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Example sentences for "honeyed"

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  1. Two wild bees were busy there, buzzing with smoky wings, clutching with their black, tiny legs at the orange petals, plunging their black, tiny tongues far down into the honeyed centres.

  2. Voluptuaries may allow themselves to be seduced from the path of duty by falsehoods such as these, expressed in honeyed words.

  3. And would not he, I thought, looking at his little honeyed face, this very evening at cards pretend and perhaps declare that he had already won Zinaida Fyodorovna from Orlov?

  4. At first he used his arts of blandishment and honeyed words in order to lure Savonarola to Rome.

  5. For I'll go seek the sunny smiling fields, Taking upon their herbage honeyed sleep: Full well I know that ne'er man made of earth More blest than now I am beheld the sun!

  6. Though "the sweet witty soul of Ovid" passed over these honeyed elegies, the Neapolitan poet remains a bourgeois of the fifteenth century.

  7. Caballeros," he said in that honeyed voice peculiar to the Mexicans, "permit me to address a few words to you.

  8. You Frenchmen have a honeyed tongue when you wish to deceive us.

  9. On the contrary, thanks to the honeyed eloquence with which he was gifted, he succeeded so well in turning opinions in his favour, that every one overwhelmed him with protestations of devotion, and an ovation was almost offered him.

  10. Something, at any rate, he had learned from Fanny O'Dwyer in return for his honeyed words.

  11. All their honeyed friendship had vanished; a word had sufficed to reveal what sharp teeth there were behind their smiling lips.

  12. He told her of strange Eastern places where no infidel had been, and her sensitive fancy was aflame with the honeyed fervour of his phrase.

  13. He recited the honeyed words with which Walter Pater expressed his admiration for that consummate picture.

  14. Would you obtain a kiss from a pair of ripe-red lips that seem the very abode of honeyed sweetness?

  15. From the day of my birth I have seen His beauty, And yet are my eyes unsatisfied: My ears have continually heard His honeyed speech, But I have not attained the path of audition.

  16. Honeyed is the dance's sway, Honeyed are the movements of the dancers.

  17. Vidyāpati says: I see it clear, That honeyed fruit is never green.

  18. Honeyed was the swain's speech, Tremulous the beauty's sighs; Her Lord enfolded her upon his lap.

  19. Honeyed are their happy songs, And honeyed are the words of Vidyāpati.

  20. Tell Kānu this with honeyed words, I pray you do it, appease his wrath.

  21. And the Muse Sappho of the honeyed smile Glittered before me, pure and violet crowned; And her strange modesty bewitched my tongue With power unwonted until then; and I, The strong, silently feasted on her beauty!

  22. Thou wert not a gold sunlit cloud at sunset But mother of a honeyed tenderness That until then lay hidden in my mind's Tenderest shrine; the golden seal of a Young maiden's joy stamped with its touch!

  23. It's a polite cut direct, and a honeyed rudeness--a bitter almond wrapped up in a sugar dragee, like a good many other bonbons handed about in society.

  24. Why was it that his brief frank words ever pleased her better than Belamour's most honeyed phrases, Millamont's suavest periods?

  25. Nancy in a honeyed tone, noticing her friend's backward glances.

  26. Alberdina did not listen to these honeyed words of praise, however.

  27. With the Philanthus, the provision of honeyed flowers, though favourably received, is not indispensable.

  28. I estimate the amount of honeyed paste; I gauge the cups intended to contain it.

  29. I am far from denying that the Philanthus has an honest means of earning her livelihood; I find her working on the flowers as assiduously as the other Wasps, peacefully drawing her honeyed beakers.

  30. The Pompilus is assiduous in her visits to the honeyed flower-clusters; when she has eaten her fill, she clambers up the dome and makes interminable circuits of the netting; the Tarantula quietly munches her Locust.

  31. Swifter in their movements and apparently satisfied with their honeyed thistle-heads, the Spheges, huntresses of Crickets or Ephippigers, die as quickly of nostalgia.

  32. The grub that has bitten into the honeyed prey draws back in disgust, hesitates a long time and then, urged by hunger, begins again, tries this side and that and ends by refusing to touch the dish.

  33. I see one side by side with the Philanthus on the same honeyed thistle-head: assassin and future victim are drinking from the same flask.

  34. The Philanthus proposes to obtain the honeyed broth without ripping up the Bee, a proceeding which would damage the game when it is hunted on behalf of the larvae, without resorting to the murderous extirpation of the crop.

  35. They must follow the example of the Bee-eating Philanthus and make them disgorge, lest their family perish of a honeyed diet; they must manipulate the dead Bee, squeeze her and drain her dry.

  36. The air was sweet with the honeyed fragrance of the lovely pendent clusters of bloom, and bird and bee and butterfly hovered around,--it was paradise.

  37. At first the Burgundians liked the hospitable message well, but suspicion of it was sown in their minds by Hagen, who guessed that treachery lurked beneath its honeyed words.

  38. In honeyed words the old man described the enviable position she would occupy as the spouse of a wealthy man, and then conveyed to her the information that Kurt had asked him for her hand.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "honeyed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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