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Example sentences for "euphemism"

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eundem; eunuch; eunuchs; euous; euouslie; euphemisms; euphemistic; euphemistically; euphonic; euphonious
  1. Germany would object vigorously if we or the States should land marines to prevent the Turks from applying the favorite remedy, vukuart -that means events, you know--their euphemism for massacre at rather frequent intervals.

  2. Turkish word: happenings, a euphemism for massacre.

  3. White lie, a euphemism for such lies as one finds it convenient to tell, and excuses himself for telling.

  4. Entered into heaven; -- a euphemism for dead.

  5. Stomach/, under the ban in England, was transformed, by some unfathomable magic, into a euphemism denoting the whole region from the nipples to the pelvic arch.

  6. So is /toilet/: we have even seen it as a euphemism for native terms that otherwise would be in daily use.

  7. So for drunken the euphemism intemperate came to be used, but is now hardly a more polite description.

  8. When we do not like to say boldly that a person is a liar, we say the same thing by means of the euphemism a "stranger to the truth.

  9. In the absence of the fat person the humorous euphemism may be used by which he or she is said to "have a good deal of embonpoint.

  10. It is true that Socialists merely propose that all private property should be transferred to the State by expropriation--which is a euphemism for confiscation--and that the State should manage it for the general good of the masses.

  11. Tormented: euphemism for damned, as, 'not a tormented cent.

  12. Footnote 23: A rustic euphemism for the American variety of the Mephitis.

  13. Thundering, a euphemism common in New England for the profane English expression devilish.

  14. GOOD'-FOLK, a euphemism for the fairies, of whom it is best to speak respectfully.

  15. Cock, red, euphemism for burning a house, i.

  16. Old Boy (Vana pois), usual Esthonian euphemism for the Devil, i.

  17. Footnote 107: The usual Esthonian euphemism for the Devil.

  18. Footnote 81: This is the usual Esthonian euphemism for setting a house on fire.

  19. The phrase 'I hope to goodness,' so common in Wales and elsewhere, is clearly but another euphemism for God; the goodness meant is the Divine beneficence.

  20. It required a little euphemism to gild the real state of affairs.

  21. For market competition (as already quoted) "is a euphemism for railroad policy.

  22. It is certainly in many cases more than a "euphemism for railway policy.

  23. One need not go so far as to concede that "market competition is a euphemism for railroad policy," in order to realize that artificial rather than natural influences gradually came to bear in the westward extension of the blanket rate.

  24. The pole was a long piece of deal, called by euphemism paulownia wood.

  25. And you do not need him yet because you have always possessed the British virtue of not carrying things to extremes, which, according to the German version, is an euphemism for the British want of logic and critical capacity.

  26. Here the expression is doubtless a euphemism for dalliance.

  27. This is a euphemism for the human body, a gift often too freely granted.

  28. Footnote 129: Hale House; a familiar euphemism of the human body.

  29. Footnote 1: The latter expression was a euphemism designating the Russian Government and its reactionary henchmen in the press.

  30. AC2; ab2] have sexual intercourse (not coarse, but replaced by a euphemism in polite speech).

  31. We do this by characterizing kinatáwu sa babáyi as a euphemism and characterizing bilat as coarse.

  32. A term expressive of utter contempt, and an euphemism for a very coarse word.

  33. It is also used as an euphemism for an obscene word.

  34. In Domesday the word is most commonly an euphemism for "dispossessed Englishman.

  35. It is a still more distinct euphemism where the Norman holder is in more than one place called the "heir" of the dispossessed Englishmen.

  36. The euphemism is not peculiar to Christianity, but has a deeper meaning on Christian lips than when Greeks or Romans spoke of the eternal sleep.

  37. Spirited conduct' is the world's euphemism for unchristian conduct, in ninety-nine cases out of the hundred.

  38. Hence that "snubbing on money matters" to which we have seen Hobhouse referring; and the word "snubbing" may well have been a euphemism for more severe remonstrance when executions began to be levied.

  39. The practice of euphemism rests on this belief, as it was thought that if a person's name was said and a part of him was thus caused to be present the rest would probably follow.

  40. The euphemism of calling the Furies the Eumenides, or 'Gracious Ones,' is the stock illustration of this feeling, and the euphemisms for fairies and for the devil are too familiar to quote.

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