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Example sentences for "euphonious"

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  1. The larger the number of parts, the greater the skill required to weave them together into a varied, rich, and euphonious pattern.

  2. Anything that could disturb the strict and euphonious rendering of the song was strictly forbidden.

  3. I think I shall advise him to change his name to Clayville; and if the world ask him the reason of the euphonious augmentation, why, he can swear it was to distinguish himself from his brothers.

  4. Greek largely owed its admirable fitness for speech to the natural richness and prolongation of its euphonious words, which allowed the speaker to attain the legitimate utterance of his thought without pauses or superfluous repetition.

  5. The long and euphonious periodic sentences suggest the style of Gibbon or of Dr.

  6. Callously modern indeed must be he who would wish Mr. Munroe's quaintly euphonious lines transmuted into the irritatingly abrupt and barren phraseology of the day.

  7. Renown has made the euphonious name of 'Doesticks' familiar to the ear of all the reading public throughout the length and breadth of the land.

  8. This hypertrichosis was exemplified in this country only a few months since by a person who went the rounds of the dime museums under the euphonious name of "Jo-Jo, the dog-face boy.

  9. When eight years old he joined a company of acrobats and strolling performers, and was called by the euphonious title of "the Yankee dish-rag.

  10. We advanced this day sixteen miles in ten hours, sleeping under an old bamboo hut beside a babbling brook bearing the euphonious name of Pachamama.

  11. It was a solitary mud tambo, glorying in the euphonious name of Chuquipoyo.

  12. The insulted fair one sent her profaned inexpressibles to her brother, a son of Mahmud Shah, known by the euphonious appellation of Kam Ran.

  13. Herein everybody agrees, but what everybody does not agree in is, that it is euphonious to use an before a word beginning with an aspirated h, when the accented syllable of the word is the second.

  14. We continued on our way" is idiomatic English, and is more euphonious than the sentence would be without the particle.

  15. Those fine euphonious names of places I have given indicate nothing.

  16. This one has two names, equally euphonious and equally historical; it is now called Spotted Horse gulch, but years since it was known as Dead Man's gulch.

  17. Has this gulch where we are, any such euphonious title?

  18. His chamber music is likewise written with sentient regard for euphonious effects and artistic requirements, but it is conspicuously in the art of orchestration that Lalo displays his individuality to the best advantage.

  19. Antithetical to Goldmark's dependency upon the orchestra for effect is the euphonious choral style of BRUCH (1838).

  20. Nevertheless, the principle of using three or four instruments of the same family is in reality based upon Gluck's and Mozart's euphonious distribution of three-part harmony for trombones.

  21. This is an euphonious oriental title, suggestive of some amiable qualities which are eminently calculated to adorn and elevate human life.

  22. Scientists have happily given these most euphonious names--Campanularia, Obelia, and Plumularia.

  23. Euphonious if you like, my dear; but to me it never seems a name at all.

  24. The name is euphonious enough to remember.

  25. These native names are generally much more significant, and euphonious than the Saxon, Gaelic, or Celtic.

  26. While it can offer no violence to scientific accuracy, it cannot be otherwise than acceptable to the common sense of the masses, although it be less euphonious than its contemporaries.

  27. The euphonious French title by which it is designated has been most aptly chosen.

  28. I've had the euphonious rhythm of my sleep broke up ever since I set there and listened at her for two hours.

  29. The euphonious "Namoi" was music to the ear of Mitchell, for the bushranger had spoken of a river of this name, and was the first to make it known under this designation.

  30. The blacks, it was ascertained, called the district Allourie, which has, doubtless, been transformed into the more euphonious Illawarra.

  31. Among these were the euphonious {101} names of Monroe, Montezuma, Naples, and Havana!

  32. A word of six syllables, easily pronounced (and in the Onondaga dialect reduced to five) expresses fully and forcibly the meaning for which eight not very euphonious English words are required.

  33. It has been hinted nevertheless that Sir Francis Drake gave it its appellation; and if this be so the euphonious name would be suggested by his ship in which he sailed along this coast, the Golden Hind.

  34. But it formerly bore the more euphonious title, Yerba Buena, which means in Spanish "Good Herbs.

  35. How euphonious to the ear and yet how unusual is the name Hildegarde!

  36. The work in question had spoken of these edifices as lean-tos, but I preferred the word lean-forwards as being more grammatical and more euphonious as well.

  37. I am aware that the resident populace hereabout customarily refer to this spot as the wet woods back of Whitney's Bog, but I infinitely prefer the English phraseology as more euphonious and at the same time more poetic.

  38. Something in her seemed to draw out the brutal truth she had asked for in place of euphonious terms.

  39. You need not use euphonious terms," she said without lifting her lashes or any movement except a quick, nervous gesture of her free hand that fell back into place on her lap.

  40. There, before and below you flows the Mississippi, whose name is as euphonious as the Euphrates, or its own flowing waters.

  41. Not at all," she replied, too discouraged to be euphonious just then.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "euphonious" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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