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Example sentences for "darted"

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dars; darse; darst; dart; darte; darter; darters; dartes; darting; darts
  1. But when he felt the fingers of Heyward moving gently along his own naked arm, he struck up the limb of the young man, and uttering a piercing cry as he darted beneath it, plunged, at a single bound, into the opposite thicket.

  2. The young Mohican darted away at the suggestion, and the scout had hardly done speaking, before the former raised a cry of success from the margin of the forest.

  3. The former was the tomahawk in its passage; the latter the arm that Magua darted forward to divert its aim.

  4. In the centre of the little island, a few short and stunted pines had found root, forming a thicket, into which Hawkeye darted with the swiftness of a deer, followed by the active Duncan.

  5. Heyward watched the sun, as he darted his meridian rays through the branches of the trees, and pined for the moment when the policy of Magua should change their route to one more favorable to his hopes.

  6. Avoiding the horns of the infuriated animal, Uncas darted to his side, and passed his knife across the throat, when bounding to the edge of the river it fell, dyeing the waters with its blood.

  7. Profiting by the momentary opening, he darted from among the warriors, and made a desperate, and, what seemed to Duncan, a final effort to gain the wood.

  8. The moment Struve disappeared into the outer room Helen darted to the window.

  9. The old miner darted an inquiring glance at his companion, then, at her nod, slipped the bolt, and the captain’s blue bulk filled the room.

  10. She darted to the window, the men peering over her shoulder.

  11. He darted towards them like some furtive, frightened little animal, unnaturally excited.

  12. The three girls darted off for a peep at the doll and Uncle Billy, after buying four tickets from the boy, followed them, and all stood gazing at the beautiful large French doll.

  13. Five minutes to eleven, and I can't find my hat," and poor Jerry darted from one closet to another in her search.

  14. I'll have to ask Mother, and then change my dress," and Mary darted down the path.

  15. But the instant the fellows caught a glimpse of the English, they darted off like mad into the forest; so fast, indeed, that we caught but a glimpse of their red caps and the soles of their feet.

  16. Suddenly something darted by me flying sunward; then another and another.

  17. Tremendous sparks of electricity, veritable lightning strokes, darted about me in every direction, but I bore a charmed life.

  18. And now I noticed that as they rushed along collisions took place, and flashes of electricity darted from one to another.

  19. They darted quickly around the corner of the building, sprang upon the porch and squirmed up the posts with the agility of monkeys.

  20. Dan felt so mean and sneaking that he did not want to see anybody, if he could help it; and when he accidentally encountered Bob Owens and Lester Brigham in the woods, he darted into the bushes and concealed himself.

  21. For an instant the boat hung motionless, the bow quivered and vibrated to the drag of the current and then the craft darted ahead.

  22. Like a streak of light the long arrow darted into the river.

  23. Pausing again to scan the immediate area for any watch officers, they darted across the slidewalk and into the shadows of the shrubbery.

  24. After a quick glance at his wrist chronometer, the young cadet darted across the slidewalk toward the transparent crystal portal of the dormitory.

  25. Suddenly, like a flash of lightning, a plan that would not only save the car from being robbed, but would ensure its door being opened before he could die of either thirst or hunger, darted into Rod's mind.

  26. All these thoughts darted through Rod's head like a flash of lightning, and as he uttered his shouts of warning he sprang to the ground with a vague idea of preventing the stranger's escape.

  27. The door was also open, and not far away, the candle was flickering in the draughts, and swinging suddenly round he darted for the opening.

  28. Niven promptly darted up the lane, but there were two things he had not counted on, and one of them was the dog, for Jimmy had not kept one when they last passed his cottage.

  29. The Baby still kept his distance ahead, but when he heard that she too sprang over, a fear for her safety darted across his excited brain.

  30. He threw himself over the verandah rail with an acrobat's skill, and with head in front and nimble feet he darted off under the maple trees: but he had to reckon with an agile maiden.

  31. The presence of an official detective sometimes awes this class of witness.

  32. But in the absence of any clue or mark of identification, I fear the verdict will be, 'Body of a man unknown,' etc.

  33. A dog snatched at a spiny lower leg and crunched,--and darted away.

  34. Their clumsy bodies, with spurred and fierce-toothed limbs, darted through the flame-lit smoke like so many grotesque meteors.

  35. Somehow, though, he clung to the sharp-toothed club as he darted between tangled masses of fungus, ignoring now the dangers that ordinarily called for vast caution.

  36. Burl staggered to his feet and darted off again.

  37. When the meal was finished, he darted in quickly as the diner lumbered away.

  38. It poised itself abruptly above the pool, and then darted down, its jaws snapping viciously.

  39. In that mass of buzzing creatures, even the most voracious appetite must soon have been sated, but the slender creatures still darted about in frenzied destruction.

  40. Several of those horrible faces, which upon riot days suddenly appear as if they came out of the ground, darted toward the unhorsed officer.

  41. My staff in its flight had crossed the path and darted into an angle in the road.

  42. When the Baron spoke of the two friends installing themselves at the chateau, Octave darted a glance at Madame de Bergenheim, as if soliciting a tacit approbation of his conduct; but met with no response.

