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Example sentences for "darts"

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darted; darter; darters; dartes; darting; darum; darwan; darwaza; darweesh; das
  1. The flying darts of pain in the chest (pleurodynia) are to be regarded as neuralgic in character.

  2. Instead, place a band around the waist of the person being fitted, pin the petticoat to the band, then make large darts at each seam and cut off that superfluous material that otherwise would need to be put into gathers.

  3. A shy-bold wren, with a sudden glint of sunlight on his rich brown back, flies to the edge of the water where the punt lies drifting, and then darts back in haste to the shelter of that commanding hedge he never likes to leave.

  4. For she gave me a sidelong glance with loving, reddened eyes half curved as if they were covered with the pollen of Love's flowery darts as they fell on her heart.

  5. Under the guise of his hair rising in a passionate thrill he seemed to bear on his limbs a mass of broken points of the flowery darts of Love's arrows discharged into his pores.

  6. I did not see that they had any other weapon but darts and gigs, intended only for striking of fish.

  7. Many of their darts and spears are no less neat, and ornamented with carvings.

  8. The Persians overwhelmed the legionaries with showers of darts and arrows; flight, under the circumstances, was impossible; and the Roman soldiers mostly perished where they stood.

  9. The defenders kept the sealers at bay by a constant discharge of stones and darts from their artillery, arrows from their bows, and leaden bullets from their slings.

  10. On the contrary--you rest and gather strength while the foe exhausts himself uselessly, and "all the fiery darts of the wicked are quenched.

  11. More and more the shibboleth must be: "Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

  12. This darts out to pierce the skin, and draws in the blood as it retreats.

  13. Pressed upon heavily by the air in every other part and place, like a mouse hunted by a cat, who finds at last a hole through which to escape, the poor water darts at this and ascends the tube close after the piston.

  14. The serpent darts like an arrow upon his prey; but he could not pursue it for half a mile without stopping, not even over the burning soil of the equator.

  15. All I want to feel are the warm darts which pierce my hands resting on the grass and the peculiar sense of well-being which takes the place of everything else.

  16. Borders of irises with violet fragrance dissolving among their stems, a profusion of spreading boughs, and near our bench a thicket from which at intervals darts the straight streak of a gray-bird's flight.

  17. The winds collected drove Volumes of gusty darts upon the track Of the sea-broken shore; but on the back Of raving ocean lost Leander went.

  18. Then he encamped against the sanctuary for a long time; and he set there mounds from which to shoot and engines of war and instruments for casting stones and fire, and pieces to cast darts and slings.

  19. And the king of the Rakshasas appointed many Rakshasa women armed with bearded darts and swords and lances and battle-axes and maces and flaming brands, for guarding her.

  20. If any one through impudence goeth beyond this, the Rakshasas slay him with iron darts and other weapons.

  21. And confined within that arrowy net like birds within a cage, they showered in wrath upon Arjuna maces and darts and broad-swords.

  22. And being sore pressed by me, those mighty asuras waxing wroth afflicted me together, by pouring torrents of clubs and darts and swords.

  23. Then other demons of mighty prowess, with darts and hatchets in their hands, began to throw at me spears and axes.

  24. And then there stood, holding in his hands darts and maces, the broad-chested and mighty-armed friend of Vaisravana, the Rakshasa named Maniman.

  25. And in the glades they beheld the graceful sindhuvaras like unto the darts of Cupid.

  26. But Arjuna who was conversant with the most efficacious weapons, soon checked that shower of maces and darts and broad-swords, and in return began to mangle the limbs of the Gandharvas with his crescent-shaped arrows.

  27. And, O bull of the Bharata race, sorely afflicted with thirst, he discharged barbed darts and javelins and iron arrows, and showered on the sky innumerable shafts incapable of being baffled.

  28. Cold coyness quenches the still fires Which glow in lovers' warm desires; And scorn, like the quick lightning's blaze, Darts death against affections gaze.

  29. Throw not then away thy darts On impenetrable hearts.

  30. Dost think an earth-born beauty can be found, Which darts forth lustre from the sullen ground-- 960 To kiss the glorious skies?

  31. Wert thou by all affections sought, And fairer than thou wouldst be thought; Or had thine eyes as many darts As thou believ'st they shoot at hearts; Yet if thy love were paid to me, I would not offer mine to thee.

  32. Paper Darts [Illustration: PAPER DARTS] Take a sheet of stiffish paper about the size of this page and fold it longways, exactly double.

  33. The king is found walking in the hermitage, invoking the God of Love, whose shafts are flowers, though the flowery darts are hard as steel.

  34. It sends a peal of hollow groans, Thus speaking from among the bones: 60 'When men my scythe and darts supply, How great a king of fears am I!

  35. Bacchus appeased, raised Cupid up, And gave him back his bow; But kept some darts to stir the cup Where sack and sugar flow.

  36. For which he got two darts from her eyes.

  37. Angry looks began flashing over the faces before Grant, like darts of flame.

  38. Fear no more for the tyrant hoar as he rushes to battle Armoured in ice, and darts lance after lance at your hearts, Fear not his flaming bolts as they hurtle with horrible rattle Out of the lurid inane fulminant over the plain.

  39. Now his green full-shining gaze Darts its rays against the wall; Now my feebler glances mark Through the dark bright knowledge fall.

  40. Large stones and heavy darts or arrows were thrown by means of tightly twisted ropes, like the action of a bow, or through the aid of a lever and sling.

  41. The ballista hurled stones by means of a twisted cord or a lever; the catapult by darts or arrows could throw a projectile half a mile.

  42. They wore no armor, not even helmets, though they carried swords, round shields, and darts with barbed iron heads, which were used for throwing or thrusting.

  43. This reminiscence of Leto, on whose account Apollo slew the Python, is rendered yet more striking by the week of archery which accompanies it, recalling the sunbeam darts of the god.

  44. Finally, in being destroyed at last by razor blades, the dragon is connected with that slain by Ragnar, in whose armour the sun-darts of Apollo had turned to icicles.

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