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  1. I am only expressing confidence in the clues I now hold," Ned said in reply.

  2. It may be that the next clues I find will point the other way.

  3. I picked up more clues down there, too, which made it seem certain supplies are going out from our hospital to the German subs.

  4. Was it possible that it could in any way be connected with the clues she had picked up in the last few weeks?

  5. But she thought how odd it was—that at almost every contact she made, the tangled web of clues she was picking up became more bewildering.

  6. And what connection does all this have with the clues you’re running down?

  7. He rejoiced in the minutiae of detail that went to cover up his tracks so thoroughly that his campaigns were as remarkable for the clues he did leave with malicious design, as for those that he didn't.

  8. You certainly managed to leave enough clues about to insure your being nabbed even by a New York detective.

  9. Judy tracks down many clues before she finally uncovers the real identity of "Honey.

  10. The volume is full of clues to the sources of the inessentials in his later work.

  11. It gives us many clues to interpretation, and helps us to understand the whimsical characteristics of a man who had a magic pen, and who was nothing if not original.

  12. But they went resolutely on, running down a thousand false clues and finding at the end of each something more ludicrous than what had gone before.

  13. The violence of this language, however, had given her clues enough to the workings of the chief's mind.

  14. That set me inquiring, and I collected my other clues in a fur-shop in the Galician quarter of Buda, in a Strangers' Club in Vienna, and in a little bookshop off the Racknitzstrasse in Leipsic.

  15. I had to leave it behind, for I couldn't leave any clues to breed suspicions.

  16. I have clues which we can follow; but it is a long task, and a difficult, and there is danger in it, and pain.

  17. So Van Helsing has gone to confer with Mrs. Harker and Harker; Quincey and Art are both out following up the clues as to the earth-boxes.

  18. Goodness knows that we had enough clues from the conduct of the patient Renfield!

  19. We have some clues to work with however, and we ought not to be long in getting at the truth.

  20. An active search was then made for the murderers, but as they were strangers to the ship-keeper, no clues to their whereabouts could be discovered.

  21. He has shown us how a clever and ingenious criminal may take endless pains to mislead and delude the police, and yet, by inattention to trivial details, may scatter clues broadcast.

  22. When they reached the sidewalk again, Meeks examined the clues which he had brought away from his sister's old room.

  23. If them fellows had an airship I’d say they rode ’em off in that, for all trails, traces and clues seem to disappear at a certain point.

  24. He learned of their arrival at the ranch, and, after having worked up some clues himself, he came on, surprising them at their airship.

  25. For Jerry and his chums felt that the ranch employees could, if they wished, give better clues to the cattle thieves than had yet been forthcoming.

  26. Meantime, false clues came in and false claims were raised by various needy adventurers.

  27. To follow up these clues and sift these claims took much of Frank Etheridge's time, and when he was not engaged upon this active work he employed himself in reading those letters to which I have already alluded.

  28. Who laid the trail with the clues that brought you from Le Faouet to the exact spot where I always land?

  29. Here is where any enemy would have to do his work," he said, "so we must look for clues here.

  30. The first thing to do," he said, "is to discover any clues the assassin may have left here.

  31. Nina Carrington's own story died with her, but, however it happened, it was clear that she had carried her knowledge to Halsey the afternoon Gertrude and I were looking for clues to the man I had shot on the east veranda.

  32. From all over the country false clues came pouring in and raised hopes that crumbled again to nothing.

  33. I looked for footprints, which is, I believe, the conventional thing to do, although my experience has been that as clues both footprints and thumb-marks are more useful in fiction than in fact.

  34. I decided to keep what clues I had, the cuff-link, the golf-stick and the revolver, in a secure place until I could see some reason for displaying them.

  35. The real mystery lay in the utter absence of any clues which would throw light on the actual stealing of the child.

  36. From the start, this case had apparently been one in which all the clues led to absurd contradictions, or else to nothing at all.

  37. He took little stock in the tiny clues upon which the whole modern science of criminology is built.

  38. We stand before the newly unfolded spectacle of suffering, silenced; with faith not scientifically reassured but still holding fast certain other clues of conviction.

  39. In the case of the very much more complex alterations in form, such as we encounter in the course of development of plants, there do not appear to be any clues which lead us to a deeper insight into the phenomena.

  40. I am afraid it was a queer hodgepodge of clues and sentiment that I poured out to Hunter, the detective, when he came up late that afternoon.

  41. By the time the public has wiped it out of its eyes and sneezed it out of its nose and coughed it out of its larynx, the dust has settled in a heavy layer, clues are obliterated, and the public lifts its skirts and chooses another direction.

  42. The diamond she had found and the ring Lorraine had lost seemed to be clues to something, but she couldn’t figure out what.

  43. So much time has elapsed now, all clues probably have been destroyed.

  44. I especially wanted to see if we could find any clues as to how the fire started.

  45. Having done all that he could possibly do to scotch von Preussen's activities on the Continental cables, Entwistle prepared to follow up the clues that would, he hoped, lead to the running to earth of the cunning and resourceful spy.

  46. Now, however, while elements of mystery still remained, he had certain definite clues upon which to work.

  47. Returning to his chair, Morgan took up the subject of the clues he had discovered in the apartment.

  48. He turned restlessly in his bed, striving to seize the amazing clues and follow them.

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