoospores have been in vain, for they have soon died.

  17. The origin of the flagellate spores from the contents of the central capsule and their peculiar constitution were, however, first described fully by Cienkowski in 1871 (L.

  18. Since the whole contents of the mature central capsule are used up in the formation of these flagellate zoospores, it discharges the function of a sporangium.

  19. The size of the flagellate zoospores which emerge from the ruptured central capsule and swim freely in the water by means of their flagellum, varies generally between 0.

  20. The vibratile movement of the swarm-spores is the result of active sinuous oscillation of the single or multiple flagellum, and is not essentially different from that of ordinary flagellate Infusoria (see note A).

  21. Active free-swimming movements are only met with in the case of the flagellate zoospores (s 142).

  22. In remote districts of Spain (as near Haro in Rioja) there are also brotherhoods who will flagellate themselves on Good Friday, but not within the church.

  23. No unicellular Rhodophyceae are known, although a flagellate organism, Rhodomonas, has recently been described as possessed of the same red colouring matter.

  24. Observations on Lophomonas blattarum, a flagellate inhabiting the colon of the cockroach, Blatta orientalis.

  25. Perhaps the prothoracic gland hormone of the host may be responsible for initiation of the flagellate sexual cycles (Cleveland and Nutting, 1955).

  26. On a new flagellate protozoon of the genus Lophomonas.

  27. Pycnoscelus surinamensis, Hawaii (Schwabe, 1950): A small flagellate was found in the digestive tract and malpighian tubules.

  28. Surface of a flagellate (Lophomonas striata) which lives in the intestine of cockroaches (Breed et al.

  29. A study of Lophomonas blattarum, a flagellate inhabitant in the colon of Blatta orientalis.

  30. A discussion of synonymy in the nomenclature of certain insect flagellates, with the description of a new flagellate from the larvae of Ligyrodes relictus Say (Coleoptera-Scarabaeidae).

  31. The flagellate does not harm the host and is never present in the host tissue; it should be considered a commensal (Kudo, 1926).

  32. Stiles and Keister (1913) have shown that spores of Lamblia intestinalis, a flagellate protozoan living in the human intestine, may be carried by house-flies.

  33. The endoderm has cylindrical cells, each one of which has a flagellate hair.

  34. In all Peritrichaceae it opens to the vestibule, and in some of them it discharges through an intervening reservoir, curiously recalling the arrangements in the Flagellate Euglenaceae.

  35. Van Siebold (1845) narrowed it to its present limits save for the admission of several Flagellate families.

  36. They are symbiotic Algae, or possibly the resting state of a Chlamydomonadine Flagellate (Carteria?

  37. One of the smallest flagellate Infusoria; esp.

  38. The Dutchmen have to go home again, and may, if they please, flagellate themselves for their own good, for London is impenitent.

  39. Half of the central capsule of another specimen, filled up by flagellate spores, x 400 Fig.

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