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Example sentences for "clubbed"

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  1. He had drawn one of his long pistols and he clubbed it on their heads so that they staggered back.

  2. That gentleman, springing nimbly aside, eluded the threatening blow from the clubbed revolver, delivered neatly enough a blow with his clenched fist full in Mr. Paxton's face.

  3. He struck at one with his clubbed revolver.

  4. The Confederates were at a disadvantage in that most of them lacked bayonets; they fought by bludgeoning--and a clubbed rifle is a formidable arm.

  5. What chance have I, a poor rifleman, who may not even wear his hair clubbed and powdered.

  6. The fighting was said to have been the bitterest of the whole war, the Prussian guards asking no quarter and being bayoneted or clubbed to death as they stood by their machine guns.

  7. Men fighting hand to hand with clubbed muskets and bayonets contested each tree and ditch.

  8. With a devilish gleam in his eye, he threw off my grip and clubbed his musket.

  9. Then he clubbed the weapon and rushed forward to meet the brave leader of the Mountain Boys, and was within a few feet of Allen when he tripped and fell.

  10. Muskets were clubbed and heads were cracked as the heavy butts descended on them.

  11. It was clear that some quarrel had arisen, and that after the unfortunate men had discharged their muskets they had been clubbed by the natives.

  12. Soon after his arrival eight women were strangled--one, an interesting young woman whose husband he had been attending till he died; he attempted to save her, and was very nearly clubbed to death by her relatives in consequence.

  13. The Jap sagged back, was jerked upright, and the mate's clubbed fist jarred home again.

  14. He leaped out again under the captain's clubbed hands.

  15. He ran in closer as he fired and, running, emptied his revolver, jammed it into his waistband, clubbed his rifle .

  16. Then Lee again sprang onward, again struck out with his clubbed revolver.

  17. Gardenier's men had recovered their senses as well, and, pouring in a deadly fusillade, dashed furiously forward with clubbed muskets upon the unmasked foe.

  18. I struck the brute once with my clubbed rifle, and flinging the gun away, grasped the readier knife.

  19. Two savages were clubbed to death, and a third fell by Captain Rudstone's musket.

  20. Leaving others to render aid to the factor, I sprang with clubbed musket at the redskin who had shot him.

  21. We fired as long as we could load, and then made an onset with clubbed muskets.

  22. As he clubbed the last ostrich I saw a lion step dazedly and tentatively out of one of the cages.

  23. They clubbed the horses, they clubbed the mules, they clubbed the bearers and their reliefs.

  24. Each bird Commodus dodged with one slight instantaneous and effortless movement; each bird fell dead at once, neatly clubbed on the head.

  25. It was the lever by which he moved the world, and clubbed its dull-witted inhabitants into servile obeisance!

  26. But on came the second rank of redcoats over the works with leveled bayonets; the Americans met them with clubbed rifles and the few bayonets that they possessed.

  27. Both wore their hair clubbed in seafaring fashion; and with them they carried the trawl-lines and other equipment that Stacey provided.

  28. Finding the pikes useless for thrusting, many of the diggers clubbed them.

  29. This made the French give way so visibly that the whole of Lyman’s force rushed out on the enemy with their hatchets and clubbed muskets, pushing them out of ambush into full retreat.

  30. Conspicuous in the affrays of next day were the sailors, who in revenge for the death of their comrade clubbed the soldiers and drove them out of the streets into their barracks.

  31. But the pain was real, and the clubbed metal arm felt real as it crashed against his shoulder.

  32. Even as he thought that, the machine swung a clubbed metal arm.

  33. Whatever of nobility might have been in Netah's blood had been clubbed out by the man.

  34. Many times she had seen Jacques club his dogs, but never had she seen one clubbed like this.

  35. His world had suddenly transformed itself into a host of Henri Durants and Grouse Piets and Jacques Le Beaus, two-legged beasts who had clubbed him, and half killed him, and who had made him fight to keep the life in his body.

  36. The doorman put him out as he was bidden, and when the little dog showed its teeth, a policeman seized it and clubbed it to death on the step.

  37. So we clubbed together, and got a set of gloves, and when we were not busy would put them on and have a friendly set-to.

  38. With bayonet, clubbed rifle, sword and miner's pick they sought desperately to stem the attack.

  39. He overturned one by the impact of his horse, struck another down with his clubbed rifle, and then led his men after the others, who were running, some up, some down the bank.

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