  43. Madame de Bergenheim darted a rapid glance at the individual who presented himself, and then breathed freely again.

  44. The look of terrible hatred which she darted at Jem Pound was ineffable but calm.

  45. Before the doctor had finished speaking, Miles wheeled round and darted to the gate.

  46. The crouching woman sprang erect, darted noiselessly up the steps, and grasped the door-handle.

  47. Dick darted an angry glance at him, but rose and stalked from the room.

  48. Alice darted at him a swift glance, and saw his meaning in a flash.

  49. From the windows either side of this puffs of smoke, fire-pierced, darted viciously.

  50. They ran side by side and darted down the first turn.

  51. Across the blue sky above seagulls skimmed and darted and circled; so clear the waters beneath that the clean bottom showed like a floor of burnished gold.

  52. He fired twice and darted out into the passageway.

  53. Away darted Lord Rotherwood to fetch it himself, but Phyllis was before him; her merry laugh was heard, as he chased her round the hall to get possession of his book, throwing down two or three cloaks to intercept her path.

  54. The dark one darted across the road and barred the other's passage, while a warning acetylene lamp was waved in the air.

  55. I thought we were surely over, but after staggering for a moment she righted and darted onwards.

  56. He darted from his bedraggled victim, sprang into his own seat, and with his foot on the accelerator shot swiftly off down the road.

  57. He strode over the prostrate body, and darted on.

  58. Then away went the wind in its holiday glee, And now it was far on the billowy sea, And the lordly ships felt its staggering blow, And the little boats darted to and fro.

  59. All of a sudden, while Mary and I were smiling at this too early bird of a tarantula, he went up on his hind legs in fighting attitude, and at the same instant down darted a great tarantula hawk, that is, a Pepsis wasp.

  60. And crimson and purple butterflies darted hither and thither, and the sky sent down such pure light that Gluck had never felt so happy in his life.

  61. Presently, he darted his long bill, as quick as lightning, into the water, and drew out a fish, which he swallowed.

  62. So he plucked out the Prince's other eye, and darted down with it.

  63. But how I longed to catch a bird that I saw hovering over the water, and that every now and then darted down into it!

  64. So they put the soldier into the King's coach, and all the three dogs darted on in front and cried "Hurrah!

  65. Then he put him back into the water, and the fish darted straight down to the bottom and left a long streak of blood behind him.

  66. At length a slender blue flame darted out, as from ashes in a chafing-dish, and by the light of it he saw the strange pattern of his carpet and the cushions lying about.

  67. The Sun, dispelling the clouds that had gathered, then darted his genial beams on the Traveler's head.

  68. The noise was repeated; then, without further warning, a sharp pain darted through the calf of my leg.

  69. I darted into the passage, and up the stairs, my heart beating fast.

  70. A thought that should have occurred to me before--a horrible thought--darted its sting into my heart.

  71. Capitaine used again his sweeping parry, but this time the circle was too wide; St. Alais' blade darted serpent-like under his.

  72. I had the wit to see that to force my way past the crowd was impossible; and I darted aside into a narrow passage darkened by wide flat eaves that almost hid the pale evening sky.

  73. Bourget darted an ironical look at her, but refrained from expression of incredulity.

  74. He would have liked to have darted Leon's extravagances at M.

  75. The great walnut-tree to the left of the chateau glistened in the morning sun, a fresh little breeze fluttered the poplars, and the lizards stole out again, and darted here and there in the crannies of the old stones.

  76. The maids darted across the court like frightened birds.

  77. The lawyer darted an uneasy look, and his manner changed.

  78. Again he darted the electric gleam over the room.

  79. He darted across the floor before the others had recovered from their amazement.

  80. Now and then he darted a quick glance about him, as if expecting a rear attack from the Japanese servant, but Haiuto was nowhere in sight.

  81. In the next instant his hand darted back.

  82. Again The Phantom's eyes darted over the fringe of sullen faces in the background.

  83. His glance darted involuntarily to the automatic telephone on the desk.

  84. The Phantom darted after it, but when he reached the point his quarry had disappeared.

  85. Comical, tiny iridescent fish, with eyes of bulging astonishment, and thorns on their backs, darted about the women's feet and went into hiding under floating russet seaweed.

  86. She darted into the cabin and returned almost immediately with her violin tucked beneath her coat.

  87. At once the Brazilian darted out a hand and gave him support.

  88. But the two whom the Brazilian had grasped happened to be of quick intelligence, and now they darted out.

  89. Out from the doorway darted another warrior, stooping low to avoid hitting his head.

  90. But when you, Capitao, suddenly leaped at him he darted away, then stopped long enough to send an arrow at you.

  91. She angrily shook off Sabina's hand, and darted a furious glance towards the spot where Elizabeth was standing,--a proof that she had known before that she was there.

  92. The baroness also had not observed the striking change in her son's sullen aspect; and in consequence of Helene's reproof, very naturally darted at him an angry glance, which was not seen by Fraeulein von Walde.

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