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Example sentences for "clubman"

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  1. In such an arrangement the hall would profit by the clubman as the clubman would gain influence through the hall.

  2. The clubman found his uncle and aunt sitting dejectedly at the breakfast-table in the Diplomatic Suite.

  3. McAllister was a clubman, pure and simple; that is to say though neither simple nor pure, he was a clubman and nothing more.

  4. All her world was good save Uncle Moses' wife, and her confidence in the clubman was entire.

  5. At the Metropole the clubman jumped out and bade his companions good-night.

  6. As McAllister and Herbert assisted their supposed victim into the building, the clubman caught a glimpse of the lean Tomlinson and athletically built Conville standing together behind the pillars of the portico.

  7. What business had a middle-aged clubman turning detective, anyway?

  8. There was a muttered curse, a gleam of steel as they flashed by a street-lamp, and the clubman felt the cold muzzle of a revolver against his cheek.

  9. The clubman with an amused expression swung round another chair and sat down opposite.

  10. Just before you made that strike," finished the clubman significantly.

  11. The clubman wanted to kick him for a miserable, dirty cad.

  12. The clubman was well enough fixed, only sometimes the bills were unexpectedly large.

  13. The depot had inspired the clubman with distinct hope, but as he approached, it appeared as dark and tenantless as the car behind him.

  14. A keeper seized the clubman by the arm, opened a door in the steel grating, and pushed him through.

  15. In his mind the clubman pictured the stifling city and the squalor of relative existence there.

  16. Accordingly the appointed hour next day found the clubman waiting impatiently at his rooms, and at two o'clock promptly Mr. Herbert was announced.

  17. Artifice is explicable; you remember that someone has said Thackeray was simply the ordinary clubman plus genius and a style.

  18. Now," said the clubman sneering, "I shall be glad to hear your explanation of your slander of my son.

  19. If it had been any other house than mine," he began, "and you had not been a fellow clubman an unexpected call like this might look a little difficult of explanation.

  20. Yuara, with a word to a clubman and a motion to the equipment, followed the whites, trailed in turn by his three companions of the forest.

  21. But he gave the clubman the word and the rope was lifted from the prisoner's neck.

  22. The lone clubman grunted, swung his weapon high, and with all the power of his muscular body drove it down at that upturned, unprotected face.

  23. Their arrows were gone, their darts exhausted, and no spearman was among them; they fought with nature's weapons, while above them one lone clubman struggled to swing down his lethal bludgeon without killing his fellows.

  24. Lourenço, see that house with the barred door where the clubman stands guard.

  25. Herkimer was delighted, and a few evenings later the clubman motored out toward Yonkers, where he was made welcome and spent an agreeable evening.

  26. Few of the young people had been up here before; there were looks of frank curiosity and expressions of wonder that a modern clubman should choose to live in the organ builder's old rookery.

  27. He reached for his glass, at which Clyde's eye fell upon his missing fingers, and the young clubman exploded: "Well!

  28. George looked over the clubman carefully from his curly crown to his slender, high-heeled shoes, then smiled broadly.

  29. His handsome but rather weak face was flushed; he was, as an old clubman had recently said of him, "so very young.

  30. Having some old grudge, as what Alpine Clubman has not, against a loose stone, he had this year constituted himself the foe of the race, and the chief adjutant of Time in his attack on the mountains.

  31. But to the Alpine clubman such conduct looks a little like the gamekeeper turning poacher, and selecting moreover the moment when his employer's game is nearly exhausted to go out by himself and shoot off the few remaining pheasants.

  32. Our Alpine Clubman affords while in the Alps an example of almost perpetual motion.

  33. A clubman never pays an attendant for refreshment or food served.

  34. A complete change of costume is not convenient, and you never see a New York clubman on the streets in riding togs.

  35. Just as the men passed through a doorway the clubman turned and took a measuring glance at our hero.

  36. A clubman was hurrying back with a young man who carried a small black bag.

  37. Somehow he surmised what his fellow clubman was going to say.

  38. The most natural thought, and one that was in the minds of the majority, was that the clubman had overbalanced himself in making his stance for the putt shot, and had fallen.

  39. She had scented an intrigue in the presence of the dapper young lawyer with his distinctly clubman air.

  40. Then Mr. August Meyer of Brooklyn proceeded to leisurely array himself as a clubman of fashion.

  41. IV The Clubman Lilian was confused by a momentary magnificent, vague vision of a man framed in the doorway of the small room.

  42. But there was no least lapse from deferential propriety; the clubman might have been in colloquy with his sister's friend--and his sister listening in the next room.

  43. Either he misunderstood me or he's distorting the facts," claimed the clubman with an assumption of boldness.

  44. The clubman was too wise to voice his objections now except by an occasional slur.

  45. Before the clubman was out of the hotel, Jerry was snapping instructions at one of his satellites.

  46. Jerry pieced together what the clubman had told him and what he had since learned about her.

  47. We'll not discuss that," said the clubman with a touch of hauteur.

  48. He was assuming that Clarendon was an innocent man, whereas the clubman knew just how guilty he was.

  49. The clubman made the only decision he could, and that was to procrastinate, to put off making any choice for the present.

  50. As the days passed the malicious jealousy of the New York clubman deepened to a steady hatred.

  51. Unless Bromfield came forward at once as a witness for him, his case would be hopeless--and Clay suspected that the clubman would prove only a broken reed as a support.

  52. He had made the young clubman a laughingstock more than once.

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