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Example sentences for "enjoyable"

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enjoined; enjoineth; enjoining; enjoins; enjoy; enjoye; enjoyed; enjoyer; enjoyers; enjoyeth
  1. A trip of a few hours' duration in suitable weather is all very well; it is, indeed, a very enjoyable experience.

  2. There is nothing more enjoyable than road coach-driving, in my opinion, except a day with foxhounds.

  3. I reluctantly confess I am spoilt for this sort of thing now, though I shall always look back upon the time with pleasure, and I very much doubt if it was not one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life.

  4. If proper care is taken, the danger of a tandem is by no means so great as is generally supposed, and a good tandem is a most enjoyable turn-out to drive.

  5. It is always a most instructive and enjoyable evening to the circle and their friends.

  6. We occasionally have social gatherings at the homes of members, one of the most enjoyable of which was the art social of last winter.

  7. I suppose he thinks her cheerful disposition, of which I have heard before, would make our present situation even more enjoyable than it is.

  8. It was now so late in the day that further conversation was postponed, and after a plain but exceedingly enjoyable supper we were shown to luxurious rooms, where we spent our first night in Mars in great comfort.

  9. Our system of aerial navigation is one of the most enjoyable of our material blessings, and I shall take great pleasure in giving you a taste of it.

  10. We build truthfully, and this helps to make what we build beautiful, for truth is beautiful wherever it is found; and beauty is an object to be sought after for its own sake, an enjoyable thing well worth striving for.

  11. Add nutmese to Cream of Spinach soup when you have some left over and you have an enjoyable meat dish with very little trouble.

  12. This is by far the most enjoyable way to serve cucumbers.

  13. Choice dried apples and apricots are especially enjoyable soaked over night or longer without any cooking.

  14. I had one of the most enjoyable days of my life; I came out at the lower bridge after sundown--and I had not seen or caught one fresh-run river trout.

  15. I reached home on the fourteenth of December, after an absence of five months and three days, in which time I had seen something of fourteen foreign countries, having a very enjoyable and profitable trip.

  16. I could have gone to Fluelin by rail, but preferred to take a boat ride down the lake, and it proved to be a pleasant and enjoyable trip.

  17. The battlefield of Waterloo is about nine and a half miles from Brussels, and I had an enjoyable trip to this notable place.

  18. My sight-seeing in Scotland and England was now at an end, and the journey so far had been very enjoyable and highly profitable.

  19. At Twynholm I also attended the Social Hour meeting, which was an enjoyable affair.

  20. The following morning, having discarded his chauffeur's attire and departed from Broadoak Manor, after listening to an eloquent and most enjoyable valedictory address from its tenant, Pip returned to London.

  21. The following morning in the office we all agreed that we had had a most enjoyable evening, and that we had badly misjudged the Y.

  22. We had five bandsmen to keep us in tune, and, with a good sermon, the evening was both enjoyable and helpful.

  23. A few of us took advantage of the invitation and went again, and received the same warm welcome and had another enjoyable evening.

  24. A word from a friend is doubly enjoyable in dark days.

  25. Its freedom may mean lonesomeness and its independence monotony, yet it is very enjoyable for a season.

  26. The trip makes an enjoyable outing that is full of interest and instruction from start to finish.

  27. A couple of years later they paid a visit together, an enjoyable and profitable one, to the Färoe Islands.

  28. But to the general reader it remains one of the most enjoyable of the author’s contributions to the literature of science.

  29. All that is necessary to a most enjoyable day (if it is fine) is a horse that can get over the ground in tiptop form--a good bred one that can gallop and stay.

  30. It is a picture that haunts me--Mrs. Fiske in the midst of her vacation doing the small enjoyable things.

  31. The Railway from Strasburg to Basel is much more enjoyable than iron-ways generally are.

  32. At ten we left, and had a very enjoyable ride to Colico.

  33. Of course the tourist must see the Blue Mountains, and my trip there was enjoyable enough, I being greatly impressed with the Leura and other waterfalls (not as falls) and the wonderful and beautiful caves of Janolan.

  34. The tea-planter's life was to me a very enjoyable one.

  35. At Honolulu I spent a most enjoyable two weeks, golfing a little, surf riding, etc.

  36. They are both received with overflowing expressions of welcome, and are assured that their coming is an immense comfort, and will make their homes much more cheery and enjoyable than they would be without them.

  37. After the battle of Malvern Hill the First Brigade had a brief and enjoyable respite from marching and fighting, while it bivouacked in the pine forest near Savage Station.

  38. When prejudice is overcome by gnawing hunger, a fat rat makes good eating, as I know from actual and enjoyable mastication.

  39. And she found some very enjoyable stories in the new magazines--she seemed, strangely, to have forgotten about any "history references.

  40. Missy had supposed, at the festival, that Aunt Isabel was having a particularly enjoyable time.

  41. To the connoisseur of scenes, nothing is more enjoyable than a thorough, melodramatic, egoistic humility.

  42. He usually came back about mid-October, and let slip allusions to his enjoyable visits in Scotland and his villeggiatura (so he was pleased to express it) with his sister the Contessa di Faraglione at Capri.

  43. These outings have been so enjoyable and have yielded so much pleasure at the time and afterwards, that I should like to sound the angler's pack-cry, "Good Fishing!

  44. The sky was cloudless and a fresh breeze was blowing over the sea, so the tramp was very enjoyable to us after the cramped life on board of a small vessel.

  45. This was a most enjoyable voyage, thanks to the officers of the 'Dee.

  46. Mrs. Adams and I had a most enjoyable visit together.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "enjoyable" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    affable; agreeable; amiable; amicable; appropriate; blissful; cheerful; cheery; comfortable; compatible; complaisant; congenial; cordial; delicious; delightful; desirable; dulcet; enjoyable; entertaining; fair; felicitous; fine; genial; glorious; good; goodly; gracious; grateful; gratifying; harmonious; honeyed; likable; lovely; marvelous; mellifluous; mellow; nice; pleasant; pleasing; pleasurable; readable; rewarding; satisfying; sweet; welcome