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Example sentences for "clucking"

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  1. Amid a great clucking and squawking, Johnnie Green and his father put Henrietta and her chicks into the pen and placed it in the back of the wagon.

  2. She began to strut up and down the edge of the duck-pond, clucking in a most overbearing fashion.

  3. In the courtyard sat a clucking hen with eleven chickens; and a pretty little girl was running and jumping around them.

  4. The call of the male is often answered by the female with the syllables, tut-tut, not unlike a clucking chicken.

  5. She calls them to her with a clucking note, uttered two or three times together, and repeated at longer or shorter intervals.

  6. The boy's smile left his face and clucking to his pony he rode slowly forward toward the angry cowpuncher, meeting the fellow's menacing eyes unflinchingly.

  7. Tightening the grip on his reins and clucking to the pony, Tad headed for the steers, that were slowly moving off, taking a step with every mouthful or so.

  8. But quite suddenly the fire ahead gave a pale flicker and went down; and the clucking ceased.

  9. And now the clucking sounded more plainly than before, and he could hardly hear the rumbling at all.

  10. It seems to me," said Edmund to himself, "that the clucking is nearer than the others.

  11. Of course, the clucking had been the cockatrice, and the big noise like a large gentleman asleep after dinner had been the big dragon.

  12. The only sign of life was a family of hens clucking about the fold.

  13. She has been like an old hen clucking after her duckling in the water," he replied.

  14. The poor consumptive began to sing, accompanying each verse with a final clucking which shook his chest and reddened his cheeks.

  15. Here Mr Bickersdyke, who had been clucking throughout this speech, essayed to speak; but Psmith hurried on.

  16. Agesilaus--' Mr Bickersdyke made a curious clucking noise in his throat.

  17. Every now and then he made the clucking noise, but except for that he was silent.

  18. The peepers, the clucking frog, and the bullfrog are the only ones that call in chorus.

  19. He shaped his lips, as nearly as possible, to make the clucking sounds he had heard, and discovered that it was very difficult to manage the letter n!

  20. His mind went back to the clucking sounds which, among the Gnomes of the Moon, passed for speech.

  21. Through the clucking hens I strolled across to the dwelling house and there in the kitchen I found the mother, one of the pink-cheeked daughters, and the idiot son.

  22. Because the broody hen makes a clucking noise, she is sometimes called a clucking hen.

  23. They scattered somewhere near Sevenoaks, and near Tonbridge one of them fled clucking for a time in excessive agitation, somewhat ahead of and parallel with the afternoon boat express--to the great astonishment of every one therein.

  24. He heard the grouse coming; they were announced by the tiny sounds of their own feet and the mother's querulous clucking as she warned her young to take every care.

  25. The setting sun cast long shadows of the dead trees across the swamp and the chickens were clucking sleepily.

  26. Frank, as a queer, clucking sound was heard among the bushes.

  27. She walked about with her feathers ruffled up, clucking angrily, but eagerly went back to her nest as soon as they were gone.

  28. They ran along the forest paths together toward Ab's cave, clucking in their queer language and utilizing in that short journey most of the brief vocabulary of the day in anticipatory account of what they were going to do.

  29. All about was heard clucking talk and laughter, an occasional shout, and ever the cracking of stone upon the more fragile thing, as the monster's roasted bones were broken to secure the marrow in them.

  30. The two talked together in their clucking language for a moment or two, but few words were wasted.

  31. In this nest they curled themselves down and, after much clucking debate, formulated their plan of operation.

  32. Near the corn-machines clucking hens passed their necks through the bars of flat cages.

  33. The air coming in under the door blew a little dust over the flags; he watched it drift along, and heard nothing but the throbbing in his head and the faint clucking of a hen that had laid an egg in the yard.

  34. Already one enterprising hen had hatched a brood of dear little fluffy, yellow chicks and marched proudly around the yard clucking and scratching.

  35. In another moment a great clucking and squawking was heard in the direction of the hen house.

  36. The Clucking Hen "Will you take a walk with me, My little wife, to-day?

  37. Cluck," said the clucking hen, "Now I have you all.

  38. The clucking hen sat on her nest, She made it in the hay; And warm and snug beneath her breast, A dozen white eggs lay.

  39. I went to the yard, and I saw the old hen Go clucking about with her chickens ten; She clucked and she scratched and she bustled away, And what do you think I heard the hen say?

  40. Its cry--a sort of clucking of which its Spanish name gives an idea--tells the traveller its whereabout, although it is ready enough in making its escape.

  41. The clucking suddenly ceased; we heard the report of a gun, and I saw three of them fly away into the forest.

  42. Sir Charles Bassett now belonged to the tribe of clucking cocks quite as much as his cousin had ever done; only Sir Charles had the good taste to confine his clucks to his own first-floor.

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