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Example sentences for "clucks"

Lexicographically close words:
clubs; clubwomen; cluck; clucked; clucking; cluded; clue; clues; clum; clumb
  1. A bunch of these high-browed clucks jump all over the villages, ladies of the court, etc.

  2. All the clucks that hadn't chipped in would feel so bad because they weren't included in my outburst of gratitude that nine times out of ten they would sneak out and try to break into a jewelry store.

  3. Their language seemed even fuller of clicks and clucks than the Korana, and altogether to a casual observer they appeared to be very few steps removed from the brute creation.

  4. Having regained their composure, the old hens will sound several clucks in rapid succession, terminating in a guttural cackle, when the whole of the flock will take wing.

  5. He didn't recognize my first touch," came across the moonbeams in a voice as fluty as the original Pan's, and mingled with friendly chuckles and clucks from the entire Bird family as they felt the caress of long hands among them.

  6. Bird, who was fairly yelling clucks of command at this family-to-be, and ran to their assistance.

  7. They all peep and follow, and she clucks and scratches impartially.

